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the trailer: what to make of the campaign of former senator mike gravel

by:QY Precision      2019-08-24
In this version: a mixed welcome reception for the 24 candidates nominated by the Democratic Party, Steve block and Bill de Blasio, and the abortion war that has swept the two parties.
I got a 17-year-
Old this week, this is the trailer. SEASIDE, Calif. —
When news came Wednesday that New York Mayor Bill de Blasio was seeking to enter the White House, Mike Gravel even asked him why.
\"I don\'t think he\'s a very good mayor,\" said former Senator Gravel from Alaska, who is running for president and isn\'t that high-profile.
He thought less about the other candidates. Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio)
It\'s an \"empty shirt \". ” Climate-
Focus on Washington government
Jay Inslee is dealing with \"the safest issue that any Democrat can handle \".
\"Beto O\'Rourke\" jumps on the table like a saint-Witte dance. ” Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif. )
He represents an area not far from the house where Gravel was adopted, and this is a completely mysterious question: \"If he did anything in Congress, wouldn\'t I have heard of it?
\"Gravel, who celebrated his 89 th birthday last weekend, is usually not included in the Democratic White House candidate list.
There\'s a reason for this: He initially said he didn\'t really run for president.
Like in 2007, he ran to participate in the party\'s television debate, when he came out of decades of obscurity and told Hector in the Democratic field about the risk of nuclear war.
He did so because of the demands of some savvy left-wing teenagers.
Their goal is not to win, but to turn the party to the left.
This is enough for gravel to reach half of 65,000 donors who need to get a seat in the debate, stronger than at least half --
A dozen candidates say they are actually running.
The gravel project reflects how the primary election has become before winning: competition with clear leaders in the polls (
Former Vice President Joe Biden, a left-
Challenger wing (Sen. Bernie Sanders)
, Several candidates with money and staff are seriously competing, and there are a lot of candidates who are not taken seriously.
A former senator who did not run earlyvoting states—
He outsourced his Twitter account to teenagers. fits right in.
\"Normally, you don\'t respond to ridicule,\" Gravel said in an interview at his home in the suburban Bay area . \". “I do.
All my efforts over the past 25 years have been the establishment of direct democracy and the people\'s legislature.
This is how my boat floats. So when [
Activity Manager
David okke came to me and asked if I would do that, and I said, OK;
You have to do everything.
William McKinley has a \"positive porn\" campaign so I have a patio campaign to say.
The former senator, who completed a book between distracted campaign interviews, happily outsourced the rest of his work to Oks and Henry Williams, two teenage youths, who were in
Wing podcast Charbo Trap House.
Gravel walking on crutches, 30 slower-
For a year, all the feelings have been numb to neuropathy.
He rarely travels.
On 2013, at the invitation of the Iranian government, he made his last big visit.
He spoke to his campaign manager \"two or three times a day\" and on Wednesday he suspended an interview because a photographer embedded in the children of New York needed him to take pictures on Skype.
Gravelscelebrity dates back to his 2008 presidential campaign, starting with a press conference on direct democracy (
All legislation will be launched within a week
Long-standing national vote by simple majority)
And ended with a Liberal Party nomination.
\"Thank God I didn\'t get it!
Gravel joked about his third. party bid;
His defeat at the Denver convention was his last campaign.
His Democratic campaign that year had a bigger impact and spread quickly after a silent video was released, in which he threw a stone into pondand, part of him had a head-on clash with Obama and Biden.
All of this brings young Americans to know a forgotten historical figure, a crusader Senator who reads Pentagon documents in congressional records, leaking documents about American involvement in Vietnam.
\"I\'m a new student,\" said Gravel . \"
\"I am known for the Pentagon documents because I have completed the Alaska pipeline.
If you name the question, I will take a stand.
I have my reasoning, maybe good, maybe bad.
But that\'s all about leadership.
You don\'t just hide in the weeds and play safely.
\"11 years later, Gravel has a complex feeling of 2008 movement.
He intends to set off a national wave for his civic legislation plan, but in the end he talks about everything else: shutting down American military bases abroad and mining fossil fuels within 10 years, through universal medical care.
It was this agenda that attracted the children, who contacted him and advised him to attend the party again;
The first video they shot for his 2020 campaign reproduced the \"rock\" moment, portraying him as a prophet who did everything right.
