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the a team--edm, edgecam: solutions that go underground or into space. (edm).

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Discharge processing (EDM)
It is often considered a \"tool room\" process.
However, most people are in production.
There is no impression of manufacturing-oriented products.
They see EDM as a relatively slow way to remove metal and not particularly compatible with the main workflow of the plant.
It is important that the production staff often think that the EDM is difficult to handle from the computer.
Auxiliary manufacturing (CAM)point of view.
This means special efforts are needed. -
Prepare additional work for CAD geometry, processing three graphite electrodes per job on average.
Most production workshops think that the processing of graphite is unnecessarily picky. However the 4-
Axis wire cutting workTec machines
Houston, Texas, denied it all. Trans-
Tec, a supplier to the oil and gas drilling industry and a contractor for a number of airlines, found that EDM was far from a CAM challenge.
In fact, it uses the sameCAM package to process its EDM electrodes, thus driving its wire machine. The 28-year-
The old company has 29 CNC machines including 8 EDMs, 10 machining centers and factories, 9 lathes, 1 combined lathe with 17,500 square feet of shop space
Milling Machine, CNCgun drill bit and Cordax coordinate measuring instrument (CMM. ).
Workshop foreman and CAM programmer Bill Lawrence said: \"For us, EDM has been a production tool for many years because deeper wells require harder metals and more metals
At the same time, advanced technology creates demand for parts of shapes that have never been seen in machine stores.
We have done a lot of manufacturing research and development using this work.
We also rely on CAM to provide us with good cycle times so that we can bid accurately.
\"One of Lawrence\'s most important tools to maximize EDMs productivity is EdgeCAM software and EdgeCAM solid machines from path tracking Systems Inc.
Southfield, MI. Trans-
Tec\'s CAD software is a solid advantage of Unigraphics Solutions from CA Cypress, a subsidiary of EDS.
The company\'s EDM equipment includes five 4-
All from Charmilles Technologies (
Lincoln County, Illinois)
One is the Fanuc control system and the rest is the Charmilles CNCs.
EdgeCAM was originally acquired to program these.
There\'s also a Charmilles CNCplunge-
Type EDM and three traditionaltype machines (
An Easco, aGenSpark and a knight).
\"Since we bought EdgeCAM, it has paid over and over again ,\"
President and owner of Tec. Trans-
Two EdgeCAM seats for Tec are dedicated: one for turning, one for milling, and four-axis EDM. 4-
In the shaft solution of the oil and gas well, the fluid diverter is used to carry drilling fluid around devices such as pumps, gear motors or measuring instruments that are bolted to the drill pipe of the well.
A large number of fluid diverters used in pairs.
The upper splitter changes the usual situation. the-
The central flow of the circular flow.
The lower one reverses it.
The interior of the fluid splitter is too complicated to cut even the most expensive CNC machine tool.
\"Most of the inner surfaces are not accessible except for very special knives,\" Lawrence notes . \". \"However, 4-
The axis cutting and EdgeCAM are veryeffective.
\"Part of the trick is to use EdgeCAM to calculate the circular interpolation between the top U-axis and the V-axis of the round hole and X-and Y-
The opening is the shaft at the bottom of the horseshoe shape.
\"For programming, I simply drew the intersection of two holessections.
It takes 20 to 30 minutes for the whole job, including the verification program and post-
Lawrence said.
\"We need the Real 4-
Shaft capability because the angle of the surface of the hole is constantly changing relative to the center line of the part. \" Trans-
Tec Program the line EDMs to slice the line EDMs;
When they were fired, the slip came off the bottom.
Oil and gas drilling relies more on threaded connections than any other industry.
Thousands of threaded connectors connect drill bits and production chains for each well.
Threaded parts also keep tools and instruments in place and allow disassemblyuse.
These connections are thousands of feet underground and must be under pressure of about 20,000 pounds per square inch (PSI)
The continuous vibration and working temperature of several hundred degrees Fahrenheit.
This means Cross
Tec often faces deep threaded holes in exotic materials.
Lawrence said: \"for a job like this, the machine tool just doesn\'t cut it.
So do threading with EDM.
\"From the diameter point of view, the holes that are often threaded are very narrow.
When the thread is large, such as 4 to 6 knots or 4 to 6 knots per inch, the traditional tapping tool cannot withstand the processing pressure, nor can it make straight holes near the depth as needed.
Any holes that have been knocked out
Center or not concentric blocks the parts that enter, otherwise they will gall (
Weld yourself together)
Under the pressure of drilling
Components must be separated when this happens-
A very big and expensive problem.
