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the happiness project

by:QY Precision      2019-09-17
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Together they create a way of life and direct it to many enviable businesses and projects.
They are a partner of Josef Centeno\'s bustling downtown Los Angeles gourmet outpost bco Mercat, known as one of the top ten new restaurants in 2012 and his upcoming partnerto-open Tex-
Mexican restaurant agave United, bar Am Gallery ¡. (
\"Ian is a nerd and he\'s extra when it comes to rare chocolate and tequila --
\"I\'m excited about this,\" said the Knight . \". )
Both are strict and passionate chefs
Describes the control freak of not sharing knives in the kitchen.
The couple has been engaged for five years, living in Laurel Canyon, in a house designed by Edward Fickett, he is President Dwight Eisenson\'s building advisor, Dodge stadium and about 60,000 affordable, mostly talking about the design of prefabricated homes known as the Fickett house.
Earlier this year, Barry and Knight moved in with only one mattress, but there were many bones in the house.
They stripped off a string of ivy and isolated trees in Cyprus, Italy, built terraces and built gardens for vegetables.
Knight designed a huge architectural staircase leading to a terrace on the corner of the hillside where they planted Alphonso mangoes, four bananas, pineapple
Guava, pomegranate, green limecaviar, rose-
Apples, Jamaican spices, cardamom, etc.
Once it all takes root, she says, \"the leaves between the stairs will be treated with quite a bit of traffic and will release its smell with each step: thyme, Corsica mint and chamomile.
\"They closed an area of the guest\'s bathroom, where there was once a view of the cottage, and they wanted to put the hummingbird garden in Harold\'s house, a small refugee, out of his nest in dense landscapes.
Three spectacular beasts, Taaka, Shiso and Arrow, all rescue and Wolves of varying degrees, roaming the ground
The Kerry citrus grove cannot fully believe their good fortune.
Barry concluded this way: \"Amarillo is the spirit of everything.
\"There are no heavenly birds and aromatic herbs on the road that take them to this incredible place.
The two met on the Internet through motorcycles.
Barry recently resigned from a lucrative job as a network engineer at Veritas Software, living in a tent in a friend\'s yard in Los Angeles, while pursuing his lifelong passion for bike-making.
Since riding her father behind a motorcycle in Greece at the age of 5, Knight has always wanted a motorcycle, and she is also chasing her childhood dreams.
\"I fell in love with a custom made of black and ox blood
\"So I wrote to him and asked him if he needed an assistant.
\"Her proposal is not as casual as it sounds.
The Knight once rebuilt a wild horse of 1967.
Barry refused, but the two agreed.
One month and one day after they met face to face, he proposed to her and provided half of all his stuff, including Taaka.
The direct result of the alliance is Falcon, a company founded on the premise that Barry will build 10 bicycles within 10 years, each based on a different engine type.
By building, they do not mean assembly, but create each part from scratch other than the tire and the carburetor.
They first set up shops and houses in Echo Park, their studio had no natural light, and Knight was diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency (
Her doctor asked her if she lived in a cave.
And then at 5,000-square-
A former factory located next to Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles.
In the range of 14-
They created an oasis, but their front door was littered with human feces and needles used almost every day.
At about that time, they met Centeno, then the chef at the Lazy cow canteen in Little Tokyo nearby.
\"We have been eating there,\" Knight said . \" Whenever she happens to meet Centeno at the bank, she is also excited.
\"He can take me to my car, I think, and I won\'t be robbed.
\"The first official Falcon, designed around the engine of the 1950 Triumph Thunderbird, known as the bullet, has won the Custom Culture Award at 2008 International Motorcycle conference in Pebble Beach.
For Barry, this is not so much a validation as a revelation: someone outside values his work as much as he does.
A photo on the couple\'s fridge shows Colin Powell coming to the studio to visit.
Today, the Falcon is located in the West Third Street neighborhood near La Brea, which may never be fashionable, but not far from what Hollywood already has.
Barry\'s studio is behind the building.
Once he has taken out his collection of motorcycles, the front line will be Altai, a design consulting company and store that is scheduled to open early next year.
Knight will lead an interior and landscape design project and plan a range of furniture and items.
She hired Teena Sahebi, a senior at the opening ceremony, as the fashion director for men\'s wear and was responsible for the style of the business.
\"In the motorcycle world, you will meet the worst-dressed man,\" Knight said . \". (
Altai has been from Raf Simons, Casely-
Hayford and Christopher Lemmel played for Hermes. )
But you will also feel that being with Barry not only inspires her own impulses, cultivates the creative impulses of everyone around her, but also lets her start making things herself.
\"Ian has accumulated a batch of tools.
\"Shaft CNC machine tools, metal mixers, grinding machines, leveling machines and fixtures,\" she said . \".
\"It offers us the opportunity to try and make a prototype of Altair furniture.
So far this includes a beautiful polished aluminum marble coffee table and a dog bed (
Both knights are designed for Laurel Canyon house, but can be customized to suit others)
There is also a bronze fireplace screen which is a commission for a friend.
She plans to \"hire\" Barry, who has just completed the Falcon.
Last month, the White Eagle;
The two also competed with each other in the design of the chair.
\"Ian asked me to make a chair that looks like an inverted metal,\" she said . \" She is referring to creative exchange conditions that inspire their romance.
\"What I want to do, like a table, is very simple.
Unlike Ian, I don\'t want to re-invent the wheel.
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