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The Wood 100: ninth annual report.

by:QY Precision      2019-10-24
WOOD 100 has achieved outstanding results in 1997 and is looking forward to achieving greater results in 98 and 99, and it is clear that 1997 is a very good year for WOOD 100 members.
Sales of these companies reportedly exceeded $0. 826 billion, an average increase of 31. 9percent -
The highest average growth rate in five years was the same as the second highest growth rate in 100.
Early returns of 1998 also look good, as 78% predict doubledigit growth.
Some people may think that things can\'t be possiblyget better companies, and 40% of them are predictinetheir\'s \"best year\" and 50 percent predicted \"good\" 1999 in 1999. (
See the chart on page 58. )
To shed light on the reasons why these companies have been so successful, the editor of W & WP asked WOOD 100 executives to do so.
To name one of the most important factors in their company\'s recent prosperity.
The answer is from big companies and small companies.
Some are growing at an alarming rate, while others are slower.
The answer to our question crosses these boundaries, indicating that whatever the size or shape of the company, something separates the wood from the packaging by 100 members.
30% increase in productivity
It is usually due to capital improvements such as increased factory space or new machinery production lines.
The second-ranked 24% employees attribute this to their skills and/or dedication.
Some people think the marketing plan (19 percent)
New product development (12 percent)
Improvement of quality control (six percent)
They have the greatest relationship with their company.
Nine out of 100 companies offer their own answers, including customer service, diversity and increased market focus.
Here are some of the things we have heard.
* James bonito, CEO of the New England clock (No. 5)
: \"We acquired a company that did not invest any money in the equipment and was unable to produce the clock within a reasonable time.
We designed the product, the status of the purchase-of-the-
Turned it into an art device.
* Richard Nicholson, president, Woodtech Ind. (No. 9)
\"Our employees are our greatest asset because they have gained experience and demonstrated their endless support.
* Jim Kleber, chairman of the mallet (No. 13)
: \"Customers have been looking for new products and with their help we are trying to expand our product line to meet their needs.
* Fariba Shaygun, sales and marketing director, European design cabinet (No. 16)
: \"We dispersed a lot of on-site controls, set up a collaborative team between manufacturing and installation, and formed a formal quality control team.
* Barry Nash, president of N2 Millwork Services (No. 21)
We are working on more public works projects.
Hotels and schools now account for 30 per cent of our work.
\"While these companies are getting better, they are wary of factors that could lead to the end of the boom. (
See WOOD 100 FirmsShare below for future attention).
Among these WOOD 100 executives, finding and maintaining good work is a major concern. Thirty-
Of the 99 respondents, 5 will list them as their most concerned issues, 23 will list them as second, and 5 will list them as third.
The biggest worry about the future
What makes wood 100 unique is a variety of companies.
No, for example.
Three woodworking industries with 500 employees are sandwiched between the numbers.
2 Commercial cabinets with 5 employees and numbers
Southern Building wood products with 70 employees.
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4347 price and order information.
1998 Wood 100: timber 100 fast-10-
The growing wood products company will be published in September 1999.
For information on participation, Rich Christian son, director of telephone editing, is (847)634-4347, ext. 652; fax (847)634-
4379 or write #400 on the reader service card.
On average, the \"typical\" wood 100 member has 96 employees and the total revenue is $8, not your typical wood 100 member.
In 1997, it was $26 million, compared to $6.
26 million years 6. Our top-
Byrne Millwork, the top company, performed very well in 1997 and was very efficient.
It has 24 employees, well below the average of 96, but total income is $6.
Sales 7 million
Not much lower than the average of $8. 26 million.
President Paidin Byrne is also very prescient about the growth rate predicted in last year\'s report.
Actual sales of the company increased by 408. 5% -
A new record of 100 of wood.
\"How did they do it? Someone might ask.
\"The order is already in progress,\" said John Scholl, senior project manager at Byrne Millwork . \".
\"We work day and night to get these done before Labor Day.
\"Scholl believes that quality control is a major factor in Byrne\'s success in 1997, but sounds good --
Old-fashioned hard work is also related to this.
Hit the ball at the Graybar.
WI-West Ellis 000
WOOD 100 streak, based in WOOD, extends continuously to 9.
Craig grebal furniture factory ranked ninth in the timber 100 fast List
The timber products company is growing.
Western Allis, WI, classic manufacturers
In the past nine years, the average sales of fashion custom furniture have increased by more than 26%, the only member in the first timber 100 class to gain a place in the timber 100 survey.
Echoing the contest\'s mantra \"not the biggest, the best\", Graybar furniture has grown by more than 700 since 1988 percent, and has broken through the million dollar mark for the first time in 97(
See the chart for this page. )
Sales are expected to grow another 20% this year.
Craig grebal, president of the company, said in the 1990 survey that the company\'s spledge segment achieved sustained growth, treating \"each customer as our only customer \".
As a result, about 80% of the Graybar furniture factory\'s business is repeat and recommend customers.
In order to attract new customers, the company has implemented marketing plans including radio programs.
\"We now emphasize that the population of each station matches the broadcast ads directed by our customers,\" says Graybar . \".
An elderly woman heard such a radio advertisement and she needed to find a company that could repair her antique furniture.
When she wanted to seek guidance, there was an advertisement on the radio for grebal.
Grebal says she sees this coincidence as a symbol of God\'s will.
By advertising, repeating, and recommending, perhaps one or two more prayers, greibar has all the views of the coming year: \"Wait (yousee)
Sales next year.
\"Timber 100The WOOD 100 qualification was established by WOOD and WOOD products in 1990 to achieve fast achievement
Manufacturer of wood products.
\"Not the biggest, the best\" WOOD 100 slogan is to encourage small custom woodworking shops and high
Manufacturing woodworking company.
The four prerequisites required to participate in the ninth annual report are: 1.
The main business of each company must be the manufacture of solid wood or composite panel products. 2.
Since 1995, each company has sold at least $100,000 a year. 3.
In 1997, the total sales of each company exceeded 1996. 4.
Each company has filled out the WOOD 100 qualification form and is licensed in this report for the release of annual sales figures and other information by W & WP.
In addition to these commonalities, the range of runsthe color gamut, product structure, location and theory of the 1998-class wood 100 company was successful. [
Omitted table data
Another view of timber 100A\'s fair criticism of timber 100 is that it ranks companies that belittle their size.
Obviously, for a company with sales of $300,000, it is easier to double the size in a year than for a company with $3 million, not to mention a $30 million company to accomplish this feat.
In order to compete fairly, here are how the sales growth wealth of 50 timber 100 companies is accumulated when classified as a more comparable group.
An interesting aspect of timber 100 is the number of \"millionaires\" produced in 1997. Comparingyear-to-
Of the 100 companies surveyed this year, 23 made less than a million in 1997, while 28 made less than $1 million in 1996.
The number of companies reporting sales between $1 million and $2.
