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the biggest conspiracy theory at ‘inescapable’ prison — did three men make it out of alcatraz alive?

by:QY Precision      2019-09-29
In June 1962, prisoners made a breakthrough in the long-lasting mystery of fleeing Alcatraz Island. Three men -
Clarence Aung San, John Aung San and Frank Morris
Disappeared from their cell in the middle of the night, then paddled from the island of San Francisco Bay, and no one saw or heard it again.
A new piece of evidence shows that these people have survived the flight for more than 50 years and have been hiding there.
From left to right, photos of the prison mugs of Frank Lee Morris, Clarence Anglin and John Anglin\'s inmates.
Source: supply Marie Anglin Widner has been waiting very patiently for the past 55 years.
She lives in the same house with the same phone number, waiting for the day to come, waiting for a sign, waiting for a special person to find her.
She is now 82 and lives in a small town three hours south of Atlanta, Georgia.
She has been here for so long because she still has hope that her brothers will live, despite the difficulties, after being called \"escape from the most unavoidable prison in the world.
Mary still hopes that one day John and Clarence Anglin will walk through the front door.
Although the FBI officially declared Mary\'s brother dead a long time ago, the US bailiffs did not agree, although the two men fled their island prison more than 50 years ago, the bailiffs are still chasing them.
Mary is sure that her brothers are still somewhere, and even when they are old, the two old men are still smarter than everyone.
They were apparently found all over the world.
There are only a few examples of the Bahamas, Brazil and Panama.
S. bailiffs will continue to hunt down suspects until they determine the death of the wanted criminal or the fugitive is 99 years old.
But until today, no one can fully figure out what really happened on the decisive night of their clever escape.
The rumors Terminator says they will survive.
The FBI said they didn\'t.
The sightings come and go.
But in either way, the final evidence has not yet been seen.
From left to right, photos of the prison mugs of Frank Lee Morris, Clarence Anglin and John Anglin\'s inmates.
Source: On 1956, the suplieda guard watched prisoners play softball at Alcatraz prison.
Source: News Co. , Ltd. \"I will cut into the topic.
If these people leave the island, what did they do after they left here?
They moved to Brazil?
Did they move to Mexico, become farmers, or did they move to Tibet and become monks?
If you look at their background, they are involved in criminal activities from an early age.
Let them leave Alcatraz, don\'t rob, steal, and don\'t let anyone see them, don\'t leave fingerprints?
John cantville, a ranger at Alcatraz National Park, told reporters. com. au.
\"Everyone has their own point of view, is a guess.
It would be nice if they learned the lesson and they never broke the law again except for the three people involved in the crime?
I don\'t know they have been underground for more than 50 years.
Despite the age of the case and the fact that he said he \"didn\'t want\" the job, the superintendent\'s deputy to Michael Dyke, the only investigator in the case, he said, he still received a tip today.
Fifteen years ago, Mr. Dyck received thousands of files from various law enforcement agencies dating back to 1962.
He said there were many clues in the case, but there was no evidence that the men survived on a raft made of rubber raincoats.
Mary\'s brothers John and Clarence Anglin have a long history of crime, and by the time Clarence was 14 years old, he had served his sentence at the National Boys Industrial School, a humble youth institution.
John has never been behind.
They\'re a terrible criminal.
They will come out of prison, commit crimes, and get caught again.
They spent some time in prisons in Alabama, Georgia and Florida.
They kept running away.
Will eventually appear at the door of the family.
Some reports say they managed to escape from every prison they were sent.
This was a bank robbery in Columbia, Alabama, in 1958, which will lead to a test of the brother\'s historical evil name and conspiracy theory for a long time.
There is a dummy head in a cell at Alcatraz prison, where prisoner John Anglin was used to fool guards when he escaped from prison on 1962 and two other prisoners.
Source: News Ltd this pair of brothers were captured by federal authorities in Ohio a few days after a bank robbery, after another attempt to escape on 1960, john and Clarence were finally sent to the place where authorities thought they could be held --Alcatraz.
Alcatraz Island is an island 2 km kilometers off the coast of San Francisco.
It was originally a military base and prison, but in 1934 it became a federal prison designed to hold troubled prisoners --
Leave them there.
It is Alcatraz Island that holds some of the most notorious gangsters and criminals in the United States;
Robert Franklin Stroud Al Capone (
Bird of Alcatraz Island)
George \"Machine Gun\" Kelly
The flow of water in San Francisco Bay is notoriously strong, cold and dangerous.
The isolation of the island and the difficulty of traveling alone in the waters make it an ideal place for federal authorities to place prisons like Alcatraz Island.
The FBI said to Alcatraz Island, \"it seems almost impossible to escape \".
But this did not stop the prisoner from trying.
