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Three key points of CNC machining should be kept in mind

by:QY Precision      2020-04-13
CNC for CNC machining is actually an abbreviation of tempered Numerical Control in English. That is, the meaning of computer digital control. I believe this should be understood for those who want to learn CNC machining, but today I want to talk about the three main points of CNC machining, as a person who really wants to learn CNC machining, you must learn. Point 1: Metal Cutting needs to know the characteristics of the tool on the material, heating, overload, rotation speed, depth of each layer, etc. The required skills are: metal materials, tool materials and types, the mechanical analysis of the cutting ability of the tool on the metal can be found in some books in this area. There are many bookstores. Want to know what speed this knife should give to cut this metal material. How many millimeters can each seed run and how deep each layer can be processed. Look at ordinary milling machines or lathes to solve this problem. Point 2: This part of the control part is a pure software problem. How to cut it, think it over and analyze it thoroughly requires software to control it and generate the desired cutting method. After selecting the surface or entity to be processed, many values are set in turn, such as depth control, from Z high to high, how deep each layer is processed, and how to lift the tool between layers, processing range control, etc. This part is the software. After the command is finished, you can, this is dead, you can learn what you want to learn. By the way, it's a pity that there are so many professional CNC machining markets in China. I can't find a complete book for this analysis. Many books just tell you how much to enter here, how much to enter there, the next step, the next step, OK, this is a typical plagiarism. For programming, CNC Shanggang is the most easy-to-understand tutorial, recommended! Point 3: The so-called process in the processing technology part is the problem of how to process and how to process. When you are familiar with the cutting ability of the tool to the material, you can understand that the software can control it, the next question is how to cut. For example, if you want to cut a plane or a corner of a mold, how can you walk the knife more brightly, whether you will touch the rounded corners at the bottom, whether the processing is beautiful, whether there will be no margin to cut, and so on. For this kind of analysis, a master with an actual CNC machining center should analyze each shape one by one with his work experience. Really learn the CNC core in the third step, process analysis, many institutions talked about the first two points, so after the students finished, a fog. The development trend of modern CNC machining is high speed, high precision, high reliability, multi-function, composite, intelligent and open structure. Therefore, for CNC machining, you must keep up with the pace.
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