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tool setting for cnc lathes.

by:QY Precision      2019-11-05
Renishaw introduced a new lathe tool setting system for the OEMsand fit application.
High-precision active arm (HPRA)
Reduce time and improve operation accuracy.
Its power arm joint allows the standard base unit to support a larger arm configuration than previously allowed.
Therefore, the lathe manufacturer can install
They have a complete range of machines.
Another enhancement is bi.
Color LED located on probeholder.
The system also has a new RP3 3-
The shaft compact probe, developed specifically to allow the setup of all types of tools.
RP3 allows the operator to easily install a variety of probe styles and allows HRPA to be used for Y-axis machines.
The machine controller is connected via a new dedicated module, ts2, which supports simple DIN rails-
Installation facilities and standard D-
Typnetor, allows simple connection with machine control.
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