During the active prison period, a total of 36 men attempted to escape 14 times.
23 of them were captured alive.
Other people are not so lucky. Some were shot.
Some people did not even reach the water.
Only 5 people were listed as \"missing and considered drowned \".
No one must have come out alive, but Mary says she has evidence that this is not the case. “They [
Clarence and John.
Found wearing a woman\'s dress at mumma\'s funeral, when my father died, they were found two hours before the family was destined to come.
They went to check the body, the hat, the beard, the long coat, without saying a word, did not sign the book, but stood there for about 15 minutes, and then left, mary said on the criminal podcast.
\"The lady who told us she wouldn\'t lie found them.
They like to take risks.
They do things that others will not do.
It\'s true that they come from reliable sources.
On 1973, the bird view of Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay.
The famous prison was closed on 1963.
Image Source: Australian news group told Donaldsonville news that she \"knew they were successful \".
\"We were told by an American marshal that he knew they had succeeded.
He said they found the raft on Angel Island, the footprints disappeared from the raft, and a car was stolen that night.
He said they made it.
John and Clarence Anglin created what is known as one of the most \"complex escapes\" ever --
The question of whether they survived the ordeal continues to haunt the American bailiffs.
\"I turned on the radio and they broke into the news channel and I heard the news of the Escape from Alcatraz Island.
Before they told me, I said, \'I know it\'s John and Clark \'.
That\'s them, I said!
They came out of there!
Mary said on the criminal podcast.
\"I don\'t worry. I know they play very well in swimming.
I\'m talking to the bailiffs and I know why they don\'t like Alcatraz Island.
The bed is too hard.
John and Clarence fled Alcatraz prison on the evening of June 11, 1962.
It\'s so bold that it will eventually inspire the Clint Eastwood movie to escape the Alcatraz Island.
With the help of another prisoner, Frank Morris, the three men planned their escape for several months under the eyes of the prison guards.
Along with his partner Maurice, the bank that robbed the brothers in Anlin climbed out of the cell, and they carefully dug holes with spoons for several months.
They use fake paper.
Mache went to fool the prison guards into thinking they were asleep in their bed while they escaped through the tunnel.
Clarence collects hair from a barber shop to make it as realistic as possible
Even eyelashes are included in the head.
They painted a cardboard grill around the hole to cover up their plan, which did a good job.
Fake head found in Morris cell
When the head rolled off the bed, the nose broke after a guard crossed the bar and pushed the floor.
Image: FBISource: SuppliedIt is believed to be their attempt to cross free from Alcatraz Island on a raft made of only 50 homemade raincoats.
They were instructed from a famous article in the popular Journal of Mechanics.
They made paddles and life jackets with the same materials that the FBI later tested.
The color of the vest flies.
The plan is to paddle to the nearby Angel Island, then steal a boat and then a car.
But there is no trace of people. Anywhere.
The day after the escape, a paddle was found near Angel Island, matching the remaining one in prison.
A few days later, a pack of letters was found.
A life jacket was washed near the Golden Gate Bridge. But bodies? Nothing.
The FBI concluded that the prisoners were likely to have drowned in a violent cold wave in San Francisco Bay or died of low body temperature.
\"Once they get into the water, apparently no one knows what\'s going on.
There is no positive evidence that someone is alive, \"Marshal Daek of the United States told the criminal.
But on 2016, their nephew showed the police a picture that they claimed was John and Clarence in Brazil on 1975.
Ken and David Weidner of Georgia claimed that their uncle had been taken away by a criminal gang who had taken them to freedom in South America.
They then presented a photo claiming it was taken at the Brazilian farm owned by these people.
S. Army Marshal Daek said he analyzed the photos, but he did not believe that he found that the photos had no results.
The family photo allegedly shows Clarence, a prisoner who fled Alcatraz Island (left)
And John Anglin in Brazil in 1975.
Ranger John told news that the picture: Historical Channel Source: provided \"I work with the US bailiffs and they said it was fake . \". com. au.
\"Measurements of their bodies indicate that they are not the same person, not even a real picture.
\"The widowed also handed over Christmas cards signed with Clarence and John\'s names, which were delivered to their mother without postage for three consecutive years after escape.
If they were caught today, they would certainly have been arrested and taken to court, Dyk said.
The trouble is worth another story.
At the same time, Mary continued to wait.
\"Of course, I\'m still waiting for them to contact me.
A life jacket made by the prisoners.
Image: FBISource: Supplied-
Do you think they survived?
Continue your conversation with Matt Young on Facebook or Twitter. —
Mary\'s son, David Weidner, wrote a book: Escape from Alcatraz: an unknown story of the biggest jailbreak in American history. —
You can listen to Mary\'s interview on the criminal podcast.
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