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the smashing machine (18)

by:QY Precision      2019-09-10
Director: John hemes, 2002 stars: Mark Cole, Marcus Coleman, Royce Gracie, Igor vauchasinte buy: mark Kerr, DVDSoftly, has the demeanor of a hotel concierge or a provincial bank manager.
But let him relax in one of the ultimate battle arenas
Cut goliath shows a chilling facility that can grab opponents on the floor and crush their faces with the rotation of their elbows and knees.
When hemes\'s wonderful HBO documentary was released, Kerr was the unbeaten top dog in the ultimate fighting tournament, almost a rule --
Let the martial arts fight the free fighting movement of boxers and front wrest hands.
Meet before thousands of blood
Eager for fans in their brutal Middle Ages. With a money-
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