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The necessity of manual operation in CNC lathe processing

by:QY Precision      2020-02-02
In modern CNC lathe processing technology, CNC machining customization is completed by CNC machine tools. The operator is the person who controls the machine tool and is the most terminal performer in the production management of precision mechanical parts processing plants. From the point of view of CNC lathe Processing Management, the technical control of large precision mechanical parts processing ( Such as clamping accuracy, tool selection and use, processing method review, etc) It depends on the guidance of the technical department, and the operator only needs to execute the program. However, judging from China's current national conditions, many technicians do not have the ability to fully control processing, and often rely on experienced skilled workers to control this whole process, that is to say, the workload of operators at the bottom of the entire production chain far exceeds this degree of execution. Solidly learn the specific tasks of clamping, tool management, programming, quality control, and machine tool troubleshooting on CNC lathe processing, at that time, it was a real CNC machining customization technician.
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