5 million also fell (
Compared with 23 companies in 1997, 19 companies in 1996).
Growth comes from higher sales categories.
19 companies say they have $2.
Compared with 17 companies a year ago, sales in 1997 amounted to $5 million to $5 million;
16 companies said they had $5 million to $10 million compared to 13;
23 companies said they broke $10 million in barriers in 1997 compared to 19.
WOOD 100\'s concerns about future discovery, retention and training of quality employees rank first among WOOD 100 participants.
63 company executives mentioned the recruitment and retention of employees, 35 of whom said it was their top concern.
24 respondents listed the economy as the top concern.
Some have reported that they are worried about the economy because it is beyond their control.
\"Companies become complacent when things get very good,\" one executive wrote . \".
Here are the selected comments from WOOD 100 participants on how they plan to address the issues they are most concerned about.
Employee recruitment/retention \"efforts to improve wages and benefits are expected to help us retain the most skilled employees.
Active recruitment through school in High Schoolto-
Work Plan will be used.
\"We now offer better employee benefits. (We are)
Not only from classified advertising, but also recruitment and training through the Internet and local schools.
\"Because the unemployment rate in our region is very low, recruitment will have to expand geographically.
We will also expand training programs and provide incentives for quality, professional ethics, attendance and attitude.
Pluswe will set up an employee bonus program for referrals and expand benefits to retain high-value employees.
We hope that if the economy is depressed, they will rely on us as an \"economy\" that we have tried\"and-
Real supplier of products.
\"To ensure the safety of new customers, we will continue to focus on the diversity of product lines and look at ways to improve production methods to increase productivity.
\"We have established our own apprenticeship program.
We have experienced people in technical schools or trade schools who have basic woodworking knowledge.
It is our department head\'s responsibility to train employees who show their talents in the theft work and to guide them to grow within the company.
\"WOOD 100\'s wizards are essentially a bullish group of people, but here are some more optimistic forecasts for sales growth in 1998, as well as some early earnings forecasts of 1999.
Please note that none of the companies predict that there will be \"terrible\" or \"poverty\" in 1999 \"(
The other 60 companies forecast,digit gains. )
What is the future of 99 years?
Everyone is optimistic about the 1999 sales growth forecast.
50% of respondents said 1999 would be a good one, with another 40% forecast, the best in its history.
New Castle, de \'96: $1,193,000 sales \'97: 408. 5% Est.
1992 \'97: $6,067,000 staff: 24 construction Carpentry Byrne millworknecessit experienced an amazing sales growth in the expansion of the factory workshop.
The company\'s plant area expanded from 8,000 square feet to 25,000 square feet.
In addition, a regional office was opened in northern New Jersey in order to expand the customer base in the New York City area.
However, byrne does not believe that both are the main contributing factors to the company\'s success.
\"Quality control is the first.
\"With AutoCAD, we are able to generate drawings for the approval of our customers and generate accurate construction drawings for our shop assistants,\" Byrne said . \".
One of his ultimate goals is to automate and integrate their cad systems with the devices they want to buy.
Send regularly [the workers]
Attend training seminars and trade shows.
This gives them the tools to contribute effectively to decision-making --
He said.
Va96: $114,000 sale of commercial custom cabinets Mechanicsville 97: 165. 8% Est.
1994 \'97: $303,000 estimates \'98: more than 50% employees: impressive growth in sales for just one year for monthly business case work and millworkShowing, boss GaryCarlton believes that continuous reinvestment in the company is the biggest factor in the company\'s success.
\"We re-invest most of our profits into the business, constantly upgrading the equipment, and by purchasing, selling, repairing/rebuilding and trading the equipment, such as the Sherin panel saw, the Ritt boring machine, the carlton bander and the boring machine designed for hinges, the front and front frame of the drawer, and the DingTalk, \"said Carlton.
\"I believe that if we only have a larger store, 3,200 square feet, with space to expand, we can grow at a faster rate.
3. the woodworking industry St.
Cloud, mn96: $55,772,000 \'97 sales: 117. 1% Est.
1945 \'97: $121,058,000 \'98 projection: + 20% employees: High-1,500 full set of solid wood and engineered wood components
Cabinet and furniture manufacturers.
Acquired PrimeWood and continued to invest in hard wood pre-drying and kiln drying facilities and works-
Wood manufacturing equipment has always been the pillar of the wood industry.
Competition and black, according to Steve William.
Since 1995, these investments have increased productivity and contributed to the overall success of the company.
\"The woodworking industry has implemented a\" transformation model \"operation plan at all facilities, increasing the base operating time from 80 hours per week to 112 hours,\" said William . \".
The extra time is achieved by creating different shifts: tw03-day/12-
Work shift with base 4day/10-
Ora 5-working hours
Day shift/8 hours.
Southern construction wood products
Colombia, SC \'96: $4,645,000, 97: + 107% Est.
1983 \'97: $9,618,000 is expected to be 98 years: Lower employees: 70 frank Crachiolo, vice president of marketing and sales, construction Carpentry and southern construction Carpentry
Increased demand for credit
His company\'s recent success ended construction carpentry.
\"The balance between supply and demand seems better,\" said Crachiolo . \".
\"This allows us to provide a very high level of products and services at a fair price to us and our customers.
\"Recent purchases include Heesemann LSM4 sander, Komo VR-
512 CNC router with custom tools and custom manufacturing software.
The company has developed
Deep training program and pay for training to offset the lack of skills for young employees.
New England Bell-
A Department of bonito mfg.
North Haven, ct \'96: $432,000 in sales \'97: 103. 7% Est.
1995 97: $880,000 expected 98: + 50% employees: 9 Grand, father clock, GIF New England clock has been there since 1828, before Bonito Mfg
Purchased in 1995
The clock is handmade and there is no investment in the equipment.
\"The company is unable to produce the clock in a reasonable amount of time and is losing money,\" CEO James Bonito said . \".
Bonito redesigned the product and partially automated the process.
In the first year with the New England clock, Bonito ranked first in our survey and 14 last year.
Bonito has added a SCMI Sandya 10 sander in recent years. 6SKEELES MFG. INC.
Sales 97: 84 Columbus, oh96: $430,000. 9% Est.
1991 \'97: $795,000 expect 98: + 15% employees: 15 retail fixtures, displays, countertops and cabinets in all types of wood, according to rebecca Skeeles, vice president of sales, the key to the success of plastic laminated products and acrylic SMI lies in the cooperation of its manufacturing and sales team.
\"This allows our sales staff to keep up with more information and improve the quality and productivity of our fixtures,\" she said . \".
Skeeles also noted the company\'s Wood 100 last year (No. 96).
The company has been in trouble recently.
Oh, a building in Columbus brought something positive.
\"This initiative has helped us because our new factory is more responsive to our manufacturing needs.
\"In addition, it is located next to the twomajor Highway, providing convenience for workers.
Wood image Co. , Ltd.
