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this qubit redesign may make it easier to make quantum computers

by:QY Precision      2019-09-08
The race to create superfast computers is accelerating.
Rethinking one of the most basic parts of a quantum computer may be
Powerful equipment.
Andrea Morello of the University of New South Wales in Australia and his colleagues designed a quantum bit-the smallest unit of quantum information-to help overcome some difficult atomic-level computers that make quantum bits.
At present, it is difficult to make quantum systems using silicon, because quantum bits must be very close to each other in order to communicate, about 10 to 20 nanometers apart.
This leaves little room for the electronic devices needed for quantum computers to work.
But by combining electrons and nuclei into a single qubits, Morello and his team think they have found a way to get qubits to communicate at a distance of up to 500 nanometers.
\"This will allow you to fill in something else between qubits,\" Morello said . \".
Most Silicon so far
A quantum bit based on an electron or nucleus of a single phosphorus atom.
The team\'s design uses the nucleus and electrons of phosphorus atoms to create a single quantum bit within the silicon layer.
Quantum bits in silicon systems interact through electric fields, and Morello\'s team suggests that by moving electrons away from the nucleus of each atom, it is possible to expand the range of these electric fields.
This overcomes several major obstacles to silicon
Simon Devitt of Macquarie University in Sydney said that based on quantum systems, it is finally possible to create quantum computers with millions of qubits that can simulate simple chemical reactions. Silicon-
Qubits are not the only candidates for quantum computers.
Google is making super capacitors
Quantum chips, and claims that it will build the first quantum computer later this year that will be able to surpass some of the capabilities of ordinary computers.
\"Silicon is a bit far behind the package,\" Devitt said . \".
But since the computer industry is used to making chips from silicon, silicon
Even more than the performance of other quantum systems.
There may be fewer quantum computers made using silicon qubits.
Devitt said that when building a computer with thousands or millions of qubits, it is easier to make mistakes than other systems.
However, Michel Reilly of Turing, the quantum starting point, says that both silicon and superquantum systems work only at temperatures close to absolute zero
In California.
She said Diamond
System-based extensions may be easier
Because they use qubits similar to the silicon system, but do not need to cool to such extreme temperatures.
\"This road is very open,\" said Barbara tehar of the University of Aachen, Germany . \".
She says it\'s too early to know which system will eventually power future quantum computers.
We\'ll wait and see if this new approach to defining qubits really releases the potential of silicon.
Based on quantum computers, DeWitt says.
\"It could be a potential solution, a bit staring at our faces,\" he said . \".
\"But they have to go to the lab to do the work.
\"Natural communication\" magazine reference:1038/s41467-017-00378-
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