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this chevrolet caprice cost six figures after icon was done with it

by:QY Precision      2019-09-12
Ask someone who was stopped by the police early. to-mid-
The chillies in their 90 s will only remember that they are a slender, authoritarian jelly bean.
As for those who passed the Clinton administration without breaking the law?
They just don\'t remember.
This is because the captain played only two roles between 1991 and 1996: The police cruiser and the old church lady\'s car.
From former founder, designer and CNC of thanICON group-
Master machining Jonathan Ward pulled out the core of his latest project.
At the request of the customer, Ward found a formerMiami-
The Dade drug squad car and take it to the icon 4x4 Workshop in Los Angeles. His directive?
To make a low-key road cruiser, it still screams, \"Roll my way.
This means painting the Caprice matte black, keeping the original putter, the installation still keeps the oversized wheels of steelie
Look, and replace the powerful-but-aging 260-
6 HP LT1. 2-
At least 430 horsepower liter General Motors crate motor.
To better handle the added juice, Caprice also got the upgraded brakes and custom suspension.
But people are starting to focus on details that are rarely seen in custom stores, not just new motor and paint jobs.
As far as this Chevrolet is concerned, this means that most places will not bother to touch the upgraded parts. Being a 1990s-
Times car, Caprice loaded with Ward notes is one of his least favorite things
Favorite material: plastic.
That means a lot of work.
Outside, the icon ripped off all the plastic badges and handles, laser
Scan them and then grind them with aluminum on the CNC machine to get the stock look of the metal feel.
The same thing happened to the interior handle and climate. control knobs. The retro-in-a-bad-
The way to pull the digital dashboard from the speed cabin and replace the meter;
Recaro seats;
The center console is heated-and-
Cooling Cup pad.
The elegant style of a car that once designed vomitBack seat proof.
What is the price of the world\'s best Chevrolet Caprice?
Over $100,000.
See it as a final retirement gift for the ex.
Law enforcement officers.
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