Lithonia, ga \'96: 97: $694,000 in sales for 82 years. 1% Est.
1993 \'97: $1,264,000 estimate \'98: Retail stores with more than 20% employees: Moonwood display and light fixtures, high quality
In the past year, furniture, special trophies and awards have been very low unemployment rates across the country, and a company that has no problem keeping employees is Woody.
According to President and boss Mark skler, the secret is profit sharing.
\"Every quarter, employees know I share wealth.
\"So far, they have a good idea of how this quarter is going and how bonuses will be affected,\" he said . \".
Sicklersaid said he believes it helps his employees feel the impact they have on the company and the impact it has on their bonuses.
I recently bought a 23-
Main axis drilling machine, 30-
The hp rotary screw compressor with dryer, as another benefit of the worker, provides a new microwave oven for the laboratory.
Fleewood industrial Redding, pa\'96: $8,487,000, 97: 78. 6% Est.
ToMindy Gehris said that the $1969 \'97: $15,155,000 is expected to be 98: + 20% employees: 85 custom stores have fixed the secret of fleewood\'s success is not to achieve customers
\"As a company, we strive to exceed the expectations of our customers in all aspects,\" Gehris said . \".
To achieve this, fleewood provides a customer service staff to ensure service and communication, as well as prototype and complete scrolling
Production is carried out in a \"creative and high-quality way\", Gehris added.
A complete online computer scheduling system helps ensure timely delivery.
Gehris also sees these types of services as a path to continuous success.
\"We will survive any economic problems because we are a high quality company,\" Gehris said . \".
Wood Technology Industry
Sales of $1,092,000 97: 75. 3% Est.
1989 \'97: $1,914,000 estimate \'98: More than 80% employees: 32 construction machinery, including within the office, wood products andplastic intensive case work, school and medical caseworkWoodtech industries.
Dell and Richard Nicholson own and operate, and they have 27 years of experience in the field of construction carpentry.
The boss attributed the success of the company to the skills and dedication of the employees.
\"Our employees are our greatest asset because they have gained experience and have expressed endless support to the owners in helping us succeed,\" said President Richardson.
Woodtech\'s project provides clear examples of its achievements.
One of the most recent is the renovation of Jacksonville City Hall in Jacksonville, Florida, and the renovation of Broward/Gilcrist Hall at Florida State University inTallahassee.
Motenson wood products united city, Georgia, 10: 97: 74 sales of $4,995,000. 2% Est.
1987 \'97: $8,699,000 expected 98: + 25% employees: 100High-
End building wood products including wall panels, decoration, pre-decoration
Greg Kasten, sales and marketing manager, said the finished and plastic laminated housing and the new Komo CNC router for commercial furniture urea have expanded Mortensen\'s capabilities and allowed it to operate in production
As a result, two new finishing booths and a large conference room were added.
\"Every department is forced to produce more work without sacrificing quality,\" Kasten said . \". 11NU-
Trend custom cabinets
Plainplaines, il\'96: $1,004,000 sales \'97: 71. 3% Est.
1983 \'97: $1,720,000 expected 98: N/A Staff: 14 construction carpenters, including custom cabinets and furniture, but sales are not expected to exceed 1998 in 1997
Kevin Mack, president of the trend, is still facing Nu-
The trend will usher in the best year ever in 1999.
In order to meet the expected demand, Mack increased by 5-
The station computer network used in almost every area of his business.
However, Mike believes that computers are not the main reason for the company\'s growth.
\"We have taken a very positive attitude towards our management team,\" he said . \".
\"In fact, we try to control the way customers work with us, not the way they want to work with us.
We set guidelines and gave them the responsibility to implement them.
Your furniture designer company
Ny96: $622,000 sales 97: 68. 6% Est.
1988 \'97: $1,049,000 expected 98: N/A Staff: casesJose Mata, president of 8-storey panels, office furniture, components, kitchen cabinets, furniture designers
Knowsit is hard to find people who are proficient in cable production and computer work.
\"We are trying to educate our employees and teach them the technical use of hardware,\" Mata said . \".
\"Every time we get a new machine, we do security and computer training.
\"In these new machines, there\'s a Holz-
She edgebander is CNC Range Rover month from Biesse.
13 Mallet Aberdeen, sd \'96: $1,008,000 sales \'97: 62. 5% Est.
1975-97: $1,638,000 is expected to be 98: + 50% employees: 16 literary exhibitions and racks, solid oak coats and cap racks, luggage racks and miscellaneous for many years in the hospitality industry, according to president JimKreber, new product development is the biggest reason for the success of the mallet.
\"Customers have been looking for new products and with their help we are trying to expand the product line to meet their needs,\" he said . \".
When a company launches a new product, it is inevitable that shanzhai products enter the market at a lower cost than before.
To solve this problem, Kreber uses a strategy that satisfies both the company and the consumer.
\"We strive to reduce the cost of production, which allows us to keep the price low, thus preventing competitors from copying the product.
14 HP Woodworking Company, Burlington, Ontario, Canada, 96: $1,945,000 (C$)Sales \'97: +59. 6% Est.
1981 \'97: $3,104,000 (C$)
Mike Lycklama said 98: + 35% employees are expected: 13 store fixtures, closet organizers, and office furniture \"we are able to improve our quality by updating all our equipment and
The company\'s \'spurchases\' include Homag edgebander, RBO loading and unloading equipment, BiesseTechno logic insert through feed drilling machine, Biesse positioning pin, SPT 101 saw and Morbidelli pointto-point.
Lycklama believes that keeping the latest technology is the best way to increase productivity and fight against competitors\' price cuts.
Appalachian wood products
Clearfield, pa\'96: 97: $17,255,000 in sales for 57 years. 3% Est.
1987: $27,135,000 is expected to be 98: + 40% employees: 303 hardwood floor kitchen cabinet doors, drawer front, door frame and cabinet frame customer service is said Dennis McCahan, president of Appalachian.
\"I know that our customer service has contributed the most to our success.
We do our best to meet the needs of our customers at all times; we care.
\"The company plans to raise the starting salary to benefit its employees.
\"We usually lose employees in their first year,\" McCahan said . \".
\"We rarely lose anything after that.
\"In recent years, the stores in Appalachian have added wide belt sanders and molds.
European design Cabinet
Chino, ca\'96: $14,417,000 sales \'97: 55. 3% Est.
1981 \'97: $22,396,000 estimate \'98: + 34% of employees: 330 production and installation of European kitchen, bathroom, etc.
Residential Design Cabinet Co. , Ltd.
We have always wanted to be more efficient by improving automation.
The company\'s recent purchases include two IMA European finishing lines, two automatic Sanders, amelamine presses, single board presses, door assembly systems and CNC routers.
The company spent more than $1 in total.
In the past two years, 7 million of new machines have been built.
According to Fariba Shaygan, director of sales and marketing, a new quality control program is implemented in cooperation with the manufacturing and installation departments, further improving efficiency.
