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students eye f1 success

by:QY Precision      2019-11-01
Two teams from the school of tonbart focused on a fast career.
The rhythm world of F1 racing will compete in the regional finals in a global competition aimed at tapping new car design talents, two \"f1\" teams from donatbart Community College are accelerating their participation in the design, production and competition of their own size f1 cars.
Preparing for the global f1 parade regional finals in school competitions is a senior team of team managers and designers Amy Hallan, Brian welfare, \"Ignition contest \", EJ Limpin and Aaron Wright, who are involved in team marketing, and Leon Murphy, who is responsible for manufacturing.
The junior team is led by team manager and ICT engineer, design Kamil is design engineer, Matthew Wright is marketing manager, Manus Doorley is design and resource manager, Bernard Holland is manufacturing engineer, finally, the team\'s design and manufacturing engineer, Oisin Dineen.
\"We are completing the design phase of the game and are very looking forward to the regional final at Griffith College this year and playing with other teams in the game,\" said Amy Holland, team manager of ignition racing.
All team members agree that this is a test so far, but very valuable experience will definitely benefit them in future education and learning.
Khalid said it took him several months to design different designs for the car and we will play on the day of the race.
With the help of one of their teachers, Khalid chose the best car design to make.
This competition not only focuses on practical subjects, but also in areas such as business management, physics, and developing networking skills.
Each team consists of three to six students/members who use 3D CAD software to design, analyze and test and manufacture f1 racing cars on a scale of 1: 20 (Solid Works)
Develop and demonstrate their ideas.
Wind tunnel test (through Solid-Works)
Used to improve the performance of the car.
After the design process is completed, the CAM software and the 4-axis CNC router machine convert the digital design into a physical product.
Amy said: \"The team will not only judge according to the car, but also evaluate the team based on how they advertise the team and the design process.
\"We would like to thank our teachers, Mr. Ganley, Mr. Clark, Mr. English and Mr. McDermot for all the work they have done throughout the game.
\"Getting sponsorship plays a big role in both teams and if there is no money, neither team will go that far.
We would also like to thank the sponsors Vodafone, DCU Institute of Engineering and Computing and Munster motorsport for their support and help to us so far.
More information about the team can be found on their website and on www.
Racing car. com & www.
F1 racing.
Website or Facebook page (
Search team name).
This year, the two teams have also developed smartphone apps that work across all platforms in order to access them in a browser on a phone or tablet. ignitionracing. weejot. com or www. slipstream. weejot.
The regional finals of the two teams will be held on March 7, 2013 at Griffith College Dublin and good luck to them.
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