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trimming the cost of cutting and drilling.

by:QY Precision      2019-09-30
A Maine-
A series of cantilever machinery manufacturers were launched last year.
Arm robot mainly for Wood
The work industry now uses these units as low
Cost alternatives for CNC drilling and plastic wiring.
The American robot in Portland says its Maxym (
XY arm machine)
Robots can cut or drill any plastic, including glass
20-speed reinforced composite50 in. /min.
More importantly, the company says the price of a unit is about 1.
Ten, the price of the CNC machine, accurate to 1 mil at the highest speed.
These robots are driven by stepping motors and lead screws and are especially suitable for applications such as thermoforming, roll molding and RP/composites where auxiliary steps such as wiring and drilling are almost always required.
Able to accommodate parts up to 24x48.
The company says robots can handle about 90% of all manufactured plastic parts.
Draw the program on-
Screen a drawing program designed by Tom Brian, president of American robotics, allowing users to draw patterns to be cut or drilled on a computer screen.
Pattern as small as 1/2-in. square up to 4-
Square feet can be programmed. An on-
The screen menu then allows the user to specify cutting depth and cutting speed for each row of the pattern.
On the computer screen, a single cut is identified by dotted and dotted lines.
After the programming is complete, the user presses the \"run\" button to start cutting or drilling.
The American robot says the lead screw on the unit is accurate to 2 miles during the entire stroke of the screw.
The company said that this exceeded the accuracy of the more expensive CNC machine, because the gantry arm on the CNC machine returned to the starting point after each cut, then a relatively long distance must be taken to perform the next operation, thus reducing the accuracy of the machine.
V says the software on the Maxym robot tracks the position of the robot. p.
Jack Hansen, does not move the cutting arm back to \"square\" every time, thus ensuring higher accuracy.
In addition, Hansen said that Maxym robots can be programmed in only about 15 minutes, while CNC machines may take a day or two to program for the same job.
The cost of the robot ranges from $13,000 to a unit in area 12.
For a model that can cut 24x48, the square is $19,950. part.
An optional fourth axis that allows parts to be cut between two robots and allows 360 degree cutting at an additional cost of $5200.
These robots are relatively light and do not require dedicated floor space, Hansen said. The 1-ft-
The Sq unit weighs 270 and the 24x48 machine weighs 450.
Each is mounted on a stand with lockable casters for easy movement.
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