17 CNC industry
Houston, tx \'96: 97: $458,000 in sales for 53 years. 3% Est.
1992-97: $702,000 is expected to be 98: + 40% employees: wood and plastic parts manufacturers of cnc Industries in the kiosk Pavilion and mobile workstation market have recently added a new assembly department, can fill the gap between component manufacturing and finished products.
The company is also benefiting from diversity.
\"We have worked to diversify in the past, and our extensive manufacturing background has enabled us to produce precision-made turnkey products for our customers,\" said Eric Eilers, President and CEO . \".
To provide this new department, CNC purchased Komo 1605 and small hand tools.
Eilers is struggling with his main focus-employee retention and recruitment
Train and dispatch staff to attend classes.
Wood wright mfg. INC.
Milton Freewater, or \'96: $675,000 sales 97: 51. 7% Est.
1989 \'97: $1,024,000 expected 98: N/A Staff: 15 cabinet and furniture manufacturers from OEM Dan deszek, president of Wood Wright Mfg.
Since 1995, his company has almost doubled in size and topped $1 million for the first time in 1997.
\"We have developed an accurate production tracking system that has been updated to promote the ability of employees to understand the production situation,\" said mazzek . \".
Lazzek hopes to continue-the-
Work training and class time during working hours to improve the skills of new employees and ensure the continuous development of the company.
Columbus, ga \'96: $11,540,000 sales \'97: 51. 5% Est.
1992: $17,488,000 is expected to be 98: + 20% employees: Since 1995, 259 baby furniture assemblers and manufacturers have helped the baby\'s dream furniture grow by nearly $10 million, according to CEO Fellion Ferley.
Other procurement items include planing machine, profile grinding machine, mould and reel machine.
To help keep the company competitive, Felfeli urged the supervisor to \"reach out\"
Approach unskilled employees by investing as much training time as possible, making them productive employees.
\"20 national wood products manufacturing Bethlehem, pa\'96: $632,000 sales \'97: 51. 1% Est.
1985 \'97: $955,000 expected 98: + 15% employees: the business philosophy of 9 custom made national wood products companies applied by businesses and institutions has generated the largest impact on the company\'s recent expansion
\"We are competitive, responsive and eager to exceed the expectations of our customers,\" she said . \"
To help with this recent growth, National has purchased an Ingersoll Rand air compressor
The Head router allows for more workflow options, which often reduces the set-
Up/down, according to Merrigan.
In addition, a new dust collection system has been implemented to help keep shops clean and eco-friendly.
21N2 Wood Products Services
Vacaville, California 97: $1,843,000 in 48-year sales. 7% Est.
1992-97: $2,740,000 is expected to be 98 years: + 46% employees: 35 retail store fixtures, commercial cabinets, molding and construction woodworking manufacturers, according to president BarryNash, the company has been seeking more through the diversity of its customer base.
\"We are working on more public works projects.
Hotels and schools now account for 30% of our jobs . \"
To attract these new customers, the company has begun to offer more products, including laying
Counter for goods and solid surfaces.
The company is not only looking for new ways to attract customers, but also looking for new ways to attract employees.
\"We are now recruiting and training not only from classified ads, but also through the Internet and local schools,\" Nash said . \".
N2 appeared four times in a row in the Wood 100 survey.
Glen Riddle.
Milwaukee, $96: 5,283,000, 97: 46. 8% Est.
1965 \'97: $7,754,000 expected 98: 15-
20% employees: 50 senior and custom manufacturers, manufacturers and installers
Instead of staying in honor, Glenn Rieder Inc. is upgrading wood products and laminate
Maintain a diversified basis for sales growth.
\"Where necessary, the grissales/marketing department will change direction to attract projects in the growing market.
\"We were able to bid on projects in hotels, companies and casinomarkets ranging in size from $50,000 to $10 million,\" said office manager Maria Roloff . \".
After winning the bid, Rieder relies on its employees to meet any needs.
\"Highly skilled businessmen complete the premium-
When other craftsmen work on less advanced jobs, they will rate the work, \"Roloff said.
\"This allows GRI to diversify by undertaking projects of all types and sizes in a wide range of markets.
GRI returned to our investigation after an investigation. yearhiatus. 23ST.
St. Louis closet
Louis, Mo 96: $963,000 sales 97: 45. 6% Est.
1991 97: $1,402,000 projected 98: N/A Staff: 32 designers, manufacturers and installers for custom closets and organizational systems for residential and commercial use
Louis closets
1991 offers affordable flooring for the market
Based on the wardrobe system.
The company has purchased Altendorf F-since 1995-
90 slide saw, a Ritterboring machine and a Holz-
She added a large showroom and manufacturing space to her 1441 edgeband.
These improvements have allowed the company to continue to grow, adding a new location in central Missouri this year.
Williams is most concerned about the price reduction of her competitors, but she plans to offset this with continuous quality and service. St. Louis closets
Appeared for the fourth time in a row in wood100.
24 design manufacturers
Lafayette, co \'96: $9,495,000 sales 97: 44. 1% Est.
1986 \'97: $13,683,000 estimate \'98: + 50% employees: 205 custom commercial light retail storefront light fixtures architecturalmillwork, month-
D. graphicsBob Coleman is the head of the design manufacturer and he is passionate about the reasons for the company\'s success.
He put his workers in the spotlight and praised their contributions.
\"They say they are committed to serving our customers, producing high quality products and becoming the best manufacturer in the retail environment;
They will give the results, \"Coleman said.
Looking ahead, Coleman predicts 1999 will be the best year the company has ever had.
Recent equipment purchases include: CNC panel saws, CNC machining centers, CNC drilling and pin insertion machines, and enhanced computer networks.
28 legacy cabinetsL. C.
Sales of Eastaboga, al \'96: $11,915,000 97: 42. 4% Est.
Forecast $98: $10-$16,966,000
15% employees: kitchen and bathroom cabinet manufacturer 175 \"We are a new company;
So we just use our products to get into the market, \"said rodneys, president of traditional cabinets.
Legacy recently purchased 60,000 square feet of extra space and added equipment such as CNC routers and paint production lines.
The company has grown by 259% since 1995 and plans to remain strong through diversity.
In last year\'s survey, Legacy was the fifth-ranked company.
26CSM Cabinet Co. , Ltd.
Wallingford, ct \'96: $566,000 sales \'97: 40. 8% Est.
1995: $797,000 is expected to be 98: + 55% employees: 15 commercial processing and Case engineering projects for general contractors and commercial customers, and member Chris Migliaro was able to narrow this area down to organizational structure and employee dedication.
The company allows each member to have their own working space and responsibility.
\"Every partner can focus on his area of expertise and responsibility, with limited involvement in at least other areas,\" said Migliaro . \".
According to Migliaro, this helped the company by allowing a very strong relationship between customer support services.
Since its inception, the dedication of the staff has helped CSM to complete the deadline.
