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Tiruchi jewellery makers start selling nine carat studs directly

by:QY Precision      2019-11-04
The Tiruchi Jewellery Manufacturers Association has started selling 9 karat jewellery directly to customers.
In doing so, jewelry manufacturers who have been working for branded jewelry stores so far are adding value to their expertise.
They sold the products for £ 37.
Gold that meets BIS 375 certification.
Nearly 5,000 goldsmiths in Tiruchi are engaged in the manufacture of 9 karat nasal nails, and the association intends to sell the product in rupees.
Arokiasamy, president of the association, said that 1,600, less than half the charge for the jewelry showroom.
M. launched sales of 9 karat gold jewelry. A.
Maluk Muhammad, principal of the MAM Engineering Institute, at a recent meeting organized by the Periyar technology business incubator Association, supported by the National Commission for Science and technology start-up development;
Ministry of Science and Technology, New Delhi; and R. K.
Start-up and skills development center of Chennai EDI cooperative organization. Prof.
Mohammed provided facilities for the group of MAM institutions to speed up their business development activities. N.
Managing Director, kanagasabathy, R. K.
Trust was informed that time a was involved in the manufacture of leather and sock gloves, mats-
Knitting, CNC lathe, running beauty salon, flat panel making of sandals, paper bag making. C.
Ramaswamy Desai, director of the Periyar hbo program, informed that the national bank of Trafalgar has expressed interest in conducting two
On 5 and October 4, a women\'s start-up development day programme was held for 50 participants.
3 of the 8 start-up and skill development programmes (ESDP)
Approved by Hyderabad
The National Institute of small and medium-sized micro-enterprises, headquartered in Tiruchi, will work in the field of \"CNC lathe and wire cutting processing, \"Visual Effects training for SC and ST beneficiaries\" and \"cad/CAM training for general participants \". Mr.
Arokiasamy, who is also the chairman of the Association of micro entrepreneurs in Tiruchi District (TIMEA)
Thanks to the District Industrial Center (DIC)
Measures to accelerate the operation of the SIDCO Kumbakudi Industrial Zone (
Small Industrial Development Company).
General Manager S.
Kandaswamy says Rs subsidies are available in the Tiruchi region.
Forty lakh were on the sanctions list last year.
53. lakh under the unemployment youth employment creation programme.
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