The new rules of debate passed by the Democratic National Committee seem perfect for such candidate qualifications.
The first two debates in June and July will include up to 20 candidates.
To attract at least 65,000 donors or those who receive 1% donors (or more)
In three credible polls,
If more than 20 candidates are eligible, the party will break the deadlock by looking at who has exceeded the maximum number of criteria.
29 days before the promotion left the gravel with the opportunity to debate, perhaps by eliminating a candidate who was taken more seriously by the party.
If so, a Democrat who dismisses the leadership of his party will enter the debate stage.
Gravel says Obama is a \"failure\" with a lame foot\"fish handshake.
\"The last Democratic president did not take part in the election;
On 2016, he voted for the Green Party candidate, Jill Stein.
He can\'t imagine voting for Biden, who has worked with Biden in the Senate for eight years.
\"He\'s a very good person, but that\'s not the reason for making someone president,\" Gravel said . \".
\"When I met him, he was one of the Democrats I called the imperialists.
He likes to talk about being a friend of the worker, and in fact, he supports legislation that is disgusted with the worker\'s interests.
Only three people left a deep impression in the field.
He expressed admiration and approval for many of Sen\'s views.
Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass. )
Idea, Sen.
Bernie Sanders (I-Vt. )
Economically correct, the representative left a deep impression. Tulsi Gabbard (Hawaii)
He is a veteran who is critical of foreign military intervention and the \"war of regime change.
\"If Bernie is the nominee, I would like to see him pick her as his running mate,\" Gravel said . \". (
He tends to be more comfortable describing how other candidates win than describing how he wins. )
\"In a way, I didn\'t see anyone taking over the military industrial complex except Tulsi Gabbard and bernie.
This is the biggest problem we face.
You can\'t do anything at home because they are sucking all the money out.
Gravel\'s admiration for Gabbard is as strong as his ridicule of Ind nanbende.
Mayor Pete butigeg.
Gravel said most of his campaign was written by teenagers;
Including all his tweets. (
Gravel sometimes asks them to dial back their language. )
But the gravel was praised for its eyebrows.
A statement to attack butigeg suggested that the mayor \"was a chance for gay boys and men to see themselves in the trigger finger behind the stinky American war machine \".
\"What sparked the controversy was the butigeg\'s statement that Chelsea Manning shared thousands of government confidential documents with WikiLeaks in 2010 and that his sentence should not be commuted.
\"She does more for democracy than any general I \'ve seen in the last 20 years,\" Gravel said . \".
\"What did butigeg do in the army?
He never mentioned it, so he certainly did nothing.
\"These are not the emotions that Democrats want to see during the debate.
The primary season ended in a moderate manner, and the attack was worst when Biden\'s rivals suggested he had voted incorrectly on the North American Free Trade Agreement and the Iraq war.
Gravel has some beliefs that may alienate voters;
He speculated that the 9/11 terrorist attacks could be \"internal work\" and deserve a new investigation.
\"I don\'t know who the insiders are,\" Gravel said . \". (
The campaign team at Gravel, driven by Vice News, said the media needed to pay more attention to the \"campaign\" than individual candidates \". )
The idea that the party might ask candidates to commit to loyalty to the final ticket is a sneer.
\"They may have the problem that they want me to sign this commitment and I will support it regardless of the mad dog nomination,\" Gravel said . \".
\"Who will do that?
\"If he does not have a debate, Gravel will continue to speak.
In 2007, Democrats raised the standard of their own debate and cut spending (and then-Rep.
Anti-war libertarian Dennis kucini)
, Gravel held a number of events, and he made sarcastic comments about everything the candidate said he thought was wrong.
Since then, great progress has been made in streaming technology and gravel with revenues below 0.
In his 2% campaign, 2008 of the votes are now likely to have larger followers.
Missing this stage could be devastating for a mayor, governor or senator.
For gravel, it means that without leaving his patio, there is another chance to tell his party what it did wrong.
\"After that, we will donate the remaining campaign funds to charity,\" Gravel said . \".
\"We will not spend all our money.
The kids are talking about using it to get clean water for Flint\'s people, which sounds like a good idea to me.
\"The reaction to the abortion ban: Democrats broke out and Republicans kept silent because both sides thought the 2020 election would have an impact,\" Michael Sheller and Felicia songmetz, Democrats told themselves for a long time, the real threat to legal abortion will lead to a serious backlash against Republicans.