\"We can say that we have never been late since 1995 and most of the honors are due to our employees,\" he said . \".
Cleveland, Georgia: 3,370,000: $ sales 97: 40. 2% Est.
1988 \'97: $4,725,000 is expected to be 98: N/A Staff: 40 finger pick, S4S, flip, flip and glue, molded through modern equipment, said sales manager Kellin Dobbs, white styling increases production and profits.
\"The name of the game is to make high
\"Produce high quality products in the most effective way,\" he said . \".
In addition to the purchase of several machines, including the third winegmoller machine, staff training and additional shifts also contributed to the increase in production in White County.
In order to maintain the morale of employees, Dobbs said, \"We constantly reward employees for their highest performance and efficiency in the department.
\"This is the third time in a row in Baixian County in timber 100.
Made of litte 28 cabinets. INC.
Tumwater, wa96: $4,216,000 sales 97: 39. 7% Est.
Estimated 98: $5,892,000 :(lower)
Staff: 45 business and institutional case work and fixture owners Scott and Susan Ritter from Ritter cabinet manufacturers.
Improve efficiency and sales for the company, carry out continuous maintenance and upgrade of existing equipment.
\"Due to the type of equipment we have increased, we are growing sales while maintaining the same number of employees --
It is also important that we have implemented the system, \"said president Scott Ritt.
\"Quality products and services keep our customers coming back.
\"The company is celebrating 25 years of business this month.
29 professional installation network company
Irving, tx \'96: $3,695,000, 97: 39. 3% Est.
1992 \'97: $5,148,000 expected 98: + 25% employees: 40 wood shop fixtures, retail store fixtures, counter systems, permanent points-of-
Harry Frnka, purchasing display, contract cutting, grinding, drilling and Assembly sales director, believes that there is only one major problem with the continued growth of the professional installation network: unemployment rate.
\"Because the unemployment rate in our region is very low, recruitment will have to expand geographically.
\"While it may be difficult to find employees, it is not difficult to retain employees, according to frnka.
\"We expand our training programs to provide incentives for quality, professional ethics, attendance and attitude.
We also set up a staff referral program and extend the benefits to maintain the height
\"He said.
Recently purchased machinery includes: two-week machining center, Ligmatech case clamp for Homag edgebander and stiles machinery, Koch dowel insertion center and high
Production of laminated production lines. 30C. M.
Deerfield wood works, il\'96: $185,000 sales \'97: 38. 4% Est.
1984: $256,000 is expected to be 15-
20% staff: 4 custom entertainment centers, kitchen and case work for residential and commercial applicationsM.
The new Holz saysHerpoint-to-
The point he recently purchased played an important role in helping his business grow.
\"The accuracy and flexibility of the machine is the key to determining the purchase points --to-
\"Said Mazurk. C. M.
Chassis fixtures, new vacuum systems, and cabinet vision software were also purchased.
Plans for the future include the implementation of bar code systems using the Cabinet Vision software.
31 LEININGER cabinets and carpentry Lexington, ky\'96: $1,264,000 for sale 97: 38. 1% Est.
1950 \'97: $1,745,000 expected 98: N/A Staff: 20 manufacturers of building wood products and case customization with A ratio of about 70/30 between business and high profitsEnd House.
The products include wood cabinet and P cabinet.
Lam, custom doors and windows, molding, decoration, desk, fixtures, countertops, etc.
\"We have accelerated the production of large cabinets,\" said Jim Leininger, vice president of Leininger . \".
As the economy grows, the company has successfully tendered a lot of work and met the schedule required to complete the project.
The company is currently fully operational and hopes to expand its assembly business by 16,000 square feet.
\"If we have more space, we can handle more projects, which we are right,\" Leininger said . \". Made in 32 Lexington. INC.
Minni apores, mn96: $5,730,000 sales 97: 37. 2% Est.
1958 \'97: $7,860,000 expect \'98: + 60% employees: 87 contract manufacturers and OEM suppliers specializing in office furniture, seat parts, Cabinet parts, etc. Lexington Mfg.
It began in the late 1950 s when George dink Bagan built the building panels in his garage.
It\'s $7 today.
The 8 million company has 87 employees and made its sixth appearance in theWood 100.
Marketing manager Bill DeWitt said that the strong performance of Lexington in 1997 is behind a new market focus.
\"By focusing on the market and developing strategic relationships with our customers and suppliers, we are able to improve and expand our core competencies.
\"33 PICCINI industrial Suffern, ny \'96: $2,426,000 sales \'97: 35. 2% Est.
1989: $3,280,000 projected 98 years: + 35% employees: case work for 36 school, hospital, legal and corporate officials. According to Richard Piccinni, vice president,
\"This has led to a huge increase in our production and extremely low turnover,\" Piccininni said . \".
The company plans to enter a new 21,000-square-
Later this year, foot facilities, recently purchased a new line boring machine, case clamps and pin inserts.
34 Dodd Carpenter Ashland, ma\'96: $448,000 sales \'97: 34. 4% Est.
1987 \'97: $602,000 is expected to be 98: + 300% employees: 7 designers and builders of the unique custom cabinetsTimothy Mutrie, vice president of operations, Dodd woodworking, he said, organization and quality control are his top priorities.
With that in mind, he persuaded his woodworking partner to hire an operations manager to take charge of the company\'s business.
Mr. Motley said he enjoyed watching and participating in the company\'s expansion.
\"It was an exciting experience,\" he said.
35 LAYNECORP Construction Machinery Co. , Ltd.
Kingwood, tx \'96: 97: $1,656,000 in sales for 34 years. 1% Est.
1984-97: $2,220,000 is expected to be 98 years: + 25% employees: 40 manufacturers and installers for custom business cases and building wood products.
Don Looney, vice president of Laynecvic, predicts the best year the company has ever had, and he looks forward to the company\'s past additions to make it consistently successful.
\"A cnc machine Center, beam saw and material handling equipment with CAM interface has been added, greatly reducing the manual processing of raw materials, parts and finished products.
It increases productivity by 30% to 40%, greatly reducing mistakes and waste . \"
It is also planned to upgrade the employment benefits package, adding background checks and screening for substance abuse.
36 grant\'s woodhop INC.
Charlotte, mi \'96: $739,000, 97: 33. 3% Est.
1975 \'97: $985,000 is expected to be 98: + 5% employees: the woodworking workshop of 12 custom-produced CNC routingGrant appears in Wood 100 for the third time in four years.
Owner DonGrant said a new CMS router has improved efficiency and the Northwood CNC router purchased a few years ago is now running around the clock.
Grant, like many others in his position, is concerned about the lack of carpentry skills for young workers.
\"The unemployment rate is very low.
\"We just let it go,\" he said . \".
Eagle industry
Bowling Green, ky \'96: $25,362,000 sales \'97: 31. 8% Est.
