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The road to networking and upgrading of small and medium-sized CNC precision mechanical parts processing enterprises-Shenzhen CNC machining factory

by:QY Precision      2020-02-14
The manufacturing industry is talking about the industrial internet, and CNC precision mechanical parts processing enterprises have provided the best application scenarios. In the future, the industrial internet is also an inevitable means for the transformation and upgrading of CNC precision mechanical parts processing manufacturers. However, in the CNC mechanical parts processing industry, the top-ranking large enterprises are very interested in the industrial internet, and more small and medium-sized enterprises are a little less enthusiastic. For different CNC precision machining companies, the core issue of the cross-stepping industrial internet is not 'how to do it', but 'can do it' and 'what can be done '. To become a big internet country, China is not only a personal mobile Internet, but also an industrial internet. The government has also been encouraging various enterprises to increase the application of the Internet in the enterprise production process. Especially in the process of vigorously promoting CNC precision mechanical parts processing enterprises to 'go to the cloud on the platform', the enterprises have invested manpower and cost, then 'what can be done after going to the cloud' has become the biggest question and concern of many small and medium-sized mechanical parts processing enterprises. To be sure, the benefits that industrial internet can provide are multi-dimensional. Shugen Internet service is an outsourcing service provider for industrial internet applications. They have customers of a typical small drying equipment mechanical parts processing enterprise. Before the introduction of the industrial internet, the company had to adjust the process package to the customer with the change of the customer's process. Now these can realize the remote parameter setting function through the industrial internet, greatly saved travel expenses; In addition, through the accumulation of big data, it can also help enterprise end users to more accurately control the process flow and continuously optimize the processing parameters of mechanical parts. Another type of cost reduction comes from the sales side. Many CNC precision machining enterprises use Aliyun Maxcompute big data platform to integrate data such as actual online sales of brands and actual sales of offline direct dealers on their own CRM systems, combining the background environment factors to model the sales volume of mechanical parts processing products, changing 'manual prediction based on order history' to 'intelligent prediction based on actual sales volume' to improve the accuracy of product prediction. And this approach is expected to reverse the forecast results to downstream distributors and retailers to guide their order release in the future when the data ecology is gradually established, to achieve maximum cost savings and win-win results in the distribution chain. Industrial internet for small and medium-sized mechanical parts processing enterprises, reducing the cost of manufacturing is diversified. For the problem of cost reduction, many business owners' awareness stays on manufacturing costs, but industrial internet can provide more cost reductions in other dimensions. 'Cost reduction and efficiency increase' is the inevitable purpose of all mechanical parts processing enterprises to carry out Internet production transformation. If you are self-styled and don't embrace the industrial internet, your competitors will get ahead.
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