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this artist had a robot print his selfie with ink made from his blood

by:QY Precision      2019-09-14
This is a blood selfie.
Yes, real, direct. from-veins-of-a-human blood.
The person you see is Ted Lawson, an artist living in Brooklyn.
This is his first blood painting.
Lawson created works for the upcoming exhibition, the map is not territory, opened on September 11 at the Joseph Gross Gallery in New York, and it should be noted that he did not initially intend to draw with his significant liquid.
Who is that?
The whole strange thing happened in a larger survey of how Lawson created artwork using CNC milling machines in a new way.
You will notice that the blood is actually allocated to the brush controlled by the arm of the CNC Robot.
One day, as an experiment, Lawson hung a pen on the arm of the CNC machine to see how it would be painted.
Very good painting!
\"I was painting the moon and thought, \'Oh, it might be really cool in my own blood, \'he recalls. \'.
This is a logical process.
\"Any logic of drawing with your own blood is controversial, but Lawson insists and adjusts his process to replace traditional ink with body ink.
In order to take selfies, Lawson began to take nude photos of himself.
In Illustrator, he renders the photo into a vector and then uses Rhino to convert the art into code that the CNC machine can read.
Lawson tied himself to a needle and carried his blood into the machine like ink.
The machine allocated blood and created a pixelated version of Lawson\'s original photo.
\"If you\'re close to it, you can almost see the lines of code,\" he said of the artwork . \".
Blood is not an easy medium. The problem with blood or any other liquid is that it tends to gather on paper.
To solve this problem, Lawson built a completely flat table and vacuumed paper as much as possible.
This allows blood to be evenly distributed on paper, reducing the risk of globalization.
He noted that after the painting was completed, Lawson sprayed them with acrylic fixings so that they would not rot.
There is a trick to making a good blood painting.
Lawson\'s include plenty of water and blood.
Cheese Burger.
\"I found that foods rich in fat help to flow better,\" he explained . \".
Many exercises are also helpful.
Lawson tried twice.
He took a lot of selfies before he finished the last painting.
It took about three hours for the selfie to be finished, but Lawson says the total amount of blood used may be less than what you donate regularly.
Although the artist called himself sensitive when it comes to blood and needles, he found that if you put enough needles in your arms, it would be easier to be ignored.
\"Blood is just a medium,\" he said . \"
\"When you focus on something other than yourself, such as drawing, it becomes ink, and it is no longer blood.
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