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The reason and solution of milling face connection in CNC machining customization

by:QY Precision      2020-02-26
In the actual CNC machining customization, we often find that when milling the surface with a broadsword, the axial direction is not large, but the first half of the blade is still scoured and the second half of the blade is not scraped, or after the first half of the blade has passed, the second half of the blade is still cutting wildly (The huge amount of cutting is not within the scope of this discussion) That is to say, the end face of the cutter head is not perpendicular to the x axis, that is, the z axis and the x axis are not perpendicular, such as 2- As shown in the 7th, this is very obvious when milling the large plane to the left and right. The knife seal between the two knives is difficult to accept, and the spindle is detected by the usual precision mechanical parts processing method, it is to pull out a straight facade with the x axis, then stick the large circle of the gauge wheel on the main shaft, and then get the gauge pressure difference within the diameter distance, which is often qualified. How can this be explained? In CNC machining customization, this is a problem with the wedge plate. Imagine that the gauge pressure data played in the static state is played in the state where the transmission gear is unloaded and the rail is locked. However, the processing of precision mechanical parts is exactly the opposite. It is carried out when the transmission wheel drives the chassis of the column to run and the rail carrier is completely released. The operation of the chassis is affected by the different static pressure of the contact surface of the guide rail, including the horizontal guide rail and the side guide rail, which causes the friction of each part to be different, the chassis has a twisted force during operation, which affects the deviation of the verticality of the upper spindle. Under normal circumstances, as long as the static pressure is adjusted to be consistent, on the shunt of the static pressure pipeline, each pipeline has an connected pressure gauge interface. If the problem cannot be eliminated, the position or thickness of the whole wedge plate is required, as shown in Figure 2-8 as shown.
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