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Three steps of NC lathe machining programming

by:QY Precision      2020-03-27
We all know that CNC lathes are very common in industry, and its processing art is also very popular. However, if you want to know about CNC lathe machining, you must first start with the programming of CNC lathe machining. The main contents of the programming of CNC lathe machining are: Analysis of part drawings to determine the process, numerical calculation, writing of processing procedures, proofreading procedures and first trial cutting. The specific steps of CNC lathe machining programming are as follows: 1. Analyze the drawings and determine the process. The parts are processed on the CNC lathe. The original data obtained by the technicians is the part map. According to the part drawing, the shape, dimensional accuracy, surface roughness, workpiece material, blank type and heat treatment condition of the part can be analyzed, and then the machine tool and tool can be selected, determine the positioning and clamping device, processing method, processing sequence and cutting amount. In the process of determining the process, the command function of the CNC lathe used should be fully considered, and the efficiency of the machine tool should be fully utilized, so that the processing route is reasonable, the number of knives is small, and the processing time is short. In addition, relevant technical documents should be filled in, such as CNC lathe processing process cards, CNC tool cards, and tool road maps. 2. Calculate the coordinate value of the tool track according to the geometric size of the part diagram and the set programming coordinate system, calculate the motion track of the tool center, and obtain all the tool bit data. The general numerical control system has the functions of linear interpolation and circular arc interpolation. For plane parts with simple shapes (Such as parts composed of straight lines and arcs) The contour processing of only needs to calculate the starting point, ending point and center of the circular arc (Or radius of arc) The coordinate value of the intersection point or tangent point of the two geometric elements. If the numerical control system has no tool compensation function, the coordinate value of the motion track of the tool center is calculated. For parts with complex shapes (Such as parts composed of non-circular curves and curved surfaces), Need to use straight line segments (Or arc segment) Approaching the actual curve or surface, the coordinate value of its node is calculated according to the required machining accuracy. 3. write a part machining program to calculate the tool motion trajectory data and the determined process parameters and auxiliary actions according to the machining route. The programmer can follow the functional instructions and program segment format specified by the CNC system used, write down the processing procedures of parts paragraph by paragraph. Attention should be paid to the writing: first, the standardization of program writing should be easy to express and communicate; Second, on the basis of being fully familiar with the performance and instructions of the CNC lathe used, the skills used in each instruction and the skills written in the program segment.
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