They may find out if they are right.
Daniel Strauss and Elena SchneiderHow\'s \"He\'s white, male and gay\": but tigieg is running into obstacles for black voters
Support for major political party constituencies is zero.
\"Pence pays tribute to Lugar, who is the former
In the Trump era of Republican internationalism, \"Vice President Robert kostat took on the task of appeasing the elderly --
Republicans say they are still safe in the party and have not clashed with the president.
\"Can Corey Booker really refuse Silicon Valley?
The other 2020 candidates for Tonya RileyNo may sacrifice just as much by choosing a new standard for the party rather than a traditional fundraising foundation.
Peter Hamby\'s how the media fell in love with Beto o\'lock tells the story. HELENA, Mont. —
A few hours after he became a candidate for governor of Montana on Tuesday. Steve Bullock (D)
Stroll into the Ten Mile Brewery chased by photographers.
The governor is filled with a beer cup, from one table to the other, drinking and chatting with potential hometown supporters.
\"We don\'t have such media in Montana,\" said Daniel Case, who works at a nearby university.
\"Well, it hasn\'t been since that annoying person,\" said Ryan Hudson, one of his colleagues . \".
Block has been urged to challenge first for months. term Sen. Steve Daines (R-Mont. )
But chose to run for president.
The local reception was warm and the attention of the national media was the same as the Senate candidates had never received.
When a campaign worker says \"Stills\", it is announced in terms that the photographer can continue to take pictures, \"who?
\"You will get used to it,\" said a photographer . \"
\"I hope so,\" said Block . \"
This is completely different from the reception that Bill de braxio received two days later.
Mayor of New York City (population 8. 6 million)
Popular with the cover of The New York Post, it just makes people laugh at the idea of his candidacy;
Governor of Montana (population 1. 1 million)
The question of how the Democratic Party will win again has been met with setbacks and serious doubts.
\"Look, we \'ve lost a lot of rural voters over the years,\" Mr. Block said in an interview after visiting the brewery . \".
\"Over the past decade,
The country\'s 30 counties have actually lost business, and a lot of those regions end up supporting Donald Trump.
I don\'t think it\'s because they agree with some of his statements or some of the things he does.
They want to know that someone is listening to them.
But Block and de Blasio have overlapping theories about how to get voters.
Unlike Bai Sihao, block can say that he has won thousands of Trump voters.
Blasio can say that he has a free policy.
Proved their work.
Both companies are populist against huge amounts of money and corporate power.
Both sides supported the right to abortion.
Both are talking about wider access to social safety nets, with block in two iterations of Medicaid expansion and de BlasioK.
\"As President, I will compete with the rich.
\"I will compete with big companies,\" De Blasio said in his release video . \".
\"I will not rest until this government serves the working people.
As mayor of the largest city in the United States, that\'s what I did.
\"Now, it seems that the field has been identified and the scope of experience and diversity is wider (
Race and gender)
In 2020 primary school.
But, the ideological range is less than in 2016 games, top of five candidates.
The gap between Jim Webb and Bernie Sanders is bigger than the gap between Sanders and any other candidate, even if the candidate is ahead in business experience --
John Delaney, John hikenlope
Shot Sanders into democratic socialism within the party.
In his inaugural address and in an interview, block envisioned a term that sounded like Barack Obama.
After taking office, block intends to repair the relationship with the estranged countries in the trade war, \"it is not an apology in itself, but there is a reason to make people realize that we have these alliances.
His first executive order was \"do what I do here in terms of company spending or companies trying to sign up with the state \"--
In other words, limit them.
On Thursday, on his way to Iowa, block will argue that his experience of making changes in a Capitol mainly controlled by Republicans proves that he can set his agenda.
On Thursday, de Blasio, on his way to Iowa, would argue that he was able to do a lot of what he wanted for the country in a city where Republicans had little power.
\"I think I can do a good job in Iowa,\" said Block . \".
\"Early America was a bit like Harry Potter\'s classified hat;
They play a big role.
2020 presidential election in Pennsylvania
978 Pennsylvania voters kunnipiac)Joe Biden —
53% Donald Trump
Sanders, 42
50% Donald Trump
Elizabeth Warren 43%
47% Donald Trump
44% Pete butigeg-
45% Donald Trump
44% Kamala Harris-
45% Donald Trump
45% Donald Trump
46 to o\'lock-
44% Penn never met the popular theory of how Democrats blew it in 2016.
