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the u.s. economy is changing, and that\'s not a bad thing

by:QY Precision      2019-09-01
Is America going downhill?
Originally appeared in Quora: a place to acquire and share knowledge that allows people to learn from others and better understand the world.
David Schwartz, a political geographer and hazard analyst, answered on Quora: change is the only norm in the world.
Everything has changed. You change.
Your parents have changed.
Climate change (
With or without our help).
Technological change. You are born. You die.
Even if you don\'t have change in your pocket, it\'s a change.
But as humans, it is often difficult for us to accept the deep meaning behind change and change.
In the United States, there is a general view that because we do not adhere to a set of traditional values, we are declining, failing, and being overwhelmed by the worst Society (
A moving target.
Thanks to the way we consume media, groups that believe in this narrative have found media that support this view.
But reality is different.
David Schwartz\'s answer to why America is so insecure
Please note that in this answer, when violent crime is reduced, the actual motive for how we view crime is to report crime.
Of course, it\'s very \"interesting\" to point out the homicide rates in Chicago, Baltimore or other big cities and say all sorts of rash drek, but that\'s an exception to the big trend, not an indicator of the trend.
We like to say that America doesn\'t make anything anymore, but the reality doesn\'t agree.
This is the manufacturing output in 1987: this is the index value for manufacturing, mining, electricity and gas production since 1919: now it is 1987-
Now: Now let\'s take a look at the productivity compared to the same period of employment: the productivity is relatively low, which means we can have fewer people as before.
Although we produce more and more things in this country, it is not cheap things, not even so cheap things that you can buy in the store.
This is a very terrible change.
Good industrial work in the factory has passed, mainly thanks to the Union, which employs a considerable proportion in many subway areas.
Although people like this still need it, there is less demand for completing tasks and less demand.
What I want to say is that I have an anecdote.
A year ago, my brother found a contract job running a CNC machine and a pair of programmable lathes.
It\'s really fun and cool, but it falls in the context of manufacturing jobs in the US, and I \'ve been discussing this with him for the past few weeks.
His position is that manufacturing is falling and our income is getting less and less.
Mine is what you see above, we make things, but work is decreasing due to automation.
I then pointed out to him before 100 that for a shift, an equivalent set of machines would hire at least 10-20 people.
At the beginning of the 21st century, only he and the loose plan hired a part timer to help him.
You can hear the realization of the dawn through the telephone line.
It is glorious.
This is what everyone has to do: realize that what we used to think is either no longer applicable, is dying, or is profoundly changing.
Realize this and then realize: it\'s not a bad thing.
But not for what you want.
We will not see that every person who has ever made it is now retrained to repair the machine that has been made.
We only need a small part of it.
After doing service work for a company, I know you can hire a small number of people to fix things.
I have reserved lighting for a dozen regular customers and more disposable customers.
Every customer has $20,000.
Worth $500,000 worth of equipment, I fixed it all in loneliness.
I don\'t have to get help other than the occasional overwork.
Because a person with good technology and knowledge can generally be a dozen people with only knowledge.
On the contrary, what we will see is the profound changes in our lives as manufacturing, including food, becomes mechanized and even artificial intelligence runs.
At some point in the near future, maybe the future of my toddler, maybe the future of her child, there will be changes, most people in the United States do not have to work.
Hell, if most people in the world don\'t want to work, they probably won\'t have.
It means both awesome and terrible.
Because change is normal and terrible.
The problem first appeared on Quora.
The place where knowledge is acquired and shared enables people to learn from others and better understand the world.
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