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Three major functions of precision parts processing technology

by:QY Precision      2020-04-04
Precision parts processing is a very common processing technology in Shenzhen CNC machining factory fuchengxi technology processing. They are mainly used to realize the wide application of precision parts processing according to the following three major works. Let's learn the following together! Function 1: It is the planning and scheduling of the main technical documents for the production of the mechanical processing workshop, the operation of the workers, the processing quality inspection of the parts, and the accounting of the processing cost, they are all based on process regulations. Dealing with problems in production is often based on process regulations. In case of handling quality accidents, the responsibilities of all relevant units and personnel shall be determined according to the process regulations. Function 2: It is the main basis for production preparation. When the workshop wants to produce new parts, it must first formulate the mechanical processing procedures for the parts, and then prepare for production according to the process regulations. For example, analysis and research on key processes in new parts processing technology; Prepare the required knives, clamps and measuring tools; Procurement or manufacture of raw materials and blanks; The purchase of new equipment or modification of old equipment must be carried out according to the process. Function 3: It is the basic technical document of the newly-built machinery factory. When the new batch or large-volume machining workshop is built, the type and quantity of the required machine tools and the layout in the workshop should be determined according to the process regulations, then determine the size of the workshop, the configuration of power and hoisting equipment, and the type of work, technical grade and quantity of the required workers. Shenzhen fuchengxi technology is a professional manufacturer of non-standard metal parts. It has been manufacturing precision metal parts such as stainless steel, titanium and aluminum for many years. Welcome all walks of life to have the need for precision parts processing enterprises to inquire, to map processing.
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