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tech talks: artificial intelligence takes on humans in new improv show

by:QY Precision      2019-10-17
Robots can provide room service for the elderly, hold funerals and lead them to exercise.
But they can tell jokeEdmonton\'s audience that starting next weekend, local improvise artists can discover --to-
Use artificial intelligence to see who is more interesting.
The performance called impromptu performance began at 7: 30. m.
At the fast fire Theater (
Located in the castle theater on 9828 Avenue 101A. )
Starting on January, running on Saturday night. 12 until Feb. 2.
The event was the idea of a local impromptu artist and a PhD student in computer science at the University of Alberta, Corey Matheson, who has performed improvisation for 15 years, but about three years ago, he began to connect drama with artificial intelligence as part of an impromptu performance group called Human Machine. (
At 2018 Edmonton International Fringe Festival, you may enjoy his performance very much. )
The human machine consists of a colleague, Mathewson. His name is Mirowski (
An artificial intelligence researcher in London, England, who will not attend the upcoming Edmonton Exhibition)
And a device called asA. L.
Artificial language experiments mean
Computer system for speech recognition, impromptu dialogue and speech synthesis. It is A. L.
Based on its memory of lines programmed from more than 100,000 movies to the system, Ex provides artificial intelligence lines in impromptu performances. When A. L.
Audience tips Ex-
Computer systems use a tool called neural networks to analyze similar conversations in a database and present their own unique responses.
In some ways, improvisation is a regular improvisation, crazy.
The brave artists jumped on the stage and performed the scenes suggested by the audience.
But Mathewson says the show is also different because it \"celebrates and embraces modern technology \".
\"In improvisation, you are trained to do the most obvious things and connect ideas.
This is because I am trying to connect the impromptu world to the scientific world I am in.
Matheson, miroski and. L.
Ex travel the world with their awards
He has held technical and theatrical lectures at international universities.
Mathewson says that while improvisation looks terrible, it\'s actually not even if you don\'t object to a machine with 100,000 movies.
\"It\'s surprising how good most people are in this regard.
It\'s just imaginative and willing to share and go there with others.
\"The impromptu audience will see two performers wearing headphones performing on the stage.
When the audience suggests the scene they want to perform on stage in a classic impromptu way (
Such as \"day care in meat shops \")
, This information is quickly entered into the impromptu computer, it will generate a response, let other improvers on the stage to act. (
\"Is it a kidney on the water table \")
These reactions were quickly fed back to a performer via headphones, and the fun began.
At the same time, mortals on the stage (
Only by your own initiative and limited mental power)
A response will also be generated to start skit.
Will human performers be slow in this sloppy, stupid behavior?
Pedal way compared to high
Technology improvise breaks up all night in a humiliating scene reminiscent of deep blue and Kasparov, which in itself proves that entertainment mathewson wants the latter to at least prove
\"It looks and feels like an impromptu performance if you don\'t understand what it is. I.
\"It\'s still a pleasant performance,\" he said . \".
\"Nothing will cross your head.
However, there is a test.
The audience will be asked to guess what lines artificial intelligence has produced and what lines a person has produced. A. L.
Ex sounds very futuristic, but it\'s actually just a change in time --
The glorious tradition of impromptu performances, actors put themselves in an uncomfortable position, standing first.
\"People like to watch other people barely succeed,\" said Matheson . \".
\"They like to see the guy walking the wire go to the other side.
They like to watch the man skip the burning ring but their coat is on fire.
\"Lfaulder @ postmedia.
My microblog @ eatmywordsblog comFollow.
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