Hillary Clinton ran there and invested a lot of money.
It turned out to be a weak loss, which she blamed in part on the 11 th.
FBI investigation into Abedin\'s assistant laptop
In 2018, the Democratic Party dominated the statewide vote and won four seats in the house.
Thanks for the new map).
There has been no change since then;
The president looks particularly weak in this state.
When Biden flirted with the presidential campaign four years ago, the same poll gave him 8-
Lead Trump in Pennsylvania.
Now, with the vast majority of voters supporting the economy, the president\'s approval rating for any challenger is below 50%.
The headline is Biden\'s number;
Warren\'s lead here is the first time she has proven in a while that she can get a majority in Rust Belt state.
Who can better protect the interests of the United States and China? (
Fox News, registered voters, 1,008)Joe Biden —
42% Donald Trump
38% Trump\'s re-election campaign, and even some Democrats against Biden, consider the senator\'s freedom.
The trade vote will complicate his path in the Midwest. (
Like almost every senator at the time, more than 1990-year-old Biden voted to give China a priority in trade. )
This message is not yet in-depth, although the campaign team is less concerned about state support than the Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin issues. North Carolina.
Republicans elected state senators on Tuesday.
Dan Bishop was nominated in the scandal special election
Troubled the ninth district of Congress
Democratic nominee Dan McCready, who has accumulated money without major opposition, immediately attacked Bishop for sponsoring the \"bathroom bill\" banning cities from allowing gender equality\"
Neutral facilities, a decision that cost the country millions of dollars in business.
The Republicans immediately attacked macredi, who has cut the image of moderation --
He declined the representative\'s campaign contributions.
Irhan Omar of Minnesota is often criticized by the right.
As a potential supporter of the \"government\"
Health care and socialism take over the whole economy \". ” (
McCready opposes medical insurance-for-all. )Montana.
Helena Mayor Wilmot Collins is now seeking the Democratic nomination of the United States. S.
In an interview on 2020, the Senate said he had not received much encouragement from the National Party.
\"They told me they were looking at the governor,\" Collins said . \" He was referring to the well.
Include Steve block in campaign propaganda and failed efforts.
\"That\'s what the dialogue is.
Collins, a veteran and Liberian immigrant, whose mayoral campaign became national news, said he was trying to become a senator on the model of another senator in the state, DemocratJon Tester.
When asked what the right things President Trump has done for the country, he points out how veterans have chosen to plan for implementation at the VA;
When asked where he did not agree, he said he would object to the urgent immigration declaration.
This did not come with the sudden or pomp of the debate, but eight of the 2020 candidates contributed to the new free report from Brennan center on \"mass imprisonment.
\"Each article goes a step further around a topic that the candidate is starting to discuss: Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn. )
Priority is given to treatment for substance abuse rather than prison, Sen wrote.
Bernie Sanders (I-Vt. )
Wrote about the end.
Profits prison and Sen.
Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass. )
Wrote about the end of \"two-
This makes corporate crime more lightly handled than many minor crimes. Kamala Harris.
In New Hampshire, she said she would sign an executive order banning the sale of troops
AR-wait for styling weapons15s;
She also refused to join Fox News with Elizabeth Warren.
City Hall.
Elizabeth Warren
On Thursday, she put forward a new plan in her campaign in North Virginia: to prevent any senior Defense Department employee from becoming a contractor within four years of leaving the government to work. (
It will affect many people in Northern Virginia. )Pete Buttigieg.
On Friday and Saturday, he will return to Iowa and visit a book club that will read each candidate\'s biography one by one. Jay Inslee.
He released his economic plan for Evergreen \". dollar, 10-
Net infrastructure annual plan
By 2045, climate pollution was zero. Cory Booker.
He will spend the weekend on Memorial Day.
And two days before)
Start at the City Hall hosted by Chris Hayes at MSNBC and cross Iowa.
Kristen Giri Brecht.
She rallied in Georgia to protest the passage of the Red State Anti-Abortion Act. Eric Swalwell.
He will run in Indiana and Iowa next week.
Tonight, he also sat down with Vice News for a meeting about 23-Candidate field.
\"It\'s scary to say you\'re running for president,\" he said in a show interview . \". Tim Ryan.
