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surge in air traffic lures foreign pilots to fill indian skies

by:QY Precision      2019-10-31
An advertisement on the airline website last month: \"There is a shortage of cash for Indian pilots.
Thanks to the boom in tourism, the aviation sector has an unprecedented demand for pilots.
Airlines are looking for international pilots willing to relocate in exchange for high pay.
Seize the opportunity \".
With the boom in India\'s aviation industry, a serious shortage of pilots has become the biggest headache for airline CEOs. With a fast-
The new airline has taken off, with economic growth and more disposable income for the middle class than ever before.
Millions of No. so-
The rich Indians flew on Earth for the first time.
Cheap air tickets offered by new cheap airlines.
The airlines are equipped with shiny new planes and trendy costumes for the crew, but no one is driving them.
Domestic passenger traffic has been growing at a rate of 20 to 25 in the past few years.
The New Delhi Asia Pacific Aviation Center estimates that India has 2800 pilots and needs 4500 more in the next five years.
Every year, the number of pilots in various training institutions is only about 250.
Airlines such as Kingfisher, Jet, Deccan and Air India are recruiting foreign pilots to fill the gap.
Resume on Captain G, chief executive officer of Deka airlines. R.
Gopinath is mainly from foreign pilots.
\"With the downturn in the aviation industry abroad, there are a lot of experienced pilots ready to work in India,\" he said . \".
\"They don\'t mind cutting wages because at least there is work security here.
The threat of laymen abroad
The choice is the same.
\"Once unheard of, foreign pilots from the United States, Europe and Australia are now everywhere in the cockpit.
Of the 399 pilots in Degan airlines, 140 were foreigners.
Of the 780 pilots in the jet, 110 are foreigners.
Almost every airline has a large number of foreign pilots.
By European or American standards, the average wage for Indian pilots may be low, but there is still a long way to go in India.
\"I already have job security, a good English school for my children and the opportunity to explore a new culture,\" says Greg Perelman, he is one of the country\'s 450 foreign pilots.
\"I hope I will come early.
To fill the gap, the Indian government recently raised the retirement age of pilots from 58 to 65.
It also plans to set up a new training facility.
But there are restrictions on how many foreigners airlines can hire.
The government says at least one pilot in the cockpit must be Indian.
Some airlines are aware of the problems of the future and ask the government to ease this requirement.
The shortage of pilots reflects another shortage in the aviation industry --
Lack of airport.
The sudden outbreak of air travel follows a strange trajectory
New airlines and new passengers suddenly emerged from the clear sky, but on the ground, the airport was like a shed.
As a result, some of the terminals at the Indian airport look just like the platform at the train station --in staff and X-
In the face of the wave of people and luggage, it is difficult for machine operators to cope.
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