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The basic operation process of CNC machining

by:QY Precision      2020-03-05
The basic operation process of CNC machining in Dongguan _ today we mainly talk about the basic operation process of CNC machining in Dongguan area, it makes it easy for beginners to master the adjustment of the machining center and the preparation work before machining, as well as the method of program input and modification. Take a part at will as an example. First, the processing requires the part material to be LY12 and single-piece production. The part Blank has been processed to the size, and the equipment is selected: V-80 machining center. II. Preparation work complete relevant preparation work before processing, including process analysis and process route design, selection of tools and fixtures, programming, etc. Third, the operation steps and contents 1, boot, each coordinate axis manually back to the machine origin; 2. Tool preparation. Select Φ according to processing requirements20 end milling cutter, COA5 Center drill, drill 8 twist drills each, and then use the spring Chuck handle to clamp 20 end milling cutter, tool number set to T01, with drill chuck tool handle5 Center drill, drill 8 twist drill, tool number set to T02, T03, tool edge finder installed on spring Chuck tool handle, tool number set to T04; 3. Put the handle of the clamped tool into the tool magazine manually, I . e. enter'T01 M06' , Manually install the T01 tool on the main shaft and put T02, T03 and T04 into the tool magazine in sequence according to the above steps; 4. Clean the workbench and install fixtures and workpieces. Clean up the flat vise and install it on a clean workbench. Find and level the vise through the dial indicator, and then install the workpiece on the vise; 5, the knife, determine and input the workpiece coordinate system parameters with the edge finder to determine the zero bias value of the X, Y direction, input the zero bias values of X and Y directions into the workpiece coordinate system G54, and input the Z-direction zero bias values in G54 to 0; Place the Z-axis setter on the upper surface of the workpiece, bring up tool No. 1 from the tool magazine and install the spindle, and use this tool to determine the Z-zero bias value of the workpiece coordinate system, enter the Z-to-zero offset value into the length compensation code corresponding to the machine tool,'','-' The number is determined by G43 and G44 in the program. If the length compensation instruction in the program is G43, enter'-' The Z-to-zero bias value of goes to the length compensation code corresponding to the machine tool; In the same step, the Z-zero bias value of the No. 2 and No. 3 tools is input into the length compensation code corresponding to the machine tool; 6, input processing program. The computer-generated processing program is transmitted to the memory of the machine tool numerical control system through the data line; 7. Debug the processing program. Debugging is carried out by translating the workpiece coordinate system along the Z direction, I . e. lifting the knife; Debug the main program. Check whether the 3 knives complete the tool change action according to the process design; Debug the three subprograms corresponding to the three tools respectively to check whether the tool action and machining path are correct; 8. After the automatic machining confirmation program is correct, restore the Z value of the workpiece coordinate system to the original value, turn the fast moving magnification switch and the cutting feed magnification switch to the low gear, press the numerical control start key to run the program, and start machining. Pay attention to the tool track and remaining moving distance during processing; 9. Remove the workpiece, perform detection and select vernier caliper for dimension detection, and perform quality analysis after detection; 10. Clean up the processing site; 11. Shut down. The operation is simple and easy to remember. If you want to know more about cnc machining and information, you can contact Dongguan Huili hardware products.
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