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Timber industry warned to prepare for Chch boom

by:QY Precision      2019-10-24
Pre-New Zealand-
The head of an engineering timber company said that when the reconstruction of Christchurch began, the artificial wood industry needed to be prepared for a surge in demand, otherwise it could lose to competitors.
New Zealand, which produces engineered wood products for commercial and industrial buildings, is currently capable of meeting domestic demand, said Expan chief executive Robert Finch.
But with architects and engineers predicting that Christchurch\'s reconstruction will begin later this year, the industry needs to start making some investments, Finch said.
\"I think the industry needs to make sure it\'s monitoring the slopes --
Invest very, very carefully so that capacity can be increased at the beginning of the capacity.
\"If the demand increases a bit, then I think it will be very difficult for our existing manufacturers.
\"Unless the company is prepared to increase production by purchasing computer numerical control (CNC)
For example, building designers will soon turn to alternative materials such as concrete or steel
Said Finch.
Based in Canterbury, Fincher\'s expats have studied and created
Wood systems specially made for non-wood
Residential industrial and commercial buildings.
Laminated veneer materials (LVL)
An engineered wood product that uses multi-storey, thin wood and turns it into structural beams, frames, columns, and support beams.
Fincher sees rebuilding as an opportunity for companies that produce engineered wood products to take off.
\"It\'s a coincidence that when companies like us have been researching and developing new construction systems, the earthquake happened.
\"I think this is an incredible opportunity, and I think engineering wood can certainly open up a place in the industrial and commercial sectors in an unprecedented way.
Brent Coffey, chief executive of the New Zealand Timber Industry Federation, also sees rebuilding as an opportunity, but he is more confident that the industry will be able to cope with the surge in demand.
\"The reality is that the domestic and international timber markets are not large at the moment, so there may be 50 capacity there anyway.
So I don\'t think we need a new processing plant.
\"The advantage of using wood in reconstruction, Coffey says, is that during shaking it moves better and greener than other materials and is easier to replace if damage occurs.
Companies that produce light timber frames for residential properties also need to be prepared for prosperity, Finch said.
\"Again, I think that with the reconstruction of 5000 to 10000 houses, there is an opportunity for the ordinary light timber frame.
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