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‘there is nothing for cottage, micro industries’ | coimbatore news - times of india

by:QY Precision      2019-10-13
COIMBATORE: the national budget caused a mixed reaction from industrialists in the region.
While some micro-industries do not think the budget makes any sense to them, some industry associations believe that the budget encourages growth in startups, skills development and emerging industries.
Hours after finance minister O Panneerselvam submitted his budget, the industry association was disappointed to find that there was not even any significant appropriation for the region or industry.
\"Even if it is announced that it will provide subsidies for 2,000 solar water pumps, it will not benefit the micro-industry because we cannot make solar water pumps.
K Maniraj of the Kovai electric drive pump and spare parts manufacturers association said: \"This requires a higher investment (KOPMA).
\"They announced two new industrial parks in Chennai, but none in Kota Kinabalu.
\"Micro-and cottage entrepreneurs in tirumble District (COTMA)
President Ravikumar said the budget was not as expected by the industry.
\"We welcome the grant exemption for education, crop insurance expenditures and agricultural loans.
The decision to set up a university and named after APJ Abdul Kalam was also commendable, but nothing for the cottage and micro-industry.
The only thing to praise is that it provides an international platform or Roadshow for small industries to sell products abroad.
\"We have only two industrial parks in the area and at least eight more,\" he said . \".
Industrialists welcomed the allocation of Rs 2,500 to cover industrial equipment subsidies for generations, CNC machines and other equipment, but said it had to be done quickly, while officials did not withhold 10% in the form of bribes
At the same time, R Ramamurthy, president of the small industry association in Coimbatore district, welcomed many budget announcements, including the allocation of Rs 200 and Rs 87 for skills development.
The new entrepreneur and enterprise development program is RS 92, Rs 100 for new and innovative development projects.
Ramesh Muthuramalingam, chairman of the city branch of the Federation of Indian Industries, said that there seems to be only \"agriculture\" and \"Chennai\" in the budget \".
\"The infrastructure of the city does not have a single allocation like bypass, elevated corridors, flyover, or even purchase land for airport expansion.
There has also been no increase in income and income, and the government can afford new infrastructure projects.
\"V. Lakshminarayanasamy, chairman of the city branch of the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, hopes to receive funding for the metrorail project at least next year, as well as Palghat metuparam Road and saw road, Thadagam Road.
The farmers also welcomed the budget, particularly the extension of interest rates.
But they say the money should be used to pay compensation for damage to crops during the wildlife attack.
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