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by:QY Precision      2019-10-05
The shape has a wide variety of equipment and processes to use with wood, such as: hand tools for marking, cutting and forming, for example, the square of engineers used to mark lines from 90 ° to edgeminery is digitally designed and manufactured, such as laser cutting machines and computer numerical control (CNC)
There are a lot of SAWS here for cutting wood.
Some are suitable for long and straight cuts on thick boards, others are suitable for curves and complex shapes: rip Saw-
For \"tearing\" saws that cut thick boards and boards through and rough-
For cutting straight lines using accurate top saw, clamp saw and roller saw-
All of this is to cut thinner wood and can be drilled by using a variety of different bits that work by screwing into a single wood: Twist drill-
For simply drilling a hole in a fixed diameter into a wood sink head drill-
Used for profile holes so that the top of the screw can sit flush with the surface forstner drill bit
For drilling-
Hole saw at the bottom
For cutting large holes, cutting and drilling, and other skills to shape the wood: chiseling
Used to remove wood, usually between cuts or two cuts, for example, when producing wood joints, such:
Used to smooth the edge of a piece of wood by running a sharp blade in the direction of the texture, or can be used at a certain angle to produce the edge of the chamfer to Polish or Polish-
Used to achieve a contour shape or a smooth surface finish by removing subtle particles, usually the final stage of hand-formed or machine-formed Wood (
Belt, disc or track)
Hand Polish, use: sandpaper such as sandpaper or cellophane-
Larger teeth than documents that can leave traces on wood-
Similar in appearance to the cheese grinder, used for rough forming, but left traces again in carpentry. Carpentry processes a lathe by rotating a piece of wood at high speed.
When the wood turns, a piece of wood --
To change the shape, push the car knife into the wood.
Some wood can be fixed by compression from start to finish.
This will allow the forming of the spindle or cylinder.
Another way to fix the wood in place is to screw it onto the panel
The wood then rotates on the lathe so that a bowl can be turned.
In the past, in an old time when the wood was screwed to the panel, a spindle was turned to turn a dome wood carving.
Due to its labor force, it is mostly replaced by CNC machinery
Dense nature.
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