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the amazing machines and gadgets behind your trendy cocktail

by:QY Precision      2019-09-15
The only equipment you need to make a cocktail a long time ago was a rocking bed and a filter.
How things change
Today, the top bartenders in the UK are injecting their souls, carving complex ice cubes and serving drinks in smoke that make drinkers oooh and aaah.
Nowadays, there are as many gadgets in some bars as in the lab of crazy scientists. in many cases, gadgets are the same.
The cocktail king behind London\'s top drinking destinations 69 coolbrook Row and Bar Termini Tony Conigliaro is one of the first bartenders to turn to scientific methods to create innovative drinks.
In his lab in east London, from bain marie to the centrifuge, he has plenty of kits to turn cloudy drinks into beautiful clear liquid
But the main character of the show is a machine called a rotary evaporator, which scientists use to separate potentially dangerous compounds from the solution.
Conigliaro, by contrast, extracts quirky wine from okra vodka to pine --infused gin.
He said that the low pressure can preserve subtle ingredients more successfully than the traditional distillation method, so the taste is really delicious.
Rotary evaporator of Tony Conigliaro Laboratory (ADDIE CHINN)
\"About 12 years ago, we first discovered the device, and we managed to buy one a year later.
\"This kit has been in use in the lab for about 50 years, but no one thought of using it to inject the flavor into the liquid,\" he explained . \".
\"This is essential in almost everything we do, and we now see bartenders using them all over the world.
\"The Great Gatsby cocktail recipe: drinking like 1920 s Tristan Stephenson, the beverage expert behind the whistle shop on London\'s Chapel Street, is another fan of\" rotava.
He thinks there are no more than 12 bars using the machine around the world at the moment, but his team finds it invaluable and they have three.
\"We used rotavapor to inject peanut butter and jam into bourbon whisky and cream into the gin to make our signature whistle shop cream,\" he said . \".
\"We use it in a day --to-day basis.
\"Rated the best in the world for three consecutive years at the self-flowing Langham Hotel in October, Alex Kratena and Simone Sonicprep Caporale used another name.
The price is amazing $4,999. 95 (
Provided only upon request)
It releases fast ultrasound to extract and inject ingredients. The advantage?
\"It works very fast,\" the couple explained . \".
\"Some of the preparations we use it take only 45 seconds.
\"For those of you who don\'t have pockets deep enough to hold such a high bartender, the liquid is injected into Sonicprep
Tech mechanics, and a lot of other, cheaper gadgets that make the cocktail moments unforgettable.
The £ 60 gun has become ubiquitous and the bars, including opium and London cocktail parties, are proud hosts.
Bartenders can adjust the smell of smoke by using different types of wood chips, while rolling clouds create a small theater for customers (
Who doesn\'t want to order a drink that looks like it\'s on fire? )
DIY cocktails: how to make your own drinks at the stylish bar at the Una Hotel Brighton, bartender Ben Leggett likes to impress visitors with his hockey machine, a smooth device, carve a solid block of ice into a perfect sphere in seconds.
A running ice hockey machine \"looks cool and blows customers away when they deliver in front of them, but it\'s also practical-have a drink on a huge ice hockey, it is possible to make sure that the first and last drink is almost exactly the same, he explained: \"Because dilution is much less when you use small cubic ice. \".
Some bars even take their ice more seriously.
If you have a piece of ice in your drink that looks like a work of art, the bartender may be exposed to a type called CNC (
Computer numerical control)
The machine is a bit like a 3D printer that allows complex shapes to be created in a few minutes.
An ice cube shaped like a small Buddhist temple, carved with CNC for the Suntory whisky brand, as a decoration, forget a humble lemon peel or salt watersoaked olive.
At the underground bar in east London, Edmund will, the owner, likes his dehydrator.
\"It allows us to store a large amount of fruit, citrus and vegetables as decorations and looks beautiful and retains the flavor of the ingredients,\" he explained . \".
\"This is also a great way to reduce waste behind bars, as any item that is likely to leave can be dehydrated overnight.
\"So the next time you order a nice cocktail at the bar, take a moment to enjoy it before you drink it.
You never know how much work you put in.
Smoking guns are injected into their Manhattan or old-
Made of a little cigarette.
It is also perfect for adding a smoky flavor to meat or fish. £61.
99, Lakeland Mojito Molecular mixture kit made a different mojito using this starter kit, which promises to help you \"break Mojito down into floating mint caviar and spectacular foam, or package your favorite cocktail into a sphere that will explode in your mouth \".
Kind of like those chemical suits you played when you were a kid, but better.
£ 30, the Science Museum is usually when you give a flavor to the spirit (
(Like Sloan King)It takes time.
Putting your ingredients into the suvedi machine means you can create strong spirits or syrup in a few hours.
Perfect for creative use with herbs, fruits and spices. £249. 99, John Lewis.
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