1993 \'97: $33,439,000 estimate \'98: more than 20% employees: 500Oak entertainment center, pigsty, buffet, antique, bookshelf, desk, filing cabinet, bedroomsEagle industry.
This year, with the increase of the import product line, its product line has been significantly expanded (
Desk, office chair, table and chair)
And a series of antique cabinets made in China.
The company continues to expand production lines for its home office and home entertainment products.
Igel has increased its operations in the southwest and northwest of the country while continuing to increase its customers in the existing market.
To keep up with the growing demand, the company expanded the facility by 60% and purchased additional automated production equipment including the arough mill optimization system, CNC double
End and corner system.
Bill Garrison, the company\'s chief financial officer, said the investments would help Eagle \"keep its prices low by continuously improving the efficiency and quality of our manufacturing process \".
38 colonial wood craft
Sales in Bristol \'96: 97: 31 were $1,234,000. 6% Est.
1977 \'97: $1,624,000 is expected to be 98: + 20% employees: 18 building cabinets and wood products such as schools, city halls, churches, libraries, etc.
Colonial President Bruce Schulz believes that part of the company\'s recent success is due to the addition of new equipment to complete some of the work that employees have done before.
The company has added new cuts.
Riteoptimization and labeling software, as well as SCMI Tech 90 point-to-
And Auto CAD 14, they improve editing efficiency and sales.
\"Using machine operators instead of cable manufacturers for all processing can allow cable manufacturers to do custom and final installation,\" Schultz said . \".
39 CNT fixture companyINC.
Sales 97: 30 Pittsburgh, pa\'96: $1,811,000. 4% Est.
1987 \'97: $2,362,000 expected 98: + 15% employees: 27 manufacturers of modular and linear display cabinets for jewelry retailers, credit counters and front windows show Richard Rhodes, managing director of scnt, likes to keep all parts of the company\'s operations-
A house that strives to reduce costs.
\"We will not outsource or outsource.
Any part of the contract work but produce everything
Said Rhodes.
\"We can say that many of our styles of boxes are priced the same today as they were eight years ago.
\"With the recent purchase of 157,000 euros, the production capacity has been improvedsquare-
Foot facilities of CNC router (its third), a Holz-
Vertical panel saw and wire drill equipment.
Smith and Roan
DBA Royal Cabinet Pomona, ca\'96: 97: $15,483,000 in sales for 29 years. 9% Est.
1984: $20,121,000 is expected to be 98: + 30% employees: 500 the growth in Royal cabinets, new house developers and manufacturers and installers of cabinets in retail home centres, is partly due to the recent purchase of a production plant in Mexico.
\"With the acquisition of the Tijuana plant in Mexico, the company was able to move the plant
Effective labor pool to increase productivity by acquiring the countryof-the-
\"Art equipment for the past three years,\" said Chief Financial Officer Gus Danye.
The Mexican factory also helped solve a problem with the royal cabinet in retaining employees. \"[in Tijuana]
We can provide more than one
Overall, the average salary remains competitive . \"
Last year, Smith & Roan ranked 37 in Wood 100.
Muscannell Millin, Inc.
Cortez, co \'96: 97: $266,000 in sales for 29 years. 7% Est.
1986 \'97: $345,000 expected 98: + 50% employees: 7 senior manufacturers
Length, precisely ground wood flooring and decorative wooden cases using domestic burlwoods \"at this point, we don\'t have a lot of advertising budgets to spend on the glitter literature or color ads on our floor, says Karen Harbo, secretary and treasurer.
\"Our best advertising is the continuous high quality of our floors, produced by the people who were killed and seriously responsible.
Harbaough said she wants customers to continue to choose Muscanellfirst in the face of a downturn.
\"By building strong relationships with distributors now, they will rely on us as a tried-and-
\"Shesaid, a real supplier of flooring.
To increase productivity, Muscanell purchased many machines including customization
Make End heads with knife saw and scissor lift.
This is Muscanell\'s second appearance in Wood 100.
42 designer doors
Sales of $394,000 97: 29. 4% Est.
1985 \'97: $510,000 expected 98: + 50% employees: 16 manufacturers inside and outside of solid hardwood flooring
Since the beginning of 1995, the panel door, which specializes in interior doors, has been owned by Ron serlide Jr.
The designer\'s doors have replaced their other wood products, including molded, plank, stair parts, and have fully entered the doors.
\"Our production is now fully oriented towards interior doors, and some additional production at exterior and exterior door factories is specifically designed for door production,\" said Seidle . \".
The door industry seems to work well.
Forecasting the best year the company has ever had, and in order to improve production efficiency, seidlerec recently purchased more shapers with power feeders, delivery systems and other items, and computers in the office that print parts lists for factories.
42 top drawer parts
Az, az \'96: $1,186,000 sales 97: 29. 0% Est.
1989 \'97: $1,530,000 expect \'98: + 25% employees: 29 Yanwei drawer boxes two years ago brian Emerson, president and owner of top drawer components, looked at his company and said: \"We need to identify the areas where we are most successful and focus on them. \".
The idea has translated into steady growth and has earned the company £ 100 a year over the past three years.
Looking at future growth, Top Drawer bought aHolz-
Her Genesis 2 edgebandard docked with two Omec.
Like many of his colleagues, Emerson focuses on employee recruitment and retention and plans to develop an improved training program that implements incentives
Based on the bonus plan.
Best woodworking team company in America
Lexington, Kentucky 97: 28 years sales of $2,796,000. 9% Est.
1994 \'97: $3,605,000 estimate \'98: 40 customized for more than 10% employees
In a very competitive market, a company needs people who can rely on and trust to do a good job, said Bill Katz, president of the company.
\"When time is tight, we can count on the workers to stay until the work is done,\" he said . \".
To help with production, katz recently purchased a CNC panel saw and a CNC router and expanded its engineering department.
Our production is very high. quality, high-
The end of the use of polyester and polyurethane technology, \"Katz said.
The company ranked second in 1997 of the survey. 45GILMORE INC.
Grand Rapids, mi \'96: 97: $3,328,000 in sales for 28 years. 2% Est.
1983 \'97: $4,266,000 expected 98: 10-
15% employees: Scott Gilmore, president of the company, is looking forward to the future, especially when he recalls the people around him.
\"We have a very good core team of professional craftsmen who are focused and motivated to produce high quality products,\" Gilmore said . \".
But Gilmore, like many in the industry, is concerned about the lack of skills for young carpentry.
To solve this problem, Gilmore
More has been established.
Compared to the past, the company\'s training and development is working with schools to attract skilled workers. 46R. D. COOK CO.
Sales 97: 27, Colombia, oh96: $695,000. 5% Est.
1977 \'97: $886,000 estimate \'98: more than 10% employees: monthly commercial and residential buildings, furnitureR, meter. Dan Cook of R. D. Cook Co.
The biggest challenge for his company, he said, is to find and retain new carpentry workers.
