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third day of expo draws large crowd, exhibitors happy | ludhiana news - times of india

by:QY Precision      2019-10-12
International Machinery & Technology Expo, IETSS-
2017, the activities being carried out in GLADA received a huge response on the third day, and thousands of tourists flocked to the venue.
Exhibitors were also pleased with the format of the event.
They also received a large number of inquiries from participants.
Upkar Singh Ahuja, president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CICU)
He said, \"the exhibition is productive for exhibitors.
So far, more than 10,000 visitors from Punjab and other states have visited the exhibition, witnessing the latest developments in the machinery world.
Exhibitors have booked orders for more than 70 rupees on Sunday.
He said that CNC machine tools and hand tools, pneumatic, robot welding, second-hand machinery, elevators, plywood machinery, textile machinery, the main attractions of the event include commercial and industrial vehicle transformers.
Some of the world\'s top names for Sunday\'s Expo include gulmet Singh Koehler and H. s. srideva, gulpreet goji, indgot Singh navayhawa, Rahul Ahuja and gourdev Singh.
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