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Three application methods of aluminum profile processing in aviation industry

by:QY Precision      2020-03-14
As the aviation industry becomes stronger and the competition among peers is fierce, the aviation parts themselves should also be safely put in place while seeking public praise. Moreover, the requirements of aluminum profiles in the aviation industry are extremely high, especially for high-speed military and civil aircraft, which require relatively complete semi-finished products to make the structure of each component more reasonable and ensure the structural quality is lighter, the strength and rigidity are large, and at the same time the number of parts is greatly reduced, the cost of group paddle, connection and maintenance is reduced, and the beautiful surface is ensured (Good sealing, no seams, no deformation, etc). Let's take a look at the three ways of using aluminum profile processing in the aviation industry. 1. Large industrial aluminum profiles are particularly important structural parts on airplanes, requiring profiles to have excellent mechanical properties. Therefore, aluminum profiles must be customized with industrial aluminum alloy profiles using hard aluminum or superhard aluminum alloy to squeeze production; 2. Since industrial aluminum profiles are used as structural parts of key parts of the aircraft, good comprehensive performance and uniform organization are required, especially for finished products. However, the defect of crude crystal ring in quenched products after extrusion is difficult to avoid, and it is also one of the research topics of Minde aluminum 868 profile specific weight table, which has been fought by extrusion workers all over the world for decades and has not achieved much results; 3. For aluminum profiles such as cross-flowered girders and comb-shaped splitters, on the one hand, the cross-section area is large, which often makes the extrusion deformation coefficient relatively small, and on the other hand, its transverse and high directions must bear a large load, therefore, it is required to have high mechanical properties in the horizontal and high directions. This contradiction is often an important reason for the scrapping of aluminum profiles.
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