\"We have established an apprenticeship program in which we teach the principles of cooking,\" Cook said . \".
\"We found that using the help of \'experience\' was a problem because we did anything at metric and people who were already trained did not want to be this witch.
\"This training pays off in improving efficiency and producing higher quality products at a lower cost.
The company also invested in machinery by recently purchasing a pocket screw machine for castle floor installation550 point-to-
Pauline jet and an Ayen dowel shooter.
47 dimension millworks San Antonio, tx \'96: $2,948,000 for sale 97: 27. 2% Est.
1980 \'97: $3,749,000 expected 98: N/A Staff: additional overhead routers at 45 custom Mills and corporate and commercial indoor doorways, Holz-
Her edgebander and PatternSystems software have increased production in recent years and allowed the ranking to remain strong last year.
New 60 to 90 minutes of firepower
Rated doors improved compared to previous 20 minutes of fire
According to the company, this is another reason why Dimension continues to succeed.
Black Eagle Furniture Co. , Ltd.
Riverside, California: $19,790,000 in sales in 97: 27. 1% Est.
1983 \'97: $25,155,000 projected 98: + 15% employees: 290 contemporary and traditional bedroom furniture, 12 years after building the reputation of a mid-line contemporary oak bedroom furniture supplier, according to William Jain, president and CEO, Blackhawk has launched a traditional dark oak line series that has expanded to more than 30% of sales.
\"The Black Hawk is keeping a close eye on economic and style trends, continuing to develop new products and open new accounts while nurturing existing businesses,\" Jahn said . \".
The machine recently purchased by the company includes a Doucet electronic operator 60-
Segment fixture bracket, aMereen-Johnson double-
Vietnam Italy challenge 321 widebeltsander, C. R.
Onsrud reverse router and Adwood-
Cehisa edgeband.
49 Xi\'an timber company.
Hampton Beach, Westend, NY 97: 26 years sales of $209,000. 8% Est.
1990 \'97: $265,000 expected 98: 25-
30% employees: provide 2 custom cabinets to builders, architects, designers and individual clients Mark Rothenberg and his wife are the only two employees of Westhampton wood products
He likes this.
After leaving a job on Wall Street, Rothenberg began his woodworking hobby, creating a joy beyond his imagination.
\"My biggest trouble, though, is how to get quality wood,\" he said . \"
Received high initiallyquality, 8-
According to Rothenberg, foot cherry wood, the shipment time is late, the quality is low, and the inventory is usually shorter than before.
He added that he will continue to look for better quality wood because \"I am in a high
The product must be perfect.
50 custom wood furniture
Newton, nj \'96: 660,000 sales 97: 26. 1% Est.
1989 \'97: 832,000 expect \'98: + 40% employees: 18 high-
Custom office decoration quality
In the competitive market such as building furniture, the company must stand out.
John Kweselait, president of the company, said that while he is not a top company in the field, he believes his custom furniture is gaining market share.
\"We have developed a variety of strategies that will help us gain a bigger share in the coming year,\" Kweselait said . \".
These plans include expanding their entrance to the field of custom lab furniture to epoxy countertops recently.
CWF has also developed through relationships with architects such as Arthur J. Sikula & Assoc.
People who specialize in worship buildings
This is CWF\'s third appearance at the wood 100.
ARTIFEX 51 Wood Products Co. , Ltd.
Mn Ming, mn96: $1,141,000 sales \'97: 25. 4% Est.
1,431,000 years 97: $ 40% is expected to be 98 years: + 1997 employees: 25 custom commercial furniture, building Wood products and warehouse stationary artwork ranked fourth in the 100 Wood survey, with the addition of the new 20,000, growth continued in 1997square-
Walking facilities including 1,900square-
Foot finishing room.
However, greg Richels, general manager, attributed most of the credit to the staff.
\"We have a good team, both production and management, that has made a huge contribution to the development of the company,\" he said . \".
Richelsalso also sees open communication that \"helps us meet the needs of our customers and employees\" as a factor in the success of the company.
Sales of 52 iwp displays and components Bloomington, mn \'96: $1,728,000 \'97: 24. 5% Est.
1981-97: $2,152,000 projected 98: + 25% employees: 40 engineers and manufacturers of wood and plastic components;
Sub-Assembly of shop fixture, point-of-
In order to increase productivity in their stores and offices, Conrad Egan, president of the company, and IWP have taken several important initiatives.
The first is the addition of 15 new employees and advanced equipment, including CNC panel saw and CAD/CAM software.
The company has also implemented a new marketing plan.
\"We continue to penetrate into new markets through the use of consciousness --
Establish a marketing plan.
\"This strategy has helped us improve our production capacity,\" he said . \"
However, the growth plan is far from over.
In the future, IWP hopes to establish business in a profitable new market segment and discover new business opportunities among existing customers.
MP made its second consecutive appearance in wood100.
53 European craft company
Elkhart, 96: $4,081,000, 97: 23. 9% Est.
1989: $5,056,000 is expected to be 98: + 5% employees: 40 standard and custom trading platform manufacturers have established their own competitive position in the domestic and international markets. their success is attributed to the marketing plan across the Atlantic.
\"Eurocraft began marketing its trading platform series directly to distributors and terminals
Users passed the exhibition halls in London and New York in July 1995, \"said Gruber.
Gruber also praised \"rapid engineering, prototyping, manufacturing and installation plus high quality and medium cost\" as the success of the European process.
54 BARBOSA cabinets
Tracy, ca\'96: 97: $6,826,000 in sales for 23 years. 0% Est.
1978 \'97: $8,399,000 expected 98: + 49% employees: 120 suppliers
Provide unfinished and pre-processed frame and frameless cabinets to multiple contractors
Home and customs;
Ron Barbosa, a supplier of plastic laminate and solid surfaces, initially had only one salesperson, but as the economy grew, he added two more salespeople and increased his market share.
\"We started to work in a bigger, better direction --
\"Construction workers do several houses at a time,\" Barbosa said . \".
\"Our reputation
The delivery time brought us into the door with many [the builders]. But our after-the-
Sales service and warranty work convinced many builders to provide us with their tracking work, if not all.
However, as the economy continues to grow, Barbosa is preparing for the next recession.
\"In the past 20 years, we have seen the economy go from good to bad three times,\" he said . \".
During the preparation process, the company maintained a controllable growth and attracted
The company that works for it.
New Hampshire wooden clothes dryer Co. , Ltd.
Sales 97: 21 Hampstead, nh \'96: $204,000. 6% Est.
1979-97: $248,000 is expected to be 98 years: + 20% employees: 6 wooden costume designers, the \"$250,000 +\" company after the decline in 199-
As Vice President Don Reese said
Sales surged in 1997.
\"Sales are growing too fast now,\" said Tang Reese, vice president of the company . \".
\"The pendulum tends to exceed our expectations,\" Reese said . \".
To avoid exceeding manageability, the company plans to maintain quality and delivery for existing customers while limiting new customers.
