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Texas execution of Mexican man draws fire from Mexico\'s president

by:QY Precision      2019-10-21
On Wednesday night, a Mexican citizen was executed on death row in Texas after he killed 16 people. year-
An old cousin kidnapped from his apartment and fatally beaten.
47-year-old Reuben Ramires kadunas was shot into the death penalty after several federal court appeals failed to stop the punishment for his killing of Mela Laguna in February 1997.
When the warden asked him to make a final statement, he replied, \"No, sir.
\"When the fatal dose of e-barbital started, he did a few breaths and then started snoring.
All the movements stopped in less than a minute. Twenty-
After 1 minute, 10: 26. m.
CST announced his death, making him the seventh convicted killer to be sentenced to death this year in Texas, where Texas executed the death penalty more than any other state.
Shortly after the execution, Mexican President Enrique Nieto wrote on Twitter, \"I strongly condemn the execution of Mexico\'s Rubain caldenas ramreiz case in Texas,
I extend my deepest condolences to the mourners.
Cardenas\'s lawyer, Maurie Levin, believes that the witness\'s testimony to Cardenas is unreliable and that there is little physical evidence that he is related to the murder, and that his confession was obtained 22 hours after the isolation and intense questioning by the police.
She also said the authorities acted improperly without telling Mexicans
Cardenas was born and he can get legal help from the Mexican consulate.
Born in Mexico, there is no death penalty, and under the provisions of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, Cardenas was eligible for legal assistance from the Mexican Consulate at the time of his arrest, 1963 international agreement.
The court allowed the death penalty to continue in previous cases of alleged violations of the agreement on death row in Texas.
\"For the Mexican government, the death penalty is one of the most basic human rights violations,\" said Jacob Prado Gonzalez, director general of consular protection of the Mexican government . \".
Caddenas grew up in Rio Grande Valley, Texas.
In a handwritten statement issued later, Cardenas thanked his family, lawyers and the Mexican consulate for their help. \"Now!
\"I will not and cannot apologize for someone\'s crime, but, I will come back for justice,\" he wrote . \".
\"You can count on it!
\"His punishment was delayed for about four hours as it was last time --
The ditch appeal against the former security guard focused primarily on efforts to get trial evidence to a new DNA test.
In a document submitted to the United StatesS.
Hours before he was executed, lawyers argued that Texas violated cardenas\'s due process rights and state regulations covering forensic testing.
They asked the judge to stop the execution for review by the court.
They also asked the judge to have more time to appeal the lower court\'s rejection of the federal civil rights suit, which they claimed was a violation of his due process and civil rights, because Texas officials will not release it so it can take a new DNA test.
Counsel for the state said the lawsuit was inappropriate and that the state court had rejected the DNA request because Cardenas could not prove that a more advanced test would exempt him from liability.
State prosecutors said the DNA results proved that the evidence was not false at cardenas\'s trial.
The high court dismissed both appeals without comment.
Earlier this week, the Texas criminal appeals court, the Texas Supreme Criminal Court, rejected similar appeals seeking DNA testing.
Cardenas\'s lawyer thinks the new test is better than it is now.
The outdated test allowed \"continued doubts about the integrity of his crimes and beliefs.
\"Laguna was snatched from a bedroom she shared with her sister in the family public housing apartment in McAllen, South Texas.
Cardenas confessed to the police that he and a friend drove around in his mother\'s car with the high school student.
He said he had sex with the teenager and then punched her when he untied her arm and let her go while she was fighting with him.
\"I am not going to do this, but I am very high on cocaine,\" he told the authorities . \".
He said she started coughing up blood and breathing difficulties after he hit the teenager\'s neck.
He tried to revive her, but failed, and he said he tied her up and rolled her to the shore of the canal.
\"Her body was found in a canal near a lake in the Rio Grande Valley in southern Texas.
Laguna\'s sister, Rosanna Jones, said she had been waiting for 21 years for justice to be done.
In a statement issued by prison officials, she said: \"Language cannot begin to describe the feeling of knowing that there is real peace after so much pain and sadness . \".
\"When Mela smiles, she can be considered to be full of love, care, fun and dimples.
She will continue to take care of her family and friends.
\"Jose Antonio Lopez Castillo, a friend who was with Cardenas during the kidnapping, is 45 years old and convicted of serious kidnapping and is serving 25-
Annual sentence.
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