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the one skill that will land you a job in any factory, anywhere

by:QY Precision      2019-08-26
While unemployment remains high above 8%, there is still a sector in the economy that has rebounded: manufacturing.
Although the easy work is over, there is a skill applicant who can get a quote from any manufacturer in the country ---
Most likely, around the world.
As Dustin Dwyer of our ever-changing gear Public Media Project found, people who are able to run CNC machines can write their own tickets.
In this story, he studies what it takes to be a CNC operator.
CNC represents computer digital control, and CNC machines are an integral part of manufacturing today.
They are modern alternatives for skilled workers to hand-work in the past.
From metal to plastic to fabric, these machines basically carve or cut materials.
Peter Zelinski, senior editor of modern machine store magazine, said: \"machining is the foundation of manufacturing, or very close to the foundation of manufacturing . \".
Even if you have never heard of it, CNC machining is essential for your life, he said.
\"Any product you pick up and touch is not far from the processing process,\" he said . \".
But unlike the tasks performed by the mechanics in the past, everything done on the CNC machine needs to understand the computer code.
One of the biggest players is Haas Automation, which produces equipment in Southern California and is distributed around the world.
As part of Toyota\'s parent company, Toyoda Zhangnan machinery is another major manufacturer of CNC technology.
The demand for CNC courses is high in the Midwest and elsewhere, for 18 weeks.
Graduates of places like Big Rapids, Mich.
Community colleges earn twice the minimum wage, up to $80,000 a year. without a four-year degree.
Listen to Dwyer\'s story and read more about ChangingGears. info.
What experience do you have in CNC?
Are there any suggestions for people who may be investigating this training?
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