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sunshine coast inventor\'s homemade robot helps people create futuristic art for fraction of the funds

by:QY Precision      2019-09-02
An inventor in Sunshine Coast called on the public to test the machines he made, which may be the future of the publicproducing art.
John Burke produces computer cutting machines and three
A small portion of the size printer for the big company price.
He wants art this week.
He will use his future machine to make the murals into templates, carvings, stamps, models and molds.
\"We decided to start the new year with an event called\" Occupy MakerSpace \", which was eight days for artists, artisans and artisans to play with tradition and new technologies,\" Mr. Burke said.
\"If an artist made a mural, we would put it in one of our machines and cut it out as a template or engraving.
\"Then they can use it as a printing device and they can make their artwork on a large scale.
\"So far, the people who participated in the activities of Mr. Burke have used the templates and stamps he made to print clothing, handbags and murals.
He also helped volunteers make custom skateboards with his computer CNC cutting machine.
\"Basically, it\'s a robot that will make you design [On the computer],\" he said.
\"Kids are welcome to come in and we will teach them the interface with the machine, draw a skateboard, laminate and join it.
\"Mr. Burke\'s homemade machine has a lot of wires, electronic circuits, drill bits and a run-down laptop.
In terms of appearance and cost, they are different from the streamlined models offered by hardware stores.
\"It will cost about $6,000.
\"We just paid $800,\" he said of his CNC machine . \".
We can do three.
Size printer for about $400.
\"Taking advantage of new technologies to help create art on a large scale, MakerSpace is an eight-day workshop.
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