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Tony Stewart released from JGR

by:QY Precision      2019-10-22
-Joe Gibbs Racing will terminate Tony Stewart\'s contract at the end of the season, ending their incredible success in winning two titles and making the organization one of NASCAR\'s best organizations
Stewart is expected to speak to the JGR staff on Wednesday, but he was releasedD.
The team announced Gibbs\'s name \"bittersweet \".
\"While this moment is bittersweet, we are breaking up amicably and we know that each of us has benefited a lot from each other,\" Gibbs said in a statement . \".
Stewart\'s departure opened the door for him to buy the NASCAR team, and he held a new meeting on Thursday at Chicagoland Speedway to discuss his plans for the future.
He is expected to announce a majority stake in the fledgling HaasCNC two-car team.
Stewart joined JGR in 1997, when he was still competing in the IndyCar series.
That year, he ran five national series for JGR and won the IRL title.
He expanded his national schedule to 22 events in 1998 to prepare for his full relocation
Time NASCAR in the Cup series.
His arrival helped JGR expand to two teams, with Stewart having a direct impact on the Cup series.
He set a rookie record with three victories in 1999, while winning the title of the rookie of the year. It began a 10-
Stewart won at least two games a season.
With 32 career wins, 2002 Cup titles and 2005 and over $68 million in bonuses, this is one of NASCAR\'s most stable and successful partners in history.
JGR wants Stewart to sign an extension contract outside of his current contract-which will expire at the end of 2009-and at No. 20. But the 37-year-
Instead, old Stewart tested free agents and was drawn to the idea of having his own race team.
Stewart became a car owner and he was interested in finding a location in NASCAR long after he finished driving.
\"While our time together is coming to an end, we know there are still a lot of games to be played this season and we plan to make the most of that,\" Gibbs said . \".
\"On behalf of everyone at JGR, we are proud of everything we have done with Tony, and we wish him all the best in pursuing his dream of NASCAR team ownership.
It was a tough season for Stewart and he was in a 32-year-old situation
It dates back to the last August game at Watkins Glen.
He lost Daytona 500 in the last lap.
Coke 600 had a flat tire at the lead, and there were a few other games because a strange bad luck had plagued him throughout the season.
Last Saturday night, he got sick on Daytona International Highway, and after driving up to a third car, he had to rescue driver J. J. Yeley.
Yeley took the car home on the 20 th. Stewart is now ranked 12 in the standings and insists on the last place in the competition for the championship.
Now Stewart seems to be looking for a driver.
Haas\'s owner role, which has been managed by general manager Joe Custer since owner Gene Haas started serving both
In January, he was sentenced to one year in prison for tax evasion.
The team currently offers Scott Riggs a car and a second car this season by several drivers.
Both teams are at the top of the list.
At 35 points, Mei was severely punished by NASCAR for taking illegal cars to Lao\'s Highway.
But Stewart is expected to break the place while driving a car on his own-changing almost everything, including car numbers.
Indiana native Ryan Newman is considered a candidate for a second seat.
Newman has not said anything about his plans for the future, and Daytona\'s 500 title is in his final year of contract with the pensacker.
Stewart, who has several sprint teams and three tracks, including Ohio\'s famous Eldora Speedway, is likely to emulate his NASCAR team after Gibbs\'s organization.
Owner Joe Gibbs, who was unambiguously supportive of Stewart during the turbulent 10 years, saw the moody driver beat a photographer and get involved in running
Along with other drivers, fans, and the media, it often falls off NASCAR\'s chin --
Give up frankness and tact.
He thanked the organization for its support for him and taught him a lot of knowledge he knew as a merchant.
\"I learned a lot from them and have a great deal of respect for what they built,\" Stewart said in a statement . \".
\"I have imitated my USAC and the lawless world team as much as I did with the establishment of the NASCAR team, and I emphasize the need to find good people to run these programs.
\"If I learn anything from the Joe Gibbs Racing race, it is very real that Joe Gibbs says, \'You win with people.
They are always by my side, not just good people, but great people, and the result is everything in itself.
Stewart\'s departure means the end of the longest active driver
Crew relations in the garage
Greg Zipadelli helped build No.
Stewart\'s 20 teams at inception may stay in JGR to help the groom 18-year-
Old Joey Logano became the next superstar of NASCAR.
\"Tony and I will be close friends anyway,\" said Zipadelli . \".
\"I know when it comes to No.
Team 20, the situation next year will obviously be very different, but this year I am still committed to winning the game with Tony as always and getting a place in the Chase for the third title.
Although officials at Gibbs did not say who would be in the first place
The seat is expected to be filled by Logano.
They quietly purchased the car from NASCAR\'s top free agent, but Carl Edwards died in May, and JGR officials now believe Logano is ready for the challenge.
On June, after his 18 th birthday, he made his debut in Dover\'s national series and won sixth place.
Next week, he won pole position in Nashville and won the third game in Kentucky, becoming the youngest champion in the history of the series.
Through the beginning of four, Lugano has the first, the second and the sixthplace finish.
He expects to grab Home Depot, which has sponsored Stewart for the past 10 years to keep most of20 team intact.
Even without Stewart, the future of the team is bright, says Joe Gibbs.
\"These 20 cars are one of them --
NASCAR\'s partnership with Tony, Zippy, Home Depot and Joe Gibbs Racing has been great over the past decade, \"said Joe Gibbs.
\"When we lose a piece of puzzle, we don\'t think there is.
20 teams will remain strong for many years to come.
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