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The new player of the car, Ace or CNC lathe processing

by:QY Precision      2020-01-25
The upgrading of automobiles must depend on the upgrading of CNC lathe processing technology, whether it is traditional automobile products or new energy vehicles. Nowadays, with the encouragement of policies, new energy vehicles have poured into many new players. Internet companies have begun to build cars, real estate companies have begun to build cars, and technology companies have begun to build cars . . . . . . This kind of news is also surprising in the precision mechanical parts processing industry. Marketing hype will eventually fall on the product, as long as it is a four-wheel car, it will eventually be processed by a numerical control lathe. The parts of the car are too complicated, many of them can be formed by CNC machining, otherwise the Assembly of the car is difficult. What concept is good, what power is good, there is no process of precision mechanical parts processing, these speculations are empty things. Let's look at the big car manufacturing country, which one is not a powerful CNC lathe processing country. Germany, Japan and the United States have almost monopolized the world's luxury car brands because they have the most basic precision mechanical parts processing industry. Of course, many new players have emerged in China's automotive field today, thanks to the development of China's CNC machining customization industry in recent decades, providing them with a strong technical reserve, dreams will shine into reality.
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