56 Habig industrial company
Minneapolis, mn96: $3,736,000 sales 97: 21. 2% Est.
1982 \'97: $4,527,000 is expected to be 98 years: Lower employees: 55 fully-serviced manufacturers of used wood products specializing in fixtures for retail and banking, corporate furniture and tenant renovations
Michael Chick, who lives outside, puts a lot of emphasis on what he thinks is the pillar of Habig --the employees.
No \"Frank\" attitude and creative questions
\"To solve the problem of workers, all infrastructure improvements will be in vain,\" he said . \".
Therefore, in order to protect the most valuable assets of Harbin company, the company has implemented bonus, paid education for new employees, welfare plans including 401 K and profit sharing, and employee appreciation activities.
\"It\'s our people who have succeeded!
\"57-story design company.
Travelerse City, mi \'96: $2,363,000 sales 97: 20. 7% Est.
1988 \'97: $2,853,000, expected to be 98: + 20% employees: 27 plastic laminate cases and countertops in hospitals, laboratories, schools;
Solid surface processing in banks, hospitals, restaurants;
Strengthening storage devices;
Charles Cadi, president of Strata Design, likes to do it himself.
The method of customer service.
Through personalized service to each customer, Cady feels that the company\'s services and sales will increase.
\"We do this by frequently commenting with our customers on their personal work --in-
\"We have made progress and overall progress in managing their needs,\" Cady said . \".
In addition, Strata will definitely update its customers and prospects with its manufacturing and management improvements, so that \"they can take advantage of our services when new services are available,\" Cady said.
Strata have been growing in recent years and have appeared in timber for the third consecutive year at 100.
58 principle Fixtures & Wood Products
Mn Ming, mn96: $7,275,000 sales 97: 20. 4% Est.
1987 \'97: $8,762,000 projected 98: + 15% employees: 65 store fixtures, construction wood products and wood products restructuring is the continued success and productivity improvement of major fixtures and wood products over the past year
\"By changing the organization of the factory to a team --
\"Based on the environment, productivity has increased by 12% by selling peremployee,\" said Craig Johnson, president of the company . \".
There are 65 employees, which means that sales are growing healthily due to changes in the company.
In order to maintain high productivity, Johnson recently hired a work team at the factory and office and purchased Rhodes paint production line, Buetfering sander and Weeke point-to-
Point rig.
59 office chairs
Santa Fe Springs, California 97: $6,079,000 in 20-year sales. 2% Est.
1974 \'97: $7,304,000 estimated \'98: more than 10% employees: 70 office rest and reception room tables and chairs;
Donald Simek, executive vice president, office chair, chairman of fabric, leather and wood chair coverings, and ergonomics
This is due to the addition of the new Chair series and the high-end products that the company has grown in recent years.
\"With chairs, you have to make and sell new styles as soon as possible,\" said Simek . \".
The company recently moved into a new facility and purchased a 20-
Spindle drill and knife saw.
The chair of the office, one of the most stable performers in Wood 100, appeared in eight out of nine surveys.
Bremen, 96: $3,324,000, 97: 19. 2% Est.
1979 \'97: $3,963,000 estimate \'98: 15% employees or more: 66 custom kitchen commercial cabinets, Wood 100 per year between cabinets and vanconversion partsBremtown kitchen 1991 and1996.
In 1996, the company had sales of more than $10 million, with a total of 120 employees.
This year, a smaller town returned to the suburbs.
Dennis yod attributed the company\'s new marketing plan for the earnings year to him.
\"We have established a very positive approach to becoming a distributor
According to the company.
61 harmonious mountain stairs
Laurel, nj \'96: $2,120,000 sales \'97: 18. 6% Est.
1985 \'97: $2,515,000 expected 98: + 10% employees: 36 custom-made-
President Bart withley said that Harmonson stairs built stairs and railways for the best year ever, and implemented a number of projects for its workers to ensure their continued efforts in the production workshop.
We created a harvest.
Create a shared plan for employees, reward productivity increases, and create incentives for reducing material costs and individual labor costs, \"Westley said.
Harmonson intends to expand its geographic market as productivity increases.
The company also purchased a Weinig Profimat 23 Moder pastyear period.
62 Dongdi Industrial Co. , Ltd.
Minto, NB, canada 96: $4,680,000 ($S)Sales \'97: +18. 0% Est.
1969 \'97: $5,524,000 (C$)
Projected 98 years: + 5% employees: 65 frame and frameless building kitchen cabinets, bathroom supplies and rear imitations over the past year, a copy has been developed and distributed by Eastland
General manager Eric DiCarlo said the new marketing plan was a great help to the business.
Each description has photos showing a variety of colors and styles offered by the company.
Recently, Eastland chased an extra delivery truck, a tuxedo drawer making device and a downdraft grinding table.
In the future, DiCarlo will continue to \"follow the economy and adjust as it changes.
\"Eastland also appeared in last year\'s Wood 100 survey.
63 Evans Cabinet & DoorsINC.
Brenham, tx \'96: 97: $2,309,000 in sales for 17 years. 5% Est.
1991: $2,713,000 projected 98: + 15% employees: 42 custom wood cabinets and plastic laminated cabinets for residential and commercial projects; custom raised-and flat-
Joe Hickl forEvan, manager of Panelcabinet doorsGeneral, the growth in coin productivity has been a success in recent years.
\"Machines, processes and pricing are modified as needed to maintain profit margins for our jobs.
Our panel saw has been upgraded and our sanding operations have been improved by adding new broadband Sander and track Sander, \"he said.
With these steps taken to increase production, it is also planned to increase sales.
\"New marketing materials are being produced and efforts to work with other sales reps will expand our market segment,\" said hickor . \".
Sales \'97: 16 64 north Carolina s/norcon hardwoods Fergus Falls, mn \'96: $16,184,000. 2% Est.
1992 \'97: $18,807,000 expected 98: 15-
20% employees: 200 Michael Rone, president of parts manufacturing, focusing on the cabinet and furniture industry, ranked first in the company: customer.
\"We are a service company that provides various components to our customers,\" said Rone . \".
Luo inner saw the commitment of employees when dealing with customers.
So much so that the company is able to buy several new machines for the wood and hot foil departments such as rip-andcross-
Cutting saw and Wemhoner film Press.
\"Our employees strive to listen and respond to the needs of our customers.
\"New devices will only help in the process,\" Rone said . \". 65A. J. STAIRS INC.
Lake \'96: $2,425,000 sales 97: 16. 1% Est.
1980 \'97: $2,816,000 is expected to be 98: + 10% employees: 35 stair manufacturers, from the basement of the case to the curved staircase, custom stakes and special wood products. The secret of customer satisfaction andJ.
According to vice, the stairs treat each job as an employee\'s own use
Edward Haas, president of production
\"We encourage our employees to do so that our customers can get\" top-level \"products,\" he said . \".
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