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this startup is probably the most underrated in s’pore – quietly rakes in s$1m annual turnover

by:QY Precision      2019-10-14
When we are young, there are only a few channels for us to release our creativity, such as playing with Lego blocks, or doodling on textbooks in class.
For Elijah young, he wanted to figure out how things worked, and the curiosity to piece things together and create music made him a versatile player.
At the age of 15, he built a Tesla coil to go high.
Discharge voltage.
He combines the power supply, capacitors, and coil Transformers so that the voltage peaks alternate between the two.
When he does not stain the building with his hands, he creates music and does piano transcription in his free time, such as the 2nd Piano Concerto of rachinov.
Then, by combining his interest in architecture and music, it is no surprise that he goes deep into manufacturing.
After graduating from college in 2013, he founded Aural-
When he was 25, he was an acoustic panel and sound insulation startup.
It doesn\'t matter if he doesn\'t have business knowledge or experience at hand-what matters is that he is doing what he is best at, which in itself is the element of success.
Of course, the early days of the startup journey were not a breeze.
He started bypassing skills that are useful and relevant to his business, such as front and back
Web development tips for creating company websites.
He also learned carpentry from scratch to make acoustic panels.
\"The first thing you have to overcome when starting a business is not knowing whether there is a need for your product or service.
Sometimes this discomfort lasts a long time-it\'s six months for me, \"he shared.
He rented a 100 flat due to limited funds
Ft of storage space in the warehouse, which is only $500 per month for working space.
By allowing customers to place pre-orders.
This allows customers to obtain the product they want by booking in advance;
As a retailer, pre-
The order guarantees a certain amount of sales as the goods are sold before they are manufactured or sold. \"In advance
I had to build about 50 acoustic panels during the order and deliver them within a month.
I work seven days a week and only sleep four hours a night . \"
Even going back and forth in the warehouse was a waste of precious time for him, so he had to sleep in the storage room.
There was no comfortable bed to greet him-instead he had to sleep on \"foam packs placed on the floor \".
In addition to the rental of storage space, he also invested $1,500 in the purchase of raw materials.
He put a total of $3,000 in the first month of the preliminaries.
The order, which quickly verified his start-up, gave him peace of mind.
Climb the ladder of success-
Aid provides acoustic treatment and sound insulation for schools, hospitals and government agencies, as well as building services.
The manufacturing department of the company designs and manufactures acoustic panels for the commercial and educational departments, while their contracting departments install acoustic panels for the auditorium, cinema, office and residence.
Serving different vertical industries also means serving different customers, because each customer has different requirements, Yang said.
\"Some people want to reduce the reverb time and some want to achieve sound insulation,\" he added . \". Hearing-what suit:
In addition to competitors, Aid\'s products are in-
Internal technologies such as 3D printing, CNC milling and parameter modeling.
\"This is rare in the acoustic industry, because most of the on-the-job staff have been working for 20 years, and they have the inertia to accept new technologies while accepting traditional methods.
We just applied for a patent.
He did not disclose)
So the future is very exciting!
\"So it\'s not surprising --
Well-known companies like Google, Airbnb, Apple, PayPal and Dyson are using their products.
Airbnb Singapore office/Image Source: Aural-
Nevertheless, Ed Young is very humble about this impressive portfolio and simply attributes this achievement to \"very good SEO (
\"That\'s why our customers can easily find us on Google,\" he said with a smile . \"
A cockroach.
Aid may be a startup, but it can earn about $1 million a year-that doesn\'t mean a feat.
\"Our revenue is growing by about 50% a year, but we\'re kind of like a cockroach startup,\" Yang said . \".
Cockroach startup is a struggling company that is still moving forward despite changing circumstances, market conditions and investment scenarios-just like cockroaches.
They have the ability to know where they should spend money and where they shouldn\'t.
Therefore, Yang believes that running a lean startup is the right choice. Aural-
Aid has a very small team of about 4 to 10 people (
Depending on the recruitment season)
But the key here is quality, not quantity. Aural-
Assistance Team/Image credits: listening-
Ed Young stressed that \"hire employees very carefully \".
\"We had the new staff go through twice.
They just have fun there and be themselves.
\"The performance over the past two weeks will exceed what any interview can reveal,\" he added . \".
Obviously, in the last three years,
Aid is getting bigger and better.
If we understand this literally, their office space actually gets bigger with every move;
They have moved their offices four times so far.
They moved from a humble warehouse to a small office in 2013, and moved to a larger office the next year.
Finally in 2015, they got enough money to buy two of their own --
They quickly named it \"hearing-
Assistance headquarters \".
The concept of their new office space is very modern and gives off a trendy atmosphere.
In addition to the decor, the office is equipped with very cool amenities such as capsule beds, a $10,000 glass bathtub and a rainforest shower (! ! ! ), in-
There are in-room woodworking workshops and FabLab with 3D printers and CNC machines. Aural-
Assist headquarters/Image Source: Hearing-AidIn-
House carpentry workshop/Image Source: Aural-
Capsule fablab and Capsule bed/Image Source: Aural-
AidGlass bathtub and rainforest shower/Image Source: Aural-
\"Having our own capsule bed in the office allows us to sleep a little while at work, which actually improves productivity.
I remember an intern sleeping four hours on the first day of work!
If they are sleepy, they can also take a hot shower at our shower facility to freshen up.
\"These facilities make it clear that hearing
Aid is serious for both work and entertainment.
If these temptations you to work in this cool startup, the good news is: they want to develop their team and have several positions.
Featured Image source: Aural-
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