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The development of stainless steel equipment shell and sheet metal processing technology

by:QY Precision      2020-03-07
The development of stainless steel equipment shell and sheet metal processing technology _ equipment shell is mostly used for sheet metal processing, and stainless steel equipment Shell is one of them. The application specifications of stainless steel equipment housings are becoming more and more extensive, which can be seen basically in transportation, railways and some automobile housings. Of course! It is used not only for these. For the section of sheet metal processing stainless steel equipment shell, it is necessary to splice and combine different construction and scale Requests. Usually, the columns on both sides of stainless steel equipment shell are connected with four screws, then four screws are used to connect the network structure, thus forming a good structure. For the different equipment inside the stainless steel equipment shell, we also need to assemble and fix the aluminum profile, so that it can be used to install and fix the various components inside the stainless steel equipment shell without the inner groove, so that the stainless steel equipment shell is convenient and disassembled. With the rapid development of the sheet metal processing profession, the variety of stainless steel equipment shells is different from the application field and the focus of its effect, and it has now become various, however, in general, several equipment housings that are popular in the market are still the usual stainless steel equipment housings, server stainless steel equipment housings, sheet metal stainless steel equipment housings, etc. From the structural skills of sheet metal stainless steel equipment shell, in order to give full play to the efficiency of electronic equipment, the planned equipment Shell should be easy to operate and use, and conform to the psychological characteristics and psychological characteristics of the user, together, the structure strives to be the simplest, easy to install and disassemble, so that the equipment can reach and repair well. In addition, the planned equipment casing should be safe for the operator of the Penguin bag, such as preventing sharp edges, sharp edges, and selecting leakage protection equipment. Sheet metal stainless steel equipment casing is the equipment casing required for metal sheet to use inductive cold processing skills and cooling. The most obvious feature of sheet metal stainless steel equipment shell processing is the same part, and its thickness is the same. Sheet metal has the characteristics of light weight, conductivity, high strength, low cost and large-scale production. Standardized and modular stainless steel equipment shell products are gradually standardized, and modular planning methods are selected. All scales are in this ayong standard scale series, and conform to the public service cooperation specifications and relevant general specifications, in order to ensure the interchangeability of the chassis of the equipment, the chassis planning of the newly developed or modified equipment can be completed without or even changing the chassis scale of the equipment when developing similar equipment or equipment modification. When planning the shell of sheet metal stainless steel equipment, the electromagnetic disturbance and heat problems inside the equipment, as well as the influence of mechanical, electromagnetic, electrical and climate factors that cannot be removed, should be comprehensively considered according to the application environment of the equipment, in order to ensure the stability of the electrical function of the equipment, and to ensure the strength and rigidity of the chassis, to ensure the reliability of the electromechanical connection of the equipment and the anti-vibration and punching ability of the equipment, the shape and shadow method is adopted together, ensure the red wire and reliability request of each skill index of the equipment. Finally, summarize the opportunities faced by the sheet metal processing profession, mainly to promote the cooperation between banks and companies; The cultivation of professional talents is also a very prominent question. With fresh blood participating in the company, the company will be thriving and thriving.
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