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this old palace: duchess kate middleton & prince william decide on a royal fixer-upper

by:QY Precision      2019-09-25
Usually looking for your first place is the Royal pain of the Tramp
But not if you were Kate Middleton and Prince William!
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge decided to officially win the first place at Kensington Palace.
But they will not move in until half the time. 2013.
The newlyweds currently use smaller properties at Kensington Palace as a temporary residence and they will be living like real royalty in their 20 sroom, four-
The story apartment finally lives in the House of the late Princess Margaret.
But why is the royal? It seems that Margaret\'s old mats are currently run by the historic royal palace charity for offices, classrooms and storage rooms, as well as public exhibitions.
The exhibition occupies a part of the apartment and will end on September 2012, then return the space to the Royal Family for serious renovation --as in $1.
According to the Daily Mirror, $6 million worth of remodeling has been reported.
The apartment currently has turquoise and pink walls and is said to require the removal of a large amount of asbestos, as well as the work of heating and hot water systems and wires since the last major work of the apartment in 1960.
Who pays for this upper class-crust fixer-
The High Representative of the royal family said that all relevant costs for converting the apartment into a livable space will be borne by the existing grantin-
£ 2011 aid budget for royal residences12 and 2012-
13. and Grant to sovereign support from 2013.
In other words, it sounds like America. K.
Taxpayers are preparing for the basics, but that\'s not our problem, so we say it\'s a great show.
Of course, any flashyand-
Interior decoration and furniture of Glam
Kate and William will be plastering and drawing.
You crazy royal couple.
Looks like all the cardboard.
Shuffling has become a family affair.
Prince William\'s brother, Prince Harry, is expected to take over the Duke and Duchess\'s current residence at Kensington Palace (
Once they move into the renovation project).
It is reported that Prince Harry\'s home office will also be sanctified.
James Palace-middle Kensington Palace2012.
The planned action has been approved by the Queen and the Prince of Wales --
And timely for Royal bambino! Of course we hope so!
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