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This really Means To Dig A Volleyball With Various

by:QY Precision      2020-07-02
Playing defense in volleyball is among the many areas with the game certainly where a player can be beyond technique and use their own sense of creativity to maintain a ball off the ground. As long as a player, let's imagine a libero in this case, doesn't commit a 'lift' a 'double hit' or any similar technical foul, then they are liberated to get the ball up anyway they see attach. If you don't believe me then you can examine out AVP beach volleyball professional Priscilla Lima's bicycle kick on video. lip - To 'lip' a ball in defense means that her player has dug up a hard hit ball that appeared to be it was definitely gonna be hit the land. 'Nice lip' is what players will say among themselves when a teammate bakes an amazing dig. Some say the word 'lip' comes from the shape and the lip-like appearance the arms form when placed together for a dig. facial - A facial is a new player has unintentionally dug a ball with their face. Much like a player getting 'six packed' a facial occurs a player gets hit in the by an opposing team's hitter, wherein contrast, by using a six pack a player can get hit each morning chest or upper body area categorized the ball made direct contact with their body who have'nt experienced it getting their hands up in time to play defense, they owe the hitter an abdominal. chester - A chester is the player doesn't get their hands up remain to defend a ball, and they get nailed in the chest by a hard spike. With this method of getting the ball up isn't always ruled illegal and can at times result within a play that continues referee rules the ball completely worthless. tagged - In defense if a gambler can't escape the technique of a hard hit ball then therefore the ball 'tagged' them before leaving bounds, so the ball is awarded into the opposing team. touch - In relation to its playing defense a 'touch' occurs whether a player on team An is deals with person to the touch the ball while blocking or playing defense, voluntarily or involuntarily before it really is out of bounds. If so, then team B scores the time or the sideout. up - 'Nice !' is similar to 'nice lip' which just what players say when a teammate has made a great defensive gamble. Regardless of whether they needed to dive, roll or sprawl, or just stand in place and dig a ball, a nice 'up' means a player successfully kept an opponent's attacked ball from illustrates floor another choice is to sand for every point or sideout in their own court. And now I invite you to get your Free subscription towards Volleyball Voices newsletter, that's full of more volleyball defense terms at You'll get access to free stories, news, and volleyball reviews that you should use right from these locations!
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