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Treatment method for failure of servo system in numerical control machining center

by:QY Precision      2020-03-31
The fault forms of the servo system in the numerical control machining center include abnormal alarm indicator lights on the speed unit in the numerical control, fuse fusing and various jump switches for protection. The CNC machining center servo system is a system that provides power to the machine tool. Without the servo system CNC machining center, the workpiece cannot be processed, so the servo system is very important in the CNC machining center, as soon as the servo system fails, the whole processing and production will stop. Here are the common solutions to the faults in the servo system of CNC machining center. The meaning of the alarm indicator light varies with the design of the speed control unit. Generally, there are the following types: 1. The protection switch starts the alarm, and the protection switch is a device for protecting the machine tool, for example, a large voltage will burn down some components and other emergency measures beyond the control of the machine tool. When these conditions are encountered, the protection switch will start to avoid unnecessary component damage, similar to a safe stop. 2. If the voltage is too low, the machine tool will alarm. The probability of such occurrence in the machining center is very small. This situation may be that the input voltage is lower than 85% of the rated value, or caused by poor power connection. 3. The feedback route of the detection speed is broken, resulting in an alarm. This kind of situation is an error alarm, because there is no problem with the airport skill and there is a problem with the detection feedback system, this kind of alarm is mostly caused by the speed feedback line of the CNC servo motor in the machining center or the poor contact of the detection feedback line. 4, overload alarm, the cause of the overload alarm is the machining center CNC mechanical load is not normal, or the upper limit of the motor current on the speed control unit is set too low. The permanent magnet on the permanent magnet motor will also cause an overload alarm. If the machining center CNC motor without brake does not move by hand or the rotating shaft is very difficult when it is empty, it means that the permanent magnet is completely detached. 5. The fuse on the CNC speed control unit of the machining center is blown or the circuit breaker trips. 6. Large current leads to machine tool alarm, and large current alarm generally has two possibilities, that is, large current alarm caused by damage and short circuit of power drive element on numerical control speed control unit of machining center. 7. High voltage can also lead to machine tool alarm. There are generally three possibilities for high voltage alarm. It may be that the numerical control input voltage of the machining center exceeds of the rated value, or the insulation performance inside the servo motor is degraded, or the high voltage caused by the line of the running speed control unit of the machining center.
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