\"When we use materials as hard as aging and heating --
\"Treatconconconnel 718, EDM is the only option we have for CNC milling using the rolling tool,\" Lawrence said . \".
\"The regular suppliers of our development tools do not even bid.
\"As the well gets deeper and encounters more\" acid \"corrosion environments, the wire line is a safety net for me to get the parts,\" he added . \".
Thread is acrossTec\'s 4-
Axis EDMs using spiral tool motion.
The rotation of the graphite tapping tool around the entry point can range from a few thousandths on the small hole to the largest few inches.
Lawrence uses EdgeCAM in three different ways to program the processing of these holes: cutting the thread into a slender graphite rod to make the tapping tool.
The required thread can be the regular Acme, stub Acme or something like that of the American Petroleum Institute (API).
\"The most difficult thing is the Gothic arched thread, which is used by the hands of robots in the aerospace industry in the ball screw assembly,\" said slawrence.
The function of the Gothic arch thread depends on whether the thread profile is completely correct.
For this reason, he used it as Trans-
Rick Titus\'s Tec in edgecam Houston-
Based on the application engineer.
\"Actually, the tapping tool EDM graphite is a common ball screw,\" Lawrence said . \".
Punch with CNC plunge-type EDM tool.
\"This is the only way to make sure we have a straight hole on very hard materials,\" Lawrence explained . \".
\"Unlike drilling on a cutting machine, the torque of the drilling does not generate a lateral force,\" he noted . \".
\"There is no bit feedback force that can tighten the normal holes when they are deeper in the metal. \" Plunge-
Cutting EDM also does not require the processing of tiny leads
Ins at the end of the groove in the electrode.
\"It will be difficult or impossible in fragile materials like graphite,\" henoted said.
Lawrence also tried to hit these holes with a CNC gun drill.
\"The best thing it can do is 0 error.
\"Off the center,\" he said \".
\"It\'s too much for a hole to be dug.
\"Run the wire EDMs yourself.
For threading, it is usually robot 50.
Push span
The EDM shop of Tec also produces high
Precision gears used to make up the universal joint and spline pieces of the space station, as well as the astronaut\'s shuttle pedal restraint device.
The device is made of aerospace grade aluminum and is called a portable astronaut foot restraint device (PAFR).
One end is a universal joint fixed on astronaut boots.
There is a pointed spring on the other end.
Install the fasteners on the outer skin panel of the spacecraft.
For NASA, the PAFR gear must mesh smoothly in any direction to accommodate any movement that astronauts may do while working in a space-weightless state.
This determines the use of internal tooth lines to optimize the tiny surface of the gear and tooth lines.
The tapering gears are tight mesh, smooth running and long lasting gears that enter a device to prevent astronauts from floating. Keyto Trans-
Tec\'s success in this work is another EdgeCAM macro.
This one translates into accurate mathematical data for the line EDMtool path used to shape each tiny gear profile.
The size of each gear is about the size of a 35mm film jar. Trans-
Tec also made three similar components for Mirspace station in Russia, making six components for Mir\'s USS.
And elbowon of the space shuttle arm simulator.
\"Because the teeth are blind, the gear teeth must be formed with EDM --
\"There is no relief slot at the bottom that allows the use of the stove,\" Lawrence noted . \".
EdgeCAM means more cross
Tec is not just a high
End programming system.
It is also at the heart of the company\'s communications system, specifically the forParasolid module for EdgeCAM solid mechanics.
EdgeCAM held this role at TransTec after the internal format change of Pro/Engineer, a parameter technology company. , Waltham, MA.
This change in Pro/E version 20 means Cross
Tec overnight lost its ability to read some files from aerospace customers.
Aerospace is 35% of its business.
Mike Hoiden, president of cmp Systems, Houston, TX, provides solutions using the Solid Edge, ready to use the Solid Edge-
Pro/E 20 translator and physical mechanic. Trans-
Tec now obtains geometry from aerospace customers who use pro/E 20 as STEP files.
Lawrence imports them into entity edges, converts them from STEP to Parasolid kemel format, and then exports them to the edgecam entity mechanic.
\"We were able to generate the toolpath for inEdgeCAM during the translation process without losing any data,\" said the references . \".
\"Now it doesn\'t matter if the customer sends us DXF, DWG, IGES, STEP, or Edge files, we don\'t have any problems.
\"Despite the variety and complexity of things,\" EdgeCAM put them together for us, \"Lawrence said,\" whether these works go into orbit or thousands of feet underground.
Path tracking systems
, Southfield, MI, www. RSLeads. com/? 112tp-
239 span of 239or circleTec machines
Houston, Texas. RSLeads. com/? 112tp-
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