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table top mountain professional guide

by:QY Precision      2019-11-05
Our tour guide \"is located in the center of the national entertainment district of Baishan, which 3-
Miles through the rocky subalpine region re-formed spruce forests and peaks. Picture-
Perfect panoramic view to the white peaks of the Alaska mountains.
The colorful early summer wildflowers and late summer weeds are dazzling.
On a clear day, you may feel that you can always see the beautiful scenery from the desktop Mountain Road.
This scene is possible from jagged limestone peaks of the White Mountains to the distant snowy Alaska mountains.
A wildfire in 2004 did not learn from the beauty of the landscape.
Young spruce, juniper tree, short Wood and waist
Gao Cao brought life to the land that was once burned.
A group of rich peckers like the recently burnt trunk.
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