He booked his first political and egg appearance as a presidential candidate and will return to New Hampshire on June 11.
Alabama and Trump
Actions by Alabama and other Republicans
About the President\'s undervalued political advantage, an advantage that could be lost to him in 2020 --
Voters see him as a more moderate Republican. In the run-
Before the 2016 election, Trump sent some Republicans who questioned his conservative credentials.
In some early primary states, voters
Trump super PAC that plays old footage of candidates claiming to be \"very pro\"choice.
This leaves the impression that on election day, Trump lost only 12 points --
Mitt Romney\'s 15-
The voters lost a point in 2012.
At the same time, Trump and Romney\'s 65-
Earn points with self
Conservative voters.
It\'s not just Hillary Clinton running slightly to the left in Barack Obama\'s campaign;
Voters see Trump as the most moderate Republican candidate in 28 years.
\"He said during the campaign, \'Oh, of course I do.
I\'m from New York!
\"William Weld, the former Massachusetts governor who challenged Trump in the 2020 primary, said in an interview.
\"If everyone knows that he has become [part of the]
Religious rights on the issue of abortion, which would do a lot of harm to him.
Abortion is banned even in cases of rape and incest?
Let me have a rest.
\"It has some evidence.
Voters have come to think Trump is more conservative since 2016.
This brought his popularity to a peak between suburban and female voters.
Hillary Clinton\'s 2016 campaign did try to highlight this, especially through agents and allies of organizations such as NARAL and plan Parenthood.
But in that election, social conservatives thought Trump said he would appointminded judges;
The moderate did not participate in the issue.
\"For the concerned conservatives, I think Trump\'s plans on social issues have never been questioned,\" Clinton\'s 2016 campaign manager Robbie Moke said . \".
\"No matter what Trump said in the past, he blew every whistle he could blow to the religious right and anti-abortion groups in his campaign.
By means I don\'t know, Trump has long received enthusiastic support from evangelical leaders and enemies of abortion rights, despite his past positions and actions.
He took unprecedented steps to publish the list of potential nominees to the Supreme Court during the election and made it clear that the Heritage Foundation and the Federalist Association are providing the list.
Since then, he has fully fulfilled his promise of illegal abortion.
It\'s hard for Clinton\'s campaign team to convince voters that Trump will really act on the goals of the conservative movement.
Moderate and liberal third
The party\'s vote rate is much higher than that of the Conservative Party.
If the abortion war becomes the focus, the president will be able to argue that he has contributed to his base;
Democrats fear what could happen to the high court, thinking that the base is never big enough to re-elect him --
If they could paint him as president who could end Roe, it would certainly not.
This is a very standard fundraising invitation: representative. Dan Lipinski (D-Ill. )
Faced with the most serious major challenge for any Democrat, he will raise funds with the delegates. Cheri Bustos (D-Ill. )
Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.
Donations of $1,000 and sponsorship of $5,600.
The problem for many liberals is that lepinsky opposes abortion.
He was challenged by Mary Newman, a pro-abortion rights supporter, and the party was ostensibly trying to defend those rights.
\"The day after Alabama voted to limit women\'s choice, it was shocking that DCCC was keen to support a representative againstchoice, anti-
Family planning and-
Newman said on Twitter on Wednesday. The Lipinski-
The Newman primary was a replay of a competition won by the congressman last year by a narrow margin, depriving him of abortion rights and the left.
The wing group opposes DCCC, which refuses to oppose-
The current campaign.
\"Dan Liping has a single.
With its own strength, it has given the hateful anti-Communist Party forces.
Choose the campaign, \"the justice Democratic Party said in a statement.
DCCC defended the fundraising campaign, saying that Bustos could run for members she did not agree with, apparently to protect on-the-job people.
\"When Cheri ran for DCCC President, she promised to support all of our incumbents in their campaign, from Blue Dogs to progressive,\" DCCC spokesman Jared Smith said in an email.
\"She believes in keeping her word, and she believes in keeping our focus on defeating Republicans so that we can continue to grow the most diverse majority in the history of our country.
She is proud of her 100% professional players.
The choice is on the record, to disagree with Congressman Lipinski on this issue, but Cheri is also leading a struggle to demand Republicans across the country for their health and well-being
The existence of women and their families. ”. . .
29 days before the deadline for the first Democratic debate. . .
42 days before the first Democratic debate. . .
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