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the architects at cover can design your pre-fab home in 3 days for $250

by:QY Precision      2019-09-23
New Los Angeles-
S. -based startups are entering the prefabricated housing business in a unique way by bringing technology, efficiency and integrationstop-shop approach.
The cover was created by architect Alexis Rivas and Jemuel Joseph in 2014 with an eye on architectural accuracy
The house designed does not depend on the army of architects, engineers and general contractors.
The company\'s work was done when prefabricated houses were built rich, from stackable container houses to ice houses.
But the architects of the covers believe their approach is different from any other prefabricated design
A build or engineering model that already exists.
MORE: It seems that the modular container house in Honomobo is for scientific reasons, and their strategy is certainly comprehensive.
This process starts by sending a survey of 50 people to potential customers.
100 issues related to various needs, from lifestyle to electrical appliances to special awareness.
This is a typical first step for general construction companies, but the difference in the cover is how companies take advantage of these answers.
The cover uses more than one
The platform software design suite developed by Dassault Systems is used to analyze data collected from clients and generate hundreds of unique architectural designs.
The project is widely used in the manufacturing of the aerospace industry.
Boeing uses it to design Boeing 777 and 787.
But this software is rarely used in the construction industry.
In fact, the practice of using software to design a house is so uncommon that one of the only architects using it is the world
Frank Gehry, a famous architect, used it to design his curved architecture.
The software is unique in designing home models for responsive environments.
The architects of the cover can use the sun path and geospatial data to place the windows in the ideal position, get the light all day, and optimize the energy performance of the home.
To this end, the company fulfilled its promise at an amazing speed and cost.
Most customers can get a complete design and price estimate for $250 within three business days.
Another unique aspect of concern is its target market;
The company focuses on affiliated residential units rather than on customized designs and buildings provided by ordinary residential builders
Separate living space for use as a home office, guest room or interiorlaw suite.
Of course, a complete building is much more expensive than the original design, but Cover is committed to getting buyers to walk through the process.
The licensing process takes about $20,000 and takes two to five months.
The price of a cover structure per square foot is generally between $250 and $350.
Once the permission is completed, the cover can build a unit within 12 weeks.
In other words, customers can buy a house to move in within six months.
The sample price of the unit completed on the cover website is between $70,000 and the sample price of one room is between $250,000bedroom unit. In a housing-
Hungry markets like Los Angeles are still cheap, which is part of the reason that Gai recently bought a factory in this huge city.
Architecture works as well as the design process because the cover basically builds its structure like a carnival snapshottite model.
The company uses CNC machines and automated cutting tools to make the manufacturing process seamless, adding details and precision to the processes that often have problems.
These structures are based on steel frames and are covered with insulated waterproof panels, including electrical and plumbing systems. Once on-
At the scene, the whole unit was put together like an Ikea shelf.
The company\'s attitude towards energy and cost
Efficiency is partly due to Riva\'s experience as an intern.
High-end construction company in Toronto, wheremillion-
Dollar build gets great finishing and design details.
\"These details will be built once for a customer, which is a shame,\" he told the company recently . \"Design.
Instead, he said on the cover site that the company\'s long term
The goal of the semester is \"well designed and well designed
Build homes for everyone, not just highend market.
\"The factory with the cover is designed to produce 100 units of affiliated houses per year, but the company is growing rapidly. The four-
The individual team has produced a structure with seven projects at the design stage, from the $90,000 backyard office to the $300,000 backyard office --bedroom home.
However, the goal of the cover team is to make their products more affordable by reinvesting profits in research and development to produce more efficient design and manufacturing processes.
\"Our world of success is a world where everyone can live in beautiful, healthy, functional spaces that fit their particular lifestyle,\" Rivas said . \".
\"In this world, architecture improves our environment, not our resources.
It\'s not easy, but it\'s important. that\'s why we do it.
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