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this is how you can make thousands from your social media accounts

by:QY Precision      2019-10-30
This is the word on everyone\'s lips and the app on everyone\'s fingertips.
The \"king of social\" has become a leading communication platform,
Share your brunch photos from the weekend.
The app, originally used for intimate family and friends, has become a beautiful collage of all the \"best\" snapshots of your life.
Many people think it is not allowed to have a profitable Instagram account with a large number of followers
Go unless you\'re a celebrity or have a pocket deep enough to hire a professional photographer --
But this is not the case.
Hayley coolby, senior social media director at public relations agency PHA media in London, shared some tips on how to develop and benefit from Instagram.
\"Just like blogs and YouTubers-with a little determination and effort, Instagrammers can use their skills, passion and creativity to become\" influencers \"online,\" she said \".
\"Many companies and brands will work with influencers so that they can reach their audience-often providing funds in exchange for sponsored posts, this will help to improve or message about their products, services.
\"So if you want to make money from your Instagram account, your goal is to gather a lot of people who are interested in what you have to say!
For those who want to \"improve\" their followers and try to make money from their accounts, here\'s Hayley\'s advice on how to move from Instagrammer to influencers . . . . . . Instagram is a platform that welcomes creativity more than any other platform, but making your voice heard becomes more and more necessary.
With the change of Instagram algorithm (
From time to participationdriven)
, Almost all accounts see a significant drop in the number of likes and comments they receive.
The old timing algorithm allows you to view each person\'s posts in the order in which they are shared, and now users can only see your posts if they use your account frequently.
So if you want your followers to stop browsing their feeds endlessly and focus on your posts, it\'s essential to stay creative and prominent.
Being creative will attract people\'s attention and encourage them to engage with you.
Start there and keep their interest by making sure you keep the momentum.
Many believe that sharing mixed posts that appeal to everyone leads to more followers.
As a result, they began to accept new hobbies and activities and published articles about them.
While it\'s great to have a lot of interest and talent, it doesn\'t necessarily give you more followers.
In the end, all of this will create more work for you to look unreal.
So, find a niche!
Your location can be anything.
Brunch location in London, travel, home decor, outdoor fitness, healthy eating.
It should represent your tone, your visual image, or something you really love.
Having a niche doesn\'t mean you can only share posts around the topic.
Just share a post with this niche from time to time, and your page will start to attract other Instagrammers that are of similar interest to you.
Never underestimate the power of labels
They are the most direct way to expand your reach and build a community.
By posting up to 30 related tags under Instagram posts, you can have millions of everyday users who are searching for or participating in content like you see yourself.
Use your tag tactics.
Don\'t bother to include simple daily labels such as breakfast, gym or weekend because they are used too often and will disappear in all the noise-not to mention, they are boring!
Please try using Trend or local names like ManchesterPRIDE, glastonburyfeival or InternationalWomensDay.
By using such a label, you will reach a new audience who may be interested in your content and want to follow you because you have a similar interest.
Of course, the more followers you have --the better.
Many people regard social media as a whole.
Way street, expect to love coming back by posting pictures from time to time-but that won\'t make you go far.
Communicating with other instagr is a smart one (and sociable)
The way to spread the influence of your post and generate more followers. How?
Respond to comments, ask people questions, like or comment on posts, which means your name is outside and more notable.
Starting a conversation will also bring people to your page and make yourself an outstanding member of the community.
This is what we call community management.
It seems to take a lot of effort, but like other people\'s posts, take the time to interact with others, especially with your own audience and initiate a conversation, will generate obvious interest and activities around your account.
Just because Instagram was originally an image sharing platform does not mean that you should be restricted to this platform.
Now there are a lot of tools available on Instagram to tell your story-think about videos, GIFs, and wiggle ang!
The latest tool on Instagram is the Instagram story, which is already a big hit for users.
This is a feature where users can post photos and videos that disappear 24 hours later, just like Snapchat.
Using this instant tool on a regular basis is a great way to keep your account fresh, increase engagement and keep people interested in you.
Once your Instagram story has been posted, you will be able to see how many times it has been viewed and who has gone through it-a great way to monitor how many people interact with you, what other jobs are better than others.
Uploading blurry or faded images to your Instagram account looks shabby and amateur.
If you like to take pictures on your phone, make sure the phone you are using comes with a high quality camera.
Alternatively, you can invest in your own professional camera to take photos and then transfer them to your phone before uploading.
If you perform all of the above tips, then you should start to see the numbers of your followers pile up-however, you have to be consistent.
Don\'t try to do everything at once, and then do nothing in a month.
Regular and consistency are key to the development account.
Posting at least once a day is essential to lifting your followers as it will ensure that there is enough content for your existing followers and potential followers to interact with you.
While this may sound annoying, regular social updates are key!
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