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The growth rate of CNC precision machinery processing industry slowed down in 2018

by:QY Precision      2020-02-29
In 2018, the economy of precision mechanical parts processing industry was running smoothly and investment was increasing steadily, but the economic operation of major sub-industries was obviously differentiated. Auto industry growth fall is precision mechanical parts processing industry growth slowdown main factors. The products with a year-on-year decline in CNC lathe processing output are mainly agricultural machinery and equipment, power generation equipment, automobiles and engines and instruments for automobiles that have continued to grow at a high speed in previous years. However, in some popular areas, CNC precision machining output is still in the growth stage. As the largest sub-industry of CNC precision lathe processing, the main business income increased by only 2. 9%. Total profit decreased by 4. 67%, there was a significant decline in 2018, which was the main factor for the overall decline of the main indicators of CNC parts processing industry. In other sub-industries of CNC lathe processing, the main business income and total profit of the construction machinery industry have increased significantly, with an increase of about 20%; Relevant indicators of electrical appliances, machine tools and other industries have basically remained at 5%-An increase of about 8%; The growth rate of the two indicators of petrochemical general equipment manufacturing, heavy mining equipment manufacturing and mechanical basic parts industry also reached about 10%. According to Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers, the output of many CNC precision machining products was on a downward trend in 2018. As of the end of 2018, among the 64 major products monitored by Shenzhen CNC machining industry association, there were 30 products with a year-on-year increase in output, accounting for 47%, a decrease of 17 over the previous year; There were 34 products with a year-on-year decline in output, accounting for 53%. Among them, the output of 19 kinds of CNC parts processing products changed from year-on-year growth to year-on-year decline, and the output of 2 kinds of products changed from year-on-year decline to growth. In the past few years, CNC precision machining products that were relatively popular began to enter the descending channel, and many CNC lathes were idle.
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