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the long tail of lego

by:QY Precision      2019-09-01
Here is an excerpt from the manufacturer: The New Industrial Revolution, by Chris Anderson, published by Crown Business.
Released on October 2.
As a family, Lego
There are some regulations on guns.
With a few exceptions, it won\'t make two peopleCentury weapons
You can go back to history and have the Lego Sword and The Lego high-pop board but not the Lego M-
Automatic Rifle or rocket
Starting today with grenades.
Or you can go into fantasy and have Lego laser cannons and plasma cannons, but you can\'t have World War II machine guns and rocket launchers.
This is a very good policy for Lego, but the result is that when customers go through the war phase, they tend to lose customers around the age of 10.
Including the sons of Will Chapman.
In 2006, his youngest one wanted to replicate the battle of World War II in Lego and was disappointed that he could not do it with the Lego numbers he already had.
This was the end of the story, but Chapman was a creator.
In his basement in Redmond, Washington, he has a small CNC factory and he knows how to use 3-D CAD software.
So he started designing some Lego toys.
Modern guns.
He really made these up because he could.
To do this, he first sent the file to his desktop CNC machine, a Taig 2018 mill for less than $1,000, for grinding the mold half part from the plane
Grade aluminum block.
Then he put the mold in his hand.
The molding machine, which uses ordinary propane like this to melt the plastic while grilling in the backyard, also uses a lever like a water pump to push the plastic into the mold.
For the plastic, he just used the spare Lego blocks and used the same ABS plastic as the physical object.
After some experiments and modifications, he has some very good
Exterior prototypes including M1 infantry rifles and sniper rifles.
His son was impressed, so he did some more and started sharing it with other Lego adult fans.
They started clamoring for more, so he set up a website to sell it.
Today, his company, BrickArms, went to where the Danish toy giant was afraid to get involved: a hardcore weapon from Lego --scale AK-
47 seconds to the Fraser grenade that looks like it\'s coming straight out of Halo 3.
These parts are more complex than ordinary Lego components, but they are of comparable manufacturing quality and are sold online to thousands of Lego fans, including children and adults, who wants to create a cooler scene than the standard suite allows.
Lego operates on an industrial scale and a group of designers work on a highly secure campus in billon, Denmark.
The engineer models the prototype and makes the prototype in a dedicated machine store.
Then, once they get approved, they make it in a large injectionmolding plants.
Create parts for the kit, which must be played-
Test, price for mass retail and ship and stock months before Target or Wal-Mart salesMart.
The only successful parts of the process are those that will be sold in millions.
Chapman has a different scale of work.
He continues to design weapons in CAD software and prototypes with his desktop manufacturing tools.
Once they look good, he will send the file to the local tool manufacturer, copy the mold in stainless steel and send it to the USS. -Based on injection
The mold making company has to produce thousands in batches.
Why is there no parts made in China?
He said he could, but the result was the production of molds that took longer, the communication time was slow, and the plastic was secondary (read: cheap).
Also, he says, if your molds are in China, who knows what happens to them when you don\'t use them?
They can operate in secret, produce parts that are sold in the secondary market, and you don\'t even know the presence of those parts.
His three sons packed the parts he sold directly.
Today, there are also dealers in the UK, Australia, Sweden, Canada and Germany.
Business is big, he left 17 in 2008
A year\'s career as a software engineer;
He can now easily feed his family of five by selling Lego weapons alone.
I brought more revenue on a slow brick and tile day than I did as a software engineer.
How does Lego feel about it?
Very good actually.
Bricklayer and many small companies like bricklayer and bricklayer
Stix, everything from custom LEGO toys
The size character on the sticker allows you to customize the official LEGO mini chart, representing a complementary ecosystem around the Danish giant.
They solve two problems for Lego: first, the number of products they produce is not large enough to carry out complete Lego production, but it is still popular with Lego\'s most discerning customers.
This is the long tail of Lego, and this niche demand is as real in plastic building toys as in music and movies.
Entrepreneurs around the Lego mother ship have filled the gap in the market, allowing Lego to continue to focus on the blockbusters it needs to scale.
Second, by offering products that are particularly valued by older children, companies like BrickArms have kept in the Lego world for several years, from 8 to 10 to 12 years old.
This increases their chances of graduating from casual games to a real Lego obsession, and may even keep this to adulthood (
The famous building kit collection is sold at bookstores and museum stores for about $100 per piece.
If that\'s the case, they could be the buyers of the most sophisticated kit for lego stars, including a Star Wars Death Star and Star Destroyer, all of which have more than 3,000 pieces for $400.
So Lego turned a blind eye to this group of Lego fans --
Create businesses around it as long as they don\'t violate the trademark of lego and include warnings about keeping it sharp or simple --to-
Swallow the little child\'s toy.
In fact, Lego has even released informal guidance on the use of non-optimal plastics
Toxic and include holes in parts where there may be choking hazards to allow air circulation.
BrickArms and its relatives represent examples of the manufacturer\'s business for niche markets, where traditional mass manufacturing often fails to provide adequate services.
One of the twenty-century victories-
The manufacturing model of the century is scale optimization.
But at least in their twenties,first-
A century of view, a responsibility.
Henry Ford\'s powerful mass
The production method of standardized and interoperable parts, assembly lines and regular work creates unparalleled economy and brings high
Provide quality goods to ordinary consumers.
But they are also abusive, as long as you want what color, as long as it is black, not flexible.
Small-price differencebatch and big-
Batch products are great, most buyers can choose products with reasonable price or a wide range of products, but not both cheap and of superior quality
Every time more products are produced than varieties.
At the same time, the long tool cycle of mass production means that the product must be designed several years before the sale, and the cost of innovation increases as the consequences of the failure of large-scale trials increase (
Witness Edsel, a radical car that has hindered Ford\'s innovation for decades).
The same is true today: only by serving the rich can local furniture manufacturers compete with Ikea.
All the Billy bookcases (
I already got my share)
Does the market say they are not concerned enough about differentiated shelves to pay more for them.
A more harmful cost of mass production victory is small-
Scale manufacturing.
Like the retail industry, local specialty retailers have been kicked out by Wal-Mart.
In manufacturing, many auto companies are overwhelmed by Detroit\'s top five auto companies.
Or included in it)
Natural 20 century the first half.
The same is true for textiles, ceramics, metal products, sports equipment and counting
There are fewer other industries.
Everyone has succumbed to the temptation of overseas labor arbitrage, and wage pressures have made domestic union relations more and more harmful.
To be sure, many of these smaller manufacturers have lost their edge: their products are no better than imported goods, and the cost is not competitive.
But others fail because they lose their distribution channels and still want the few consumers of their specialty products (
Or just want to buy American).
Grinding competition at the bottom of the big-price competition
Box retailers have made it increasingly difficult to find niche goods. Fast-
Half a century has passed and two things have changed.
First of all, thanks to desktop manufacturing and easy-to-get manufacturing capabilities, anyone with an idea can start a business and make real things.
Second, thanks to the Internet, they can sell these things globally.
Obstacles to the entry of physical goods into business are disappearing like stones.
The one-in-one market defines a successful niche strategy for the products and services offered online.
This number is big enough to build a business, but small enough to stay focused and avoid huge competition.
This is the space missing in quality.
In the production industry, dark matter in the market is the long tail of things.
This is also an opportunity for small, more flexible companies that rise from the markets they serve, by democratizing new tools that bypass old retail and production barriers.
Better yet, some companies that start with niche markets may graduate from large markets.
Reprinted from the manufacturer: new industrial revolution-copyright©2012 published by Chris Andson, published by Crown Business, a division of Random House Inc.
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