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Three Principles of precision parts processing

by:QY Precision      2020-03-17
If the processing of precision parts relies on a pure basic level for product processing, then the hardware parts produced and processed cannot reach the precision. In order to improve the level and accuracy of precision parts processing, we must choose the basic three principles of the essential surface, as follows: Principle 1: benchmark coincidence principle. The design benchmark as much as possible should be selected as the positioning benchmark. Especially in the final completion, to ensure accuracy, we should pay more attention to this principle. This can avoid causing positional error reference deviation; Principle 2: the principle of unification of benchmarks. All kinds of surface treatments of uniform positioning datum surfaces should be selected to ensure the position accuracy between surfaces as far as possible; Sometimes follow the principle of common benchmark and repeat processing; Principle 3: self-reference principle. Some small machining allowance and uniform finishing process ensure machining quality and productivity, and the precision machining surface itself as a basic level. A clear understanding of the above three principles of precision parts processing is of great help to the process improvement of CNC machining.
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