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this gigantic cnc router is 8 feet wide, 4 feet tall, and costs less than $500

by:QY Precision      2019-11-05
3D printing is good, but there are many other manufacturing tools in the \"manufacturer\" space
Many of them become more affordable in a day.
One such product category is the areCNC cutting machine, which makes cutting wood faster, easier and more accurate thanks to the use of computers to control the cutting process.
This is where the new Kickstarter event Maslow is starting to work.
\"Maslow is a machine that allows you to design things on your computer and then from 4x8-
The foot board of plywood, \"co-
Creator Bar Smith tells Digital Trends.
\"Think about the 3d printer of something made with plywood.
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However, at only $350 per pack, what\'s new about Maslow is its cost.
\"Our revolution is to make it cheap,\" Smith continued . \"
\"If you buy a ship or a plane today, these parts are almost certainly made on a CNC cutter, but the price of this machine is around $20,000 --
For $300,000, we live in a factory.
By making this machine affordable to more people, we will put that factory tool in your garage, which has a big impact.
\"Maslow is also fully open source, and the source code is provided free of charge on the company\'s website.
\"Our ideal customer is anyone who hasn\'t had access to CNC equipment before,\" Smith said . \".
\"This technology has been around for decades, but only engineers can really master it.
We want to see engineers continue to make good things.
In addition, the gardener also shares the design of the greenhouse and hive, or the craftsman and architect share the design of the new style house.
\"If you want to join the computer CNC tool revolution (
Try it five times! )
, You can do this on the official Kickstarter page of the event.
Shipment is scheduled to start on next February, and most kits will be shipped on July a few months later.
So it\'s just a small matter to design and build your own house. Or plane.
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