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tech moms pick their favorite tech toys

by:QY Precision      2019-09-06
Yes, toys should be fun, but they also make great teaching tools.
Especially when you care about strengthening your child\'s STEM skills.
To help you understand the idea of holiday gifts, we went directly to an expert: Mom who works in the tech industry.
Here are some of their favorite things: Goldie Blox for over $10 (age 4+)
Busque is recommended by Leah Busque, founder and CEO of taskbusan engineer, who wants to introduce her 2-using goldiblox\'s kit-year-
The old daughter\'s fun with architecture has inspired a lifelong passion for STEM skills.
Each kit comes with a story book with a young heroine (
Yes, occasionally a hero)
He solved the problem by making machines with wheels, hinges, levers, pulleys and gears.
At the end of the story, your child learns how to make something like a cable car, parachute or carnival ride.
Target for toy manufacturers?
In order to convince more girls to accept science, technology, engineering and math after the age of 8, when they often lose interest in these boys --
Focus on theme
\"We believe millions of girls are engineers,\" the Goldiblox website proudly declared . \".
\"They may not know yet. ”Zoomer, $160 (age 5+)
Recommended by president and partner Julia Hartz
When it comes to gifts, it\'s hard to beat a puppy --
Unless, of course, you are allergic to dogs or household chores related to caring for dogs. (Does a 6 a. m. walk on a rain-
Are you familiar with this Saturday? )
This interactive toy solves the problem.
In addition to regular charging via USB cable, it does not require maintenance.
But it responds to voice commands.
Even in French or Spanish.
If you train a little, it will sit, talk, turn over and pretend to die.
When you scratch the sensor on its chest, it also swings its tail and reacts.
While it may not teach your child responsibility like a real pet, it will certainly give him or her a new understanding of the robot miracle.
$55 (Monster High monster)Age 8+)
Danielle appleststone, CEO and co-president
Founder of other machine companies
Applestone is a pioneer in computer science.
Control machinery.
With the support of the Department of Defense, she and a team of engineers created a low
The cost desktop factory in 2013 allows aspiring inventors to carve accurate 3D shapes from wood, metals and plastics using design software on their computers.
MonsterMaker operates almost the same way, only your child\'s cruel design can transfer from desktop or app to plastic toy parts via computer
Control mark.
\"This is a CNC machine for making custom Monster High dolls,\" Applestone said . \".
\"The software used to design and control monster manufacturers is very much like video games.
You can\'t beat the slogan either: \"You created a monster!
\"Veho digital microscope, $80, recommended by Sandy Rubinstein, mother CEO of DXagencyAs twins 13year-
Old Boys, Rubenstein has a keen eye on toys that really attract children.
In fact, she often provides technical advice to educators.
Relevant decisions.
Thus, she has spoken with authority about the wonders of drones, sphere robots, Apple Watches and GoPro cameras that have taught her sons the magic of film production.
But when we asked her for a gift, Rubinstein surprised us with an old spare device: a microscope.
To be fair, though, she\'s not selling your grandfather\'s microscope.
She prefers the \"awesome\" new digital microscope offered by Veho and zoommy.
\"With a traditional microscope, you have to put your eyes in the viewfinder, look inward and zoom in as much as possible on the object,\" she said . \".
\"With the new one, something is projected onto your computer screen and you can really zoom in on it and start to recognize all the pieces.
\"In fact, they come with LED lights that illuminate your theme, and the software program allows you to measure objects and record your findings through photos or videos.
How cool is this?
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