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Styrotech rebuilds after crisis

by:QY Precision      2019-10-21
Two years ago, when the Copa America sailed off the coast of Auckland, so was the best part of Kevin Trott\'s customer base.
His niche design and manufacturing company Styrotech flourished during the Cup, creating highly customized rowing parts for most syndicate people.
But when Alinghi took the trophy from the New Zealand team and brought the regatta to Europe, the company lost its job.
\"Like many small marine businesses, we lost our customer base almost overnight,\" Trotter said . \".
\"We realized it might happen, but we didn\'t plan for it.
We are too busy to look forward.
\"After a year of struggling, Trott is almost closed, but strategic thinking has revived the company and expanded its expertise to a range of new markets.
Today, products produced at Silverdale factory range from polystyrene molds for super yacht boom to bathtubs, retail signage and tea pots.
Styrotech focuses on three-
Size forming of soft products such as wood, polystyrene, medium fiber board, carbon and plastic.
Draw the 3D design on the computer and then at 6 m-
Long computer numbers-controlled (CNC)
There are five machines.
The shaft drill cuts, takes and shapes the material in any form.
Most of Styrotech\'s work is still in the marine industry, but its customer base is now more diverse, including architects, builders, product designers, composite industries, signboard writers, sculptors and manufacturers.
These shapes are either independent or used as \"plugs\" to make plastic or fiberglass molds for products such as Hull or mast, body or bike frame.
The machine can also be used for furniture and cabinet making, 3D engraving, or for metal casting and vacuum-
Molding mold for signage and display.
Trotter purchased $500,000 worth of Italian machines at the time of customization
Made the Styrotech windsurfing 10 years ago.
He was the first person in the industry to use computers.
He believes that the auxiliary design can improve speed and accuracy.
\"I know I can\'t do the boards better with my hands and the machine is the only way to improve accuracy.
\"Trotter quickly discovered that this machine was able to carve out highly complex shapes from almost any material other than metal, perfect for the production of keel, rudder and rigging parts for ships. Top-
Five national skiers and CNC engineer Russell Davis, now the general manager of the company, helped rebuild the company after a Cup disaster and found opportunities to apply its niche manufacturing skills to new industries
As the two men set out to rebuild their customer base, the staff were stripped of 3 from the peak of 11.
Cash flow is now returning to the level of the Copa America period, and turnover is expected to reach $500,000 this year.
Trotter\'s career began to sweep the factory of New Zealand yacht designer Bruce fall, who is no longer a full-time employee in the industry but a major shareholder who is responsible for accounts and design.
He believes the company will work closely with architects in the future.
It is working for a curved frame
A wall House built on the north shore.
The company wants to invest in another cutting machine to maintain its leading position in the market.
Windsurfing enthusiasts may ask if Styrotech will return to manufacturing?
Two years ago, kite surfing had been eliminated as kite surfing demand declined, but was still very popular in the secondary market.
\"If the market was there, we would definitely consider doing our designs and computers --
\"The cutting template is available again,\" Trotter said . \".
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