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toshiba: soviets already had technology : french submarine equipment found in ussr, company claims

by:QY Precision      2019-09-01
Toshiba Corp.
Try to avoid being thrown out of $2. 3-
Billion share of the United StatesS.
The electronics market for selling sensitive submarine technology to the Soviet Union said Wednesday that its workers had discovered similar equipment made by a French company in the Soviet Union.
The equipment discussed enabled the Soviet Union to make submarine propellers with almost no noise.
Submarine War.
According to a survey released by Toshiba at a news conference on Wednesday, a company called Forest Line, a subsidiary of French machine company franclourdes Francaises, probably the first Soviet milling machine to sell grinding and shaping submarine propellers.
French machine gun. S.
However, Government sources pointed out that the Soviet submarine until the sale of eight high-
The technical milling machine produced by Toshiba\'s subsidiary shows that French technology is not mature enough to produce specially designed, almost noise-free propellers.
\"French equipment is already there, but only after Toshiba\'s stuff goes in will the submarine begin to silence,\" said a government source . \".
Toshiba employees said they saw the forest line machine when they installed equipment in the Soviet Union in 1983, and according to a report written by Mudge Rose Guthrie Alexandre & Ferdon, an American law firm hired by Toshiba
Recently, when asked about the possibility that Forest Line was involved in selling submarine equipment to the Soviet Union, French officials said they were not aware of the deal.
However, they do not rule out that such a sale may have been carried out by a company that formed the MLF prior to the merger of the company five years ago.
\"If a company that became MLF in 1982 has any abnormal activities, then it can only involve equipment ordered and delivered in 1970,\" said Steven Borgneit, president of the Multilateral Fund for the implementation of the Montreal Protocol.
\"I don\'t know anything about it because I added it when MLF was created.
The Senate is asking for restrictions, and storishiba said in the report that there is no Toshiba company.
Employee \"plays a role in illegal sales or has any knowledge of illegal sales (
Any of the eight Soviet propeller milling machines.
\"The Senate is angry at the Soviet Union\'s acquisition of technology to design and build a new batch of secret-operated submarines, which included a five-year ban on imports of Toshiba products in its trade bill.
Members of both houses have the same concerns, but their chamber has yet to pass legislation demanding penalties for Toshiba. A House-
The Senate met to coordinate the different trade bills in the two houses and will decide this month whether to continue to impose severe sanctions on Toshiba.
Cassette recorders, photocopiers, computers and equipment for hospitals and power companies.
If the child did something wrong, Burton weidders, a lawyer at Toshiba America, said: \"We will not punish parents, siblings or cousins . \", the U. S.
Toshiba employees, customers and suppliers have launched a campaign against Congress banning the products of the parent company.
Three of Toshiba\'s four US CEOsS.
The business unit is headquartered in Orange County.
Toshiba produces telecom equipment, precision medical equipment and laptops at Irving\'s manufacturing plant.
The company employs about 500 Orange County residents.
Toshiba, which has $13 billion in annual sales worldwide, gives its subsidiaries considerable autonomy and says it doesn\'t know one of them, Toshiba Machines.
Selling propeller milling machines to the Soviet Union violated Japanese law.
The policy of the United States, Japan and other allies is to limit the sale of military equipment to Communist countries.
As part of $17.
On 1983 and 1984, the Toshiba Machine provided grinding equipment to grind and shape the submarine propeller, which was manufactured by kongvavaapenfabrik, a Norwegian company.
Drive the controller to run the device.
Toshiba said a small group of senior officials of Toshiba Machines decided to make sales and arranged to submit false reports to Japanese government agenciesreport.
When the Japanese government began the investigation, the employees submitted more false reports.
The two executives of Tokyo aircraft instrument company have carried out relevant development.
A spokesman said in Tokyo on Wednesday that one of their subordinates reportedly resigned after selling the company\'s technical information to Soviet officials.
Kosaku Shibata, executive director of the company, and Nobuo Itakura, head of operations, resigned on August. 31.
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