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the best new singles reviewed

by:QY Precision      2019-09-30
Paper-cut: Original future (
Memphis Industrial Corporation
San Francisco\'s Jason Quever may sound a bit like a girl, but his sweet trembling falseto, appears like a dream in the haze of psychedelic pop, more efficient than any time the machine will ship us back to the exciting days of 1960
Oh, naughty little minx-Lily sings songs that sleep in wet places and complains about mean boys who can\'t make her \"scream.
The country and the West are full of evil witty lyricsSeason the little song.
If it\'s not broken, don\'t fix it as if it\'s the crazy motto of their mundane return single.
Let you hope that the revival of 1980 has stopped.
But if you want to be happy for the existence of that era, put your ears on the Reeling silk of the Passion Pit (pictured)
-A glorious bass
A heavy burst of electronic goodness will make you run to the dance floor in your best leg warmers.
\"Don\'t try to sell it because I won\'t buy it,\" Dave\'s son, Wells, said in blues music --
In big-name brands.
It\'s a pleasant pastime, but the bland MOR melody may allow you to go to the store for some retail treatment.
Are you ready for the Prodigy\'s glow stick? Instead of poking your face with fluorescent sticks, they throw shapes with some sweaty old sticks
On the contrary, school revelry.
Remember